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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed’s got tricks up his sleeve

Sheed at the rim

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“Aw, that ain’t nothing new,” said Wallace. “(Expletive), I’ve been
facing it since Day 1 when I came into the NBA. People get upset with me
because I speak my mind. I don’t hold my tongue. I don’t care who it is
or who it’s about. In this league and this game and this business, they
don’t like that. They want you to kiss (butt). I ain’t no kiss-(butt)

“You know, I don’t show my whole package during the beginning of the
season. If you do, then that’s what’s going to be in the scouting report
on me. So now, come money time, it’ll say that I’m going to go to the
turnaround. Yeah, I’m going to turn around, but I’m going to go by you
left, by you right, come with the jump hook. I told my buddy to look at
it like a kung fu teacher. I might teach you the lotus and I might teach
you the tiger, but I’m not going to teach you the crane, because the
crane can beat both of them.”

Herald: Celtics to bring out Rasheed Wallace's inside game

To sum up: Sheed don't give a damn about what you say… and we ain't seen nothing yet.

I'm fully prepared for the "Rasheed sucks" comments… but maybe we should withhold judgment until the entire book on Sheed this season has been written.

Coming up, Page 2… Where Big Al did something stupid

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Big Al mug shot

The Timberwolves accepted Al
apology on Sunday for alleged drunken driving after Saturday’s loss to
Portland, but they suspended their leading scorer for the next two games
as punishment.

Jefferson was arrested on Interstate 394 just outside downtown
Minneapolis at 1:08 a.m. Sunday, a little more than three hours after he
scored 19 points in the Wolves’ 110-91 loss, and booked into jail on a
charge of fourth-degree driving while impaired, said State Patrol Lt.
Eric Roeske.

"I made a very poor decision and I am truly sorry for that,"
Jefferson said in a written apology to Wolves owner Glen Taylor, his
teammates, coaches and "Wolves fans everywhere."

Herald:  Timberwolves suspend Jefferson after drunk driving incident

It's certainly disappointing news about Big Al.  Just goes to show that even the guys that we think highly of can make pretty dumb mistakes. 

He'll lose almost $300,000 for the suspension, which isn't much for a guy making $12 million.  This is his first offense, so chances are very good that he'll get off with some kind of fine, community service and/or suspended sentence.  Jail time here would be a huge shock.

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  • DRJ

    I like it. Like what Sheed’s saying. It indicates that the Cs’ performance on the court in this regular season is part of their PLAN. A plan to minimize injuries by not killing yourself taking unnecessary charges and risks, and to keep your best stuff close to your vest. Why? Because seeding is nonsense, and they just don’t CARE where they come in to the playoffs. All these games now… are meaningless to them.
    Meanwhile, other teams are out there risking injury every day, fighting all out. Fine, let ’em. They’re fighting for nothing. The Cs’ do what they think is right… which is save their best stuff for the playoffs.
    I like it. Like it all. Just hope it’s all true.

  • Alex

    I want to see it before I believe it.
    Personally, I think it is all BS.

  • DRJ

    It’s either BS, or a brilliant new paradigm. I like the latter, mostly because it exactly matches my own view of the regular season. But that don’t make it true, of course. Time will tell, soon enough.

  • DRJ

    You know, this could be a TEAM-WIDE phenomenon. I know for a fact that there are several excellent plays that they ran this season to GREAT effect… only to stop running them completely now. Why? Because now doesn’t matter. Why show opposing scouts all your best stuff now?
    It’s possible that Sheed just vocalized a part of this team’s overall plan for the season. Can’t wait to find out, that’s for sure.

  • aaron

    WAKE UP. rasheed wallace USED to be able to back this stuff up…
    his best playing days are far behind him.
    if his name wasnt “rasheed wallace” he wouldnt be a starter or even a 6th man, anywhere in this league

  • Orb

    The problem with that theory (besides, you know, all the problems I have with that theory), is that last week Doc was saying that they haven’t been doing the required level of practicing. The whole season isn’t practicing? Forgetting how to score in the paint, move the ball, or help-defend are not things you just decide to start doing. You need to practice, whether that’s actual practice or the regular season. I’m just not buying the season-long rope-a-dope, although I’m 100% sure that’s Sheed’s plan.

  • DRJ

    I hear ya.
    But note — they HAVE shown us all the good stuff, on several occasions. They just haven’t been CONSISTENT with it. But it’s there. They’ve displayed it.
    Maybe they’ve adopted Sheed’s plan without even really knowing it. Or maybe Danny came up with this diabolically clever (and in my view, btw, CORRECT) strategy for them. No way to know. But the fact that we KNOW FOR SURE that they have it in them, combined with Sheed’s comments, and Perk’s recently… adds up to at least the possibility that they’re planning on letting it all come out in the playoffs.
    I tell ya… I sure HOPE so. If that happens, it will be really, really glorious. To win it all AND stick your finger in the NBA’s eye at the same time….? I love it.

  • Alex

    I know the Celtics have the talent to kick the asses of everyone in the NBA. We even saw them dismantle the Cavaliers in the first half of that last game. The fact that they just put it on hold in the second half does give me suspicions that the team IS indeed holding back their true talent and saving it for later, when it actually counts.
    I don’t think Rasheed will play really well in the Playoffs, to be honest with you. Maybe he will decide to not shoot three’s and go to the paint more, which I am all for.

  • Laker Fan

    i have respect for the 17 titles you guys have. But for godsake stop patronizing the bad play by your team almost the whole season and stop defending and justifying the poor attitude some of your guys bring to the table i.e rasheed wallace. Im a lakers fan and by god i only want a lakers vs celtic finals matchup, i will be praying and supporting my team to win, but let the best team win in the finals, just like you were the best in 07-08, definitely better than us. Therefore to get to that matchup of the titans, i would suggest to be critical in a contructive manner regarding your team and show them the mirror, not defend their absurd claims and the so called strategy regarding the regular season. I mean the regular season is of 82 games. You strengthen your plays and chemistry, and eliminate your weaknesses during the regular season and the outcome is always being able to win most of the games, which your team currently is not doing, and coming in stronger and as favorites in the playoffs and then making adjustments to win every series. Right now your teams plays and chemistry is not being strenghtened and the weaknesses are increasing by every passing game. This will not take you guys anywhere in the playoffs. i hope im wrong but this is what it is. Stop making excuses and giving reasons for your poor play and your losses, those are totally immature, instead make adjustments and play hard. Again i respect the team and the franchise for what it has achieved and i hope the rivalry continues and gets bigger, but for that be the true celtic supporters and make your team the true celtics team that never made excuses, always played to win, and played damn hard, and that lead to 17 championships, not the so called strategy you guys have right now, this will lead to a first round exit.

  • Everyone using sheed as a scapegoat to begin with is flat out pathetic.
    Sheed didnt take a sledgehammer to KGs knee, or make ray allen struggle from 3 most of the year, and he has nothing to do with Perks problems either…they’re grown men on this team and to make up this theory that they let sheeds so called lazy mentality take over the entire team like some kind of virus is moronic, and even if true thats still everyone else fault…we all knew who sheed was

  • Orb

    Agreed on the glory of putting it all together… later. Of course I’ve been planning to grow six more inches for the past 20 years…
    In the grand scheme I don’t have much problem with holding back. But I guess I just don’t believe in “the switch” that they can throw. For a while it was all “wait for the all-star break.” But guess what. We saw this same phenomenon with the Atlanta series a couple years ago, when we came just a few shots short of being bumped in the first round because we were concentrating on the finals. This team has always had trouble reconciling who they are and who they think they are.
    And it’s not just not frustrating losses and second half collapses. It’s the confused look on PPs face when he doesn’t get the foul, or Perk’s anger when he’s called for anything. It’s the “we know we’re a better team” despite all evidence to the contrary. At no point this season have they changed their mental attitude. Maybe the Nets loss could be they’re “Hello, my name is the Boston Celtics…” moment.

  • No offense, but your theories about this being part of the plan is obnoxious and stupid

  • also, what sheed said and what perkins said after the nets game is called excuse making, and making it OK..this team set out to be the best defensive team of all time and win 70 games…thats what they said, and now they’re making excuses.
    Also taking it easy and not caring about the regular season is stupid, thats not how u form into a championship team, period

  • Perry

    Remember now — it was Sheed who proclaimed this team could win 72 games! Who knows there may be some truth to his comments, but he’s been in the league for 14 years. What hidden trait in his game haven’t we seen? And if it is true then his comments are indicative of the lack of urgency this team plays with.
    Historically there have been Celtic teams going back to the 60’s era that played without a sense purpose yet managed to turn it on in the post season. Rick Barry’s Warriors took the Bullets by surprise too. But then again we’ve watched teams like the Spurs, and Sheed’s Pistons over the past few years approach the regular season with a similar attitude only to be bounced out hard in the post season.
    Frankly, I don’t think anyone close to this team can give you an accurate answer as to why it’s happening. We know they are not a selfish group, and on paper rank with the elite teams. Sure they’re capable of turning it around, but we thought they turned the corner on the west coast swing — even with the loss in Denver. Now that string of consistency has been flushed down the toilet.

  • Josh_N

    Included in his ‘bag of tricks’ are:
    – Missing wide-open 3’s
    – Not getting back on D
    – Not being able to defend the pick-and-roll, and
    – Getting Technical fouls

  • DRJ

    Interesting how so many posters talk about the team’s “poor play”, etc. Meanwhile, the Celtics still own one of the league’s best records. What are you talking about, anyway? That they lost ONE GAME, because you don’t think much of the team they lost to? Puhlease.
    They’ve played well enough.
    Let me put it this way. If I could CONTROL this team and make them play the way I want them to play, I would tell them not to play TOO hard now in the regular season, absolutely do NOT take chances that could get you injured, just win enough games to get us to the playoffs, at which time play your hearts out. This is not a team that needs to “find itself” or figure out how to play together now. The core has been together for going-on 3 years now. That’s enough “figuring out” and enough “chemistry”.
    Let me be clear about what I’m saying. I’m not just saying that this could be their plan. I’m saying it SHOULD BE their plan. I’m saying the regular season is BS, there are 82 games only because that’s how the NBA makes a living, and HCA is fool’s gold.
    I recognize that the Cs might not agree at all, and that they in fact aren’t great and that’s why they haven’t performed better. But when I hear the players saying what they’ve been saying, it makes me believe they DO agree, and do have it right.
    Anyway, truth will out. Soon.

  • Perry

    I’m on board with taking the optimistic approach, but you’re assuming this team is playing with a poker face.
    If they’re laying the weeds and wind up finishing strong I’ll be the first to say you were right.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Perfect, that sum’s up sheed’s celtic career to date.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Dude! How can you say such shit?! You find it acceptable for a team to coast through the season, accept horribly played games with sickening results, as long as we get a banner at the end?
    Granted, with the Celtics, going deep into the playoffs and winning championships is more important to Celtic-land than most other teams because of our championship laden past. We are harder to satisfy in that regard.
    BUT, lets not forget what the NBA is…82 evenings of ENTERTAINMENT…PAID FOR by ORDINARY PEOPLE with their hard earned dollars. Many people who cough up mega-bucks buying season ticket packages to support “their” team through those 82 games. Many people who have their day to day emotions seriously affected by the performance of the Celts.
    This relationship is special, much like a family, and expecting the team to play hard is like the expectation that your family will “have your back” when the shit hits the fan. Pardon the pun.
    Your attitude concerning the lackadaisical play of this team is baffling to me to say the least.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Now ain’t that exactly what’s goin on….

  • aaron

    yes, TTR, a washed up NEVER WAS….

  • aaron

    -having MAN BOOBS

  • Theyre below .500 since christmas, and way below .500 against the leagues best teams…. and now theyre even losing games to the bottom feeders of the league?
    they have lost more games this season then all of last year, when hmm, we didnt have KG for the entire stretch run.

  • DRJ

    You’re absolutely right about their relationship/obligation with/to their fans. Points:
    (1) They didn’t build the NBA’s ridiculous, anti-capitalism system. They’re just playing in it. (The new CBA, btw, might fix some of it.)
    (2) If this is a new paradigm, it is subversive to the NBA’s whole structure. I’ve thought for a long time – well before this season – that the regular NBA season is one big joke. All those games, all those back-to-backs on the road… for what? For the right to play at home ONE extra time in the playoffs? Please… it’s just ridiculous. But it’s the NBA’s structure that’s ridiculous, not the analysis of it.
    (3) If they win it all this way, it will certainly shake things up, a lot. I would dearly love to see that!
    (4) As a fan, you’d need to decide: What’s more important? Getting the entertainment value of watching your team win a lot of games in the regular season (i.e., what you would consider getting your money’s worth)? Or winning the championship? This paradigm would pose that question. To you. I know what I want… the championship, of course. What about you?
    (5) But it’s not really either/or. There’s still plenty of entertainment, even now. Sure, we’ve been disappointed a few times. But can’t say we haven’t been entertained! We’re all very deeply involved, clearly.

  • DRJ

    Lol… to “no offense”. Lol.

  • DRJ

    They still have one of the league’s best records.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Come April the C’s (if healthy) will be the team no one wants to face. The old dog has a lot of fight left. This season will be judged by a deep playoff run, not by the drama that has occurred in the regular season.
    Are we championship caliber? In content yes. Will they do it? There’s enough intrigue here NOT to write them off…

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Sheed also predicted the Celtics would overtake the bulls record. I think the best thing Sheed can do for the team right now is to shut-up!