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TMobile Ticket Giveaway

Chuck - Red's Army March 1, 2010 Uncategorized 48 Comments on TMobile Ticket Giveaway


TMobile just gave us a bunch of balcony tickets to give away for Wednesday night's game.  So we're giving a few away right now. 

The first 4 people to answer this question correctly get two tickets to the Bobcats game:

How many MVP's has Kevin Garnett won?  We need the total number AND the seasons.

In an effort to make sure everyone gets a shot at winning something, you're not eligible to win this contest if you've won anything from us in the past 3 months.  So that means our last contest winners and the myTouch 3G winners from the party are not eligible.

Everyone else hop to it.  Again.. the first 4 correct answers are the winners.  And if you missed out on this contest, don't worry.  We've got more tickets to Wednesday's game that we're giving away on our Twitter and our Facebook pages.  So sign up for those and you'll get another chance to win.

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  • Adam

    Once- 2004

  • 1 mvp in 2004 for minnesota

  • colin

    Once in 2004
    All star game 2003

  • Shawn-cvd

    2004 with wolves

  • Danno

    One NBA Regular Season MVP in 2004 with the T-Wolves.
    All Star Game MVP in 2002-2003

  • RyPThomas

    2003-04 season was the only league MVP for KG and it was with the TWolves. Also won the All-Star game MVP in 202-03 season. So, two technically.

  • G4L once againg doing it big!!!

  • 1 mvp in 2004 with minnesota
    1 mvp all star game in 2003

  • Danno

    Also – Most outstanding player in the 1995 Mcdonalds All-American Game.

  • Adam

    1 Mvp in 2004

  • colin

    Just to clarify my previous post with the total number: 2

  • Danno

    And in 1994 he was named the NAtional High School Player of the Year by USA Today.

  • Adam

    and 1 mvp 2003 All star game

  • twice, once in 2003 All star MVP, and in 2003-2004 season with the Timberwolves

  • Danno

    So Technically, 2 awards with “Most Valuable Player” in the title, for the 2003-2004 NBA REgular Season, and the 2002-2003 NBA ALL STAR Game.
    But if the definition isn’t so specific to the actual words “Most Valuable Player”, he also had 2 other awards that linguistically translate to mean the same thing from his High School Days.
    Either way – anyone who missed the 2003 All Star Game MVP missed out.

  • Congrats, you’re the winner. Can you give me your email addess?

  • congratulations, you win. I’ll need your email.

  • It wasn’t a trick question… it was for regular season MVP… but nice added info. I’ll need your email.

  • Adam

    Hey Red!
    I’m wicked pumped…it’s

  • Congratulations. I’ll need your email address

  • Maybe I should have been more specific about regular season MVP. No worries. We’ve got more contests coming up. Go to twitter / facebook pages for other chances to win. We might have more to give away tomorrow.
    thanks to all for playing.

  • colin

    It is

  • thanks redsarmy big fan of your site
    not letting my hopes down on the season

  • thanks guys looking forward to the game
    my email is

  • You know what… fuck it. I see 3 people who came up with an answer that is also acceptable and it went “above and beyond.”
    We’ve got the tickets… so you all win too.

  • thank guys my email is

  • You know what Danno… I’ll give it to ya. You also win. Gimme your email address

  • I’m going to give it to ya since we weren’t completely clear. You win too. I’ll need your email.

  • Ok Ashley… you’re in the mix too. you got tickets for the added right answer. Send me your email.

  • CFH

    Wait– is watching the Celtics throw away leads and demonstrate how much they don’t care in person supposed to be a GOOD thing?
    Kidding. Mostly. Congrats, winners!

  • Danno
  • AMP

    Have fun everyone!

  • Danno

    Also – John, Chuck, You guys Rock. I’m psyched you guys are getting some help/sponsorship from T-Moblie and others. It’s the independent blogs like this site that make being an NBA fan a good time, even if your team is going through a rough patch.

  • JMAX

    dammit i had class for the last 3 hours wish i would have seen this sooner im dying to go to a celtics game…i would even skip class wed to come see the Celts

  • DRJ

    I expect to hear you guys on TV! Maybe bring some weird/cool sign that the camera might wanna focus on.

  • Good to see people winning stuff-especially free tickets. Awesome. This is one of the many reasons is the best Celtics website-they take care of their readers…

  • Thanks! Great to hear that. Really appreciate it.

  • DRJ

    Hey, if you guys do decide to bring any kind of sign, please let us know in advance what it says so we can recognize it.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I wont be able to make it 🙁 Planning a trip home to Boston soon though. Any chance I could go to a future game on T-Mobile? (obviously should seats be avail at that time) A rain check if you will?
    Either way give these tickets to someone else on this post. I’d rather a fellow RA reader go than hooking up a friend…

  • got it. thanks.

  • OK… if you can’t go, we’ll throw them back in the pile and give them away to another winner.
    thanks, though

  • greenbeand

    1 mvp in ’04 with sota

  • Kevin Garnett Won MVP Once During 03-04 Season

  • Erwin

    He won one in 2004 with the Timberwolves

  • Aingelives

    2010 Boston Celtics!! Still time!!!!

  • I love the optimism

  • G4L

    I’m loving the sponsorship thing… maybe Honda, Nissan, or Mercedez could sponsor redsarmy. Just a thought, some cars would be nice to give away.. Haha!

  • Kevin Garnett won one regular season MVP award in 2004 with the Minnesota Timberwolves.
    He also won All-Star Game MVP in 2003 with the Western All-Stars
    Not that in matters but he’s also won Defensive Player of the Year in 2008 with the Celtics 🙂