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Spears: Cs interested in Michael Finley

According to Marc Spears…

Cs considering idea of trying to sign Finley, but offer has not
been made. Veteran swingman shooter would be welcomed addition.

The 36-year old Finley is about to be released by the Spurs:

The San Antonio Spurs have agreed to release former All-Star guard Michael Finley later Monday to allow Finley to pursue opportunities with other teams, according to sources close to the situation.

was a key member of San Antonio's 2007 championship team after leaving
the Spurs' longtime rivals in Dallas but has struggled to earn playing
time this season from coach Gregg Popovich.

As long as the Spurs
waive the 36-year-old before midnight Monday, Finley will be eligible
to play in the playoffs for another team.

But Finley, who was
earning $2.5 million in the final year of his contract with the Spurs,
must clear waivers before choosing his next team. Finley appeared in
just 25 of San Antonio's first 57 games, averaging 3.7 points in 15.8
minutes. He turns 37 on Saturday.

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  • what were yall saying about looking like the 2006 spurs team?
    but in all seriousness this would be a great pickup, if danny manages to add finley and battie i would start to love our bench again
    wow did danny luck out, Finley is a guy doc can trust having out there, he would take all of tony allens minutes away which is a good thing, he stretches the floor for the second unit, allowing sheed to move inside and not jack up threes, just would be an excellent pickup

  • Lex

    Will he also scratch himself with more enthusiasm than he plays basketball?

  • How much better would you feel though signing Finley and Battie, and replacing Tony Allen and BBD’s minutes with those two veterans. I’d much prefer that. Tony makes me to nervous in the playoffs, and BBD just is too short and struggles to finish at the rim. Finley can knock down big shots and I liked Battie’s game off Orlando’s bench last year.

  • DRJ

    Have you seen Finley’s record this year? Unimpressive, to be generous. So I don’t know.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Between him and Tony Allen it would be lesser of two evils though. Besides some matchups would spell TA and others Finley.
    Make this happen Danny!

  • Perry

    Spears is one ‘insider’ who I value. So you have to ask — why would Finley be a good fit here when his game wasn’t working for the Spurs?
    Do the Celtics need more aging veterans or for their own bored veterans to start getting motivated?

  • I wouldn’t say his game didn’t fit the spurs system. He was there for years and always hit big shots for them. They were logjammed at guys at his position who were younger and can shoot. It was hard to have minutes for him, and out of repsect for him and what he did for the organization they released him to pursue another team
    When Tony and Quis are out there are the same time there is no spacing on the floor. Finley can space the floor much better

  • bcousy@aol.com

    while we are at it, why don’t we bring back employee #8 or Ricky Davis. This isn’t 2001. Give Sheldon Williams so more minutes and get the locker room right.

  • Perry

    Can’t remember the last time I’ve watched or heard Finley hit a big shot or a meaningful three.
    He turns 37 this week. He’s shooting 31% from 3 – 38% from the field. Danny is probably thinking about spacing too, but we have Nate who can open the floor up for the slashers.
    Think about Finley and Sheed parked at the three point line and you’ll likely be reaching for TUMS by the 4th quarter.
    I just feel the core problem has not been solved. We don’t necessarily need more bodies. This team has plenty of bench talent. It’s the core veteran guys that need to play with the consistency and urgency we all expect. LOL

  • Shawn-cvd

    I don’t think anyone has been more in the dog house then Sheldon. He coulda spent 3 weeks in Russia . What did he do wrong?
    Ooh how could I forget the incredible execution Baby, Perk and Sheed have been giving us of late…

  • JD

    Yeah, maybe we can see if Robert Horry wants to play too… think about how much Social Security we will collectively make as a team in a few years!

  • DRJ

    It’s funny though. In real life, 32, 35… that’s YOUNG. Guys are full of vim and vigor and great ideas and lots of energy. In basketball, they’re friggin old men.
    But I don’t know if that’s right, really. It’s what we THINK… but then you see guys like Nash and Kidd, doing great work at the game’s toughest position. Go figure. Really, it comes down to luck. The guys who stay healthy… through good genes and/or good luck… can play till they drop. Others crash and burn early. A lot of that is just plain luck.

  • This is like a Devil’s Advocate thing: do you want Finley’s veteran presence, or T.A.’s youthful spark. I don’t know-it’s a freakin’ toss up. I see Doc signing Battie 1st, as I agree w/the other commenters who already noted that Doc isn’t exactly a big Shelden fan. Too bad-I’d love to see Shel get some more burn. Guy rebounds well and I also think he is a much more intelligent player than Davis. But like I said, my $ would be on Battie coming here before Finster. We know from past experience (I.E. 2007-08) Danny/Doc will want a veteran big in the rotation for the playoffs.

  • KY Celts fan

    Eh, why not? It’s not like Chris Paul is being bought out. If anyone can think of another free agent that could help this team better than Finley, let us know. Open to suggestions.

  • nick

    Don’t get stupid bro. I’de love to add them both, but BBD is a core member of this team and he plays SUPER-HARD. Yeah he gets blocked alot but on a team where effort is questionable, you don’t bench ur biggest hustler.

  • nick

    Ya, he could take away scal’s roster spot. T.A ain’t goin anywhere though. The thing is he wanted out of SAS because of a lack or P.T. He aint going to get much more on our deep team. I’de love 2 have him he’s 33t3ty3y3u3u3i times better than scalabrine’s corpse but he’s never played in the east so he would have 2 be in 4 a bit of a change after 15 years out west

  • aaron

    elephant in the locker room.
    WTF. shelden is consistent and hustles…
    maybe he banged out docs wife

  • Wow…. TA’s youthful spark?………seriously?
    for every 1 good thing he does there are 25 bone headed plays that he makes
    and he cant shoot. period.
    one of the reasons sheed is parked out behind 3 point line on the second unit is because with TA and Quis, he has to provide the spacing or all five defenders would be in the lane; and he is Lazy, but lets overlook that for now
    give me the guy who can consistently knock down the 3, and thats 3 inches taller, and ill forget about the age
    haha….. youthful spark…….great line bro, i laughed for 10 minutes straight

  • Lee in Oregon

    Mike James was waived as well….an actual ballhandler, I think that would be more logical than old man Finley.
    What, Robert Horry isnt out there?

  • he would get plenty of time, have you seen doc’s rotations, i believe he is developing a bit of a pattern for playing veterans over young guys; giddens and walker didnt play 50 minutes combined here
    and besides Finley is a hundred times better than TA, who is incredibly bad
    im sure finley would be able to adapt, plus i dont think the spurs would buy him out so he could go to the mavs or nuggetts or anywhere out west where he could potentially hurt them, so im sure its a wink wink deal where he HAS to head east
    and im betting that he either ends up here or in cleveland and i SURE hope its not the latter

  • Joseph

    Man, how much older can the Suckdics get? Why don’t you bring in Bill Russell and Bob Cousy while you’re at it. LOL HAHAHAHA

  • Was PJ better than Leon in 2008? thats debatable, but i do know that there were matchups where PJ fit better, and some where Powe faired better
    if we are able to sign Battie, id like to think that doc would be able to play baby when he saw fit, and use Battie when more length and hieght are needed

  • good one, you must have a lot of time on your hands to come up with these creative and witty jokes of yours

  • i believe the point of trading for nate robinson was to fill the role of backup point, so no it really wouldnt
    actually finley is fairly close to exactly what we need, he is a big 2/3 who can shoot the three, if he was a top notch defender he’d be the perfect guy, but he is probly as close to it as we are going to get anyway
    and how could you be against anyone that is going to take minutes away from Tony Allen?

  • You'd rather bring Finley in and add another 35'ish guy? T.A. can't shoot the jumper-yes. But, his defense is very good, when he's attacking the basket the D often collpases and yeah man, he's one of the only true quick young dudes we have off the bench. Do you really want another old guy in town..?? BTW, Finley "consistently" knocking down the 3?  His 3 pt % has been above .400 only once since about 2003 I think. And how did you laugh for 10 minutes straight? That's physically f***ing impossible..

  • Sorry Papa-I respect you and all and you know your stuff, but T.A. has not been “incredibly bad” this year. He has been great at times. I know he still panics and makes bonehead plays sometimes, but this year he has been pretty decent. Of course Finley is the better overall (albeit old) player, but Tony has been huge for us in a couple of our wins this year…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I find it so funny that everyone claims the celtics are SO OLD. There are FOUR players on our team that are getting old, FOUR! Rasheed, KG, Ray and Pierce. and Pierce can’t really be considered old. He is 32, which is about what Rapist24 is.
    Every Other player on the roster is young. Mid 20s.

  • TA simply cant be trusted for the playoffs, yes he had a 2 week stretch this year where he played really well, BUT he has come back down to earth in a big way
    he plays good defense, but he’s no james posey or shane battier on the defensive end, he is not a guy that you say i need to get him on the court because he will absolutely shut that guy down, he doesnt shut anyone down, he very simply plays solid D
    on the offensive end he is rarely a sparkplug, he cant shoot at all so you cant have him and rondo or marquis on the floor at the same time without it getting crowded, and he has a low basketball iq
    like the other night, sheed was on the block (shocker i know) and tony basically led his man to him and set up the double team
    Tony Allen provides nothing to this team offensively, he isnt a good ballhandler, he cannot shoot, he doesnt have good court awareness or vision, and the only time he makes a play is when he has the ball in his hands and decides to drive to the hoop, ONLY he creates a turnover while doing this as much if not more than the times he actually does something positive, like get to the free throw line, even though he is a bad free throw shooter, and has gotten worse since he has been in the league
    so yes i would like Michael Finley over Tony Allen, if i had to choose i take Finley 100% of the time, not even close in my mind
    it doesnt really matter that he is old, because ive seen him play this year, and am surrounded by spurs fans being from Texas, and i have seen, and they have attested that his play has not dropped off
    my point really is, is that you know what your getting from finley, and what you know your going to get from finley is a lot of what this team needs from its bench – spacing and scoring in the second unit
    now you are totally right that TA has been great for us at times this year, but thats tony’s thing, he is a tease, you can never trust him
    another big thing is that he fits better with Marquis than Tony does
    I know Michael Finley is not going to be the difference in whether we win the title or not, that rests on the shoulders of the big 3 and beastondo, but i think finley could be a great help in easing some of the load are starting 5 has to carry

  • haha your right, i didnt even laugh, but i did find it kind of funny….my apologies
    we didnt have any quick young dudes coming off the bench when we won the title, we had trusted veterans that knew their roles and performed them to the best of their abilities
    if you want a quick young dude coming off the bench we still have nate, and marquis aint slow, and baby aint old, so i dont think we’ll be that bad
    i just dont think that TA can be “youthful spark” as you put it with any consistency, and his track record pretty much backs me up, he is great at times, head scrachingly bad at others
    sign me up the veteran who you know what your going to get from, and the guy who doesnt shoot from his ear
    and what does it really matter if finley is 35? he is going to be here for a couple of months, we’re not signing him to a 10 year deal; PJ was how old when he played for us? he retired the next year, as long as finley’s got something in the tank (which i believe he does) he can help, and its not exactly like we have to cut ties with our youthful spark TA to get him either… we can have both 🙂

  • the-FACTS

    why would the celtics add another dinosaur to the team, we already got sheed. we need a big man that can rebound the ball and play solid defense. maybe tony battie, but please not finley. there is a reason why the spurs didn’t give him any play time. the guy is like 87 years old. just forget about it. lol.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Here’s to hoping the Cs go shell the money out to grab Battie and Finley. If nothing else we get veteran depth at two major positions. A good rebounder and a good shooter. Always room on a roster for that, right?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Gotta get Finley then… Not because our team needs him as much as Doc won’t play any youngsters… Correction… without a back up outside threat at 2 guard Doc will overplay Rondo and/or Jesus…
    Taking minutes away from TA is a good thing. He can be our special situation defender/saved for specific match ups. Our team would look like this:
    PG: Rondo/Nate, SG: Ray/Finley/TA, SF: Truth/Quis Bigs: KG/Perk/Sheed/Baby
    SOL: Williams (thanks to Doc!)/Scal (one can hope)/Landry.
    That’s a deep, versatile team!

  • The Savior

    I can see it now…Finley hits the clutch threes and Battie hits the game winning midrange jumper to beat Cleveland and send us to the finals…oh wait, was that Posey and PJ Brown? You must forgive me, that crazy time warp has me Lost on an island.

  • Fuckin absolutly hilarious…Michael Finley? why?
    is Danny delusional enough to think we’re still in contention for a championship, why else would he add this 37 yr old , washed up, bum?

  • Yes-that is a good way to look at it w/Finley. He would be a solid,
    experienced bench player for the short term. And in a crucial, tense,
    game-changing moment in the playoffs T.A. very well may just panic
    and/or fold. Always great debating w/a fellow HOF'er.

  • Perry

    I see you are not a true believer. So let me try to rattle off a few points; put them into context and show you why many of us are still hopeful things may get back on track,
    Going into the season many of us looked at this roster and believed this was a championship caliber team — even with KG coming back from the murky knee problem.
    When they stormed out to a 23-5 record none of us questioned the players, Doc or management. If you respect what Danny has accomplished over the past two seasons then you must trust his judgement now. The facts are he put feelers in the market, but never could find the right deal to move Ray. He also came out and said last week this stretch of uninspired play is on the veterans.
    So with Pierce healthy, Ray breaking out of his funk and KG on the mend we should see the best from the Big 3 moving forward.
    Adding Nate opens the floor and gives team a much needed ball handler and a perimeter shooter when Ray or Pierce sit. If you’re bringing in Finley you put him on the floor to score. Based on his stats, and age (37) I don’t see that happening with any form of consistency. In fact, if you’re argument is spacing I would counter by using Scal who shoots a slightly higher percentage from 3. Scal has plenty of inadequacies, but he knows the system and is usually in the right spot defensively. Much the same can be said of TA. Both guys are shaky. Both will see limited minutes in the post season because Doc always shortens his rotation.
    So what we have off the bench is real solid. (Nate, Sheed, Quis, Davis). May I remind you all were legit starters. Davis of course by default. But Davis is bringing it every night. He is showing a toughness to his game not seen here since Leon in a Celtic uniform.
    Now if you want to make the case for another body based on buy outs, then fine. But no player added to this roster is going to command minutes unless someone gets hurt. Battie…I don’t like it. But Battie is another big who can board, and that skill set has been a glaring weakness all season long.
    Not sure about where Drew Gooden is with his buy out, but I would strongly consider him over the aforementioned guys floating around.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Gooden was bought out? That would be a key acquisition for the stretch.

  • Perry

    He’s not on ESPN’s Dime wish list, but I heard Bulpet speak of his availability.
    The real caveat of course is Ilgauskas. I’m sure Danny reached out, but it appears he’ll be the final piece for the Cavs. From a tactical stand point Z coming to Boston would be an out right theft.
    A lot of familiar ex-Celtics, turned lost NBA souls on this list: Blount, Mike James, Szczerbiak, and Ricky D.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    I’m on board with you on this. Finley could play solid limited minutes and spread the floor. Who would have thought PJ would play as big a role as he did at his age.
    And I too hate TA. Every time he check’s in at the scorers table I have the overwelming urge to start cutting myself.