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Max: “No fire in the belly…”


"There's no fire in the belly," he told Felger. "When
this team has played well, you heard Kevin Garnett barking and
screaming at people. When this team has played well, [Rajon] Rondo has
had the ability . . . to step up and get emotional . . . And Doc Rivers
right now, coaching . . . I'm not sure exactly where this team is going
and what they're listening to. It just seems like, everybody's going in
another direction right now."

He said he doesn't think the
players have tuned out Rivers — "I think Doc still has their ear. But
I think collectively right now, as a unit, they've tuned out each
other. And that is a bigger problem." — but that their attitude has to

"I still think they can get healthy, but I think they
have to get healthy in a mental respect," he said. "They still have a
very talented basketball team.

"Now, in 1977 when I got to the
Celtics, we had a very talented basketball team. Seven guys who had
made the All-Star team. And then, all of a sudden, we became a paper
champion. This right now is what the Celtics are becoming: A paper
champion. Until they get out with the attitude and the aggressive
nature and the posture, get out there and kick some booty, they're not
going to win anything . . .

"[Right] now, the way they're
going, I could go out there, if I was with New Jersey [last Saturday],
I could have [gotten] 15 points and 10 rebounds."

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  • I know there have been some real optimistic posts here lately and people trying to keep up morale as a fan but is it really wrong as a fan to doubt your team and question their drive? It’s one thing when you don’t have a talented team and they are going through bumps, fans can find optimism in a situation like that, but this… This team is a projected contender, 65+ win team, with many all stars, veteran leadership, and championship poise.
    I love this team as much as the next guy, and always have, but trying to sell the whole “they are coasting” garbage and giving them the benefit of the doubt is not right as a fan. Your not a bandwagon fan if you are annoyed with the team and don’t any longer have any expectations of winning a championship this year. I think I’m being a realist. I’m still watching every game, still going to be excited about the possibility in the playoffs, but unless they really close this season strong, and I mean real strong, then it’s impossible to think they are winning anything. Effort can be turned on and off, but results can’t be. You have to progressively build up throughout the season and get the confidence and momentum to the playoffs. This goes against everything this team did in the championship season. and Claiming HCA is not vital in the playoffs, why don’t you go back and check how we won a championship? and don’t tell me we are great on the road this year blah blah, they were the best road team in the league that year as well.

  • DRJ

    Not questioning your right to this opinion, at all. Nor your fanhood. At all. Really. We all want the same thing. These are just discussions we’re having, about what’s right and potentially wrong.
    I agree that in the past, teams have typically built up their games in the regular season, then flowed into the playoffs accordingly. I’m just saying — where is it written that the Cs can’t CHANGE that rule? Everyone knows 82 games, and all those back-to-backs, are ridiculous. There for the money. Why can’t the Cs say: “Hey, that IS ridiculous, and we refuse to dance to that tune.”
    Just sayin’. Just questioning. Suggesting. Speculating. Hoping.

  • Shawn-cvd

    No one is no less a fan for having a different opinion. This is about perspective. Injuries have plagued this team as well as all the assorted drama. And it’s apparent that the team hasn’t responded well to this by their piss-poor play since Christmas.
    That doesn’t mean that they’re done. KG, Daniels. Perk, Pierce, Nate and Perk should all improve over the next seven weeks barring injuries. And even if only half of them improve measurably we’ll still compete come play offs.

  • I hope your right my friend 🙂 Should be exciting, at the least, down the stretch of the season

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I think nobody wants to say they are done; but if they play like that and behave like that, than you can only think: “they’re done..”.
    I agree with Double P and I wrote it in a post some days ago: unless they start winning now and finish strong, nothing good will come out from this season. Even the parallel with Spurs 06-07 says that they have to switch NOW.