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Your Morning Dump… Where the words don’t match the effort

Rondo towel on head

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"It's different [the 2007-08 season], guys are really anxious to get to
the playoffs," Perkins said. "You've got veteran guys — Rasheed, [Kevin
] — you can tell the regular season, it really don't excite
them. Even with Paul [Pierce] and Ray [Allen], but you still gotta go
out there and compete, it's not an excuse for losing. Guys just really
want to get to crunch time."

There's 24 games left in the regular season. It's safe to say we're into
crunch time. Yet Celtics players still don't seem as concerned as those
outside the locker room.

"We only have 24 games left, and
to have a lot of uncertainty, that definitely has to raise a couple
flags," Wallace said. "We gotta knuckle down."

"There's too much heart and drive, we'll find a way to figure something
out," Wallace said. "No one in here is giving up. Just because we didn't
[beat the Nets], that's not the end of the season. No one in here is
giving up. There's too much basketball knowledge to let this go away.

ESPN Boston – Bored Celtics better wake up

“It ain’t the system, it’s our
heads,’’ Rivers said. “It’s between our ears. And we’ve got to come out
and play.’’

The players
could do nothing but agree.

gives us direction,’’ Garnett said. “Guys have to go out there and
follow the plan and execute. That’s all it is.’’

Rasheed Wallace added, “We can’t sit up
here and say, ‘Oh, it’s Doc’s fault that we lost.’ Or ‘Doc’s not doing
this’ or ‘Doc’s not doing that.’

“Doc’s not on the floor. It’s the five
guys that’s out there. So we have to come up with ways to win.’’

Searching for more answers to the same
questions, Ray Allen paused long and hard, staring over the heads of the
media members before coming up with a response.

“I’m not concerned,’’ Allen said. “I’m

Globe: New Low: Nets cut down Celtics

“I don’t know how many wake-up calls we need,” Kendrick

said. “We’ve had a few this year. We’ll see how we bounce back against
Detroit (on Tuesday). We’ve got a few days to think about these last two

Herald: New low for Celtics

I don't know if Rajon Rondo is disappointed in his and the team's performance in that picture… or if he's just catching a nap.

You know… these guys are pissing me off just as much as they're pissing the rest of you off.  But I'll tell you what I'm not doing… and that's writing them off.

Maybe I'm being naive.  Maybe I'm being the eternal optimist.  But when your team's problem is mental rather than physical… I see hope.  I see the potential for something to snap in these guys and for them to play well.

My point is simply that we're not watching them play their best and not be good enough.  We're seeing them play their best and dominate… then just take early showers.  It's frustrating as all hell.  But I see no reason to dismiss them as being unable to find whatever that thing is.

It would be nice if the Celtics can just go out and prove that point, though.  Maybe they did in Portland and we just choose to ignore it.  But I'd love to see a beginning-to-end domination just so the C's could say "see… this is what we're capable of… now let us coast for a couple more weeks."

And yeah… I know how I am.  I feel like the girl who's dating a total prick and she's just looking for that one little sign of something so I can go tell my girlfriends "No really…. he loves me… look at what he did today" while he goes off and screws around some more.

Yep, Celtics… you're the prick boyfriend.  How much more of this can we fans take before we just say screw it and break up with you?

Coming up, Page 2… where Big Baby says he's getting a bad rap

Associated Press Photo

Davis objected to the suggestion that he was trying to injure O’Neal,
saying the clip was taken before O’Neal hurt his thumb.

“I was like, ‘That’s false,’ ” Davis said. “They edited that. That
was before he hurt his hand.”

The timeline and replays appear to back Davis’ story.

Davis blocked O’Neal’s shot out of bounds with 7:37 remaining in the
second quarter. The Cavs took the ball out of bounds and Anderson
Varejao scored four seconds later.

On the Celtics ensuing possession the ball went out of bounds and
O’Neal left the game and didn’t return. The injury has been termed
significant, but no timetable has been established for O’Neal’s return.

“I was pulling on his hand before that,” Davis said. “He hurt it and
came right out. Right after I came down on the ball, he came out.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Friday that some Cavs were upset
with Davis’ actions. Davis said players frequently do little things to
irritate opponents, but his intentions weren’t malicious.

“I was just messing with him,” said Davis, who is friendly with
O’Neal, a fellow LSU alum. “I wasn’t trying to hurt him.”

Herald: Baby: "I'm getting a bad rap"

THAT is what people think is "trying to injure Shaq"?  That's a stretch.  If Shaq had sprained his thumb and THEN Baby grabbed it… wouldn't Shaq have flinched?  Something?  A little wince. Some kind of sign that "ow, don't grab that injured thumb".  

The reaction I heard from some people make it seem like he wrenched that thumb. 

C'mon, haters.  You gotta come stronger than that.  Nevermind that the replay came before the actual spraining happened.  If this is your proof, you all need help.

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  • Looked like they were playing a game of thumb war.

  • Alex

    I’m sick of the Celtics. They are indeed the prick boyfriend.
    Always messing around then trying to say the right things to make us happy, but keep on doing stupid crap to piss us off more.
    You know what, I’m not going to even listen to them anymore. They keep saying the right things but they don’t execute. And I honestly think Perkins just called out Rasheed Wallace being the main reason for the sudden laziness of the Celtics. Notice how Perkins calls him out first when he was talking about players not caring about the regular season and just waiting for the postseason.
    Laziness at its finest.
    I really hope we trade Wallace next season because this guy has been a hidden cancer for our team.

  • Alex

    And to comment on Big Baby’s action, all he was doing is being playful and that was DEFINITELY BEFORE Big Baby went crashing down on Shaq with the block.
    I’m starting to think that the NBA and the media are just trying to pull any random crap to make the Celtics look like the Scum of the NBA.
    Hmm… in a way the C’s are scum because they’ve been coasting this whole time (since after Christmas) and disappointing the fans immensely.

  • Paul

    I disagree. I would prefer to see a physical reason as to why they’re losing, not mental.
    I learned long ago that effort is not something you can turn on and off like a light switch. It’s like saying “I don’t have to work hard at this internship. Once I get a real job I’ll start working harder”. Those bad traits follow you.
    If you can’t muster the effort in an easy situation, like playing the Nets, then you won’t be able to later. I mean look at the 4th quarter of the Cavs game. How much more motivation do you need to finish off the best team in the league???

  • Thanks for the link-up fellas

  • Alex

    I respectfully disagree with you. I do believe effort does turn on and off like a switch. Personally, I’ve done it all the time, doing work and playing soccer.
    Whenever I am procrastinating with work, I flick the switch and I put my utmost effort to get the job done as soon as possible so I don’t stress about it later.
    Also, when my soccer team went on a 0-5 to start off the season, our coach was deeply disappointed with our effort and literally told us that if we don’t pull our thumbs out of our asses, we are going to be the worst underachieving team in the cities league. That made the whole team flick the switch and we actually went on a 10 win streak about 2 times.
    What I am saying is that the Celtics are being stubborn as fuck. They know they have the talent to win it all but most of them are thinking this: “I would rather do my best in the playoffs. Screw the regular season.” And they keep having this mindset for every game.
    If you look at the early games after the All-Star break, our team was doing a pretty decent job and winning games. The team had a mindset to make this regular season count but all of a sudden, it just flicked to OFF during the Cleveland game. The Celtics thought, “Why bother waste our efforts against this team when it doesn’t really matter. I would rather face them in the playoffs.” The Celtics gave us a lil taste of what they can do in the first half of that game and they just stopped trying in the second half.
    Let’s face it. The Celtics do have the team to be the best in the NBA but most of the players in this team are stubborn millionaires. I’m just hoping that they really do show us that they’ve been coasting this whole time when the Playoffs start.

  • thetitleisours

    When you lose to the worse team on your own home court there is not much else that need be said.
    That shows a total lack of respect for the fans
    Ubuntu is gone

  • 11rings

    Wallace is the anti-Garnett. Effort might turn on and off like a switch, but results do not always follow. After their last championship, the Detroit players were big proponents of the coast in the regular season, then turn it on in the playoffs mentality. That was the downfall of what could have been a dynasty (Billups, Hamilton, Prince, the Wallaces).
    Being lazy is not a good strategy. If you want to conserve energy, then play hard, build a big lead, and let the young guys on the bench take over. That way, you play hard and well for 20 minutes, instead of lazy and poorly for 35. When’s the last time we had a good, old-fashioned Celtics blowout of an inferior team? If you can’t build a big lead, then you aren’t good enough to coast.

  • aaron


  • Robert

    Good analogy with Pistons. I guess in two years we’ll be looking at a losing season. Once the laziness sets in, it’s over. Blow them up now and start re-building.


    I thought u were ‘done with this team’ why are u still here??

  • Shawn-cvd

    I’d rather be stubborn and see what happens next than write them off.