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Red's Army Player of the Week: Kevin Garnett

Kg jumper nets

Games this week:

  • Vs. NY:    16 pts (6-11 fg), 8 reb, 6 assists
  • Vs. CLE:  10 pts (4-10 fg), 10 reb, 5 assists
  • Vs. NJ:    26 pts (12-16 fg), 9 reb, 1 assist

KG had his best offensive game in the team's lowest moment.  We have seen a steady improvement in Kevin Garnett this week, including a slow return of his explosiveness (marked by a few alley oops and dunks).  He's getting down into the post a little more often, though not as much as we'd like yet.  If he continues to improve at this pace, we'll see enough of the KG that we need by playoff time.  It's not what he gave us in 2008, but he won't be what he was immediately coming back from the knee strain, either.   

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  • Alex

    The fans should be the Best of the Week for dealing with this excruciatingly painful Celtics basketball that’s been going on during the couple of games now.

  • Now that’s a good idea