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Are the Celtics dead yet? Don’t you believe it


Seems everybody's in shock.
Disgusted, upset, speechless. Comments have died down. People are giving
up. Why? Cs lost to the Nets. The Nets!!

But wait a second…

The Nets are NOT, as many have said, "the worst team in the history of
the NBA". Far from it. If you look at their roster, they actually have
some good to great individual pieces. Lopez is certainly an excellent
player, could be great. Harris is a very good PG; surround him with
great players, and he could shine. Lee is an excellent ball player,
someone I was really surprised Orlando let go. CDR shows a lot of
promise (still can't BELIEVE Danny chose Giddens over him!) Dooling and
Humphries have some talent too. This team SHOULD NOT have the record
they have. I have no idea why they do… not my concern, don't care to
find out. But clearly, with the players they have, the Nets should
always be considered CAPABLE of playing a very good game.

So they chose Saturday to have one of those good games. They played
hard, and more importantly, they hit their shots when it mattered most.
At the same time, the Cs chose this day to MISS most of their shots when
it mattered most. It happens. Losses happen. The Nets earned this win.
So? It doesn't really MEAN… anything.

But the time is drawing near when games really will matter. If the
regular season is one long practice session — a Celtics viewpoint about
which we theorized, and is now corroborated by the players themselves
— then they need to PRACTICE WINNING. Because "practice", by
definition, is preparation for the real thing. How you prepare
determines how you perform. Time to start preparing properly.

But… truth be told… if they started "preparing properly" say, 10
games before season's end, would that be a total disaster? No, not
really. 10 games is plenty. 27 games is surfeit.

Besides… if the (ever-more-likely) theory is true that Sheed's
lazy/bored attitude has infected the whole team, i.e. that Sheed has
offset KG somewhat in the battle for the heart of the team — then there
is also the ever-present hope that when the time comes when games
REALLY MATTER — which is when Sheed has SAID he goes into his highest
gear — Sheed's attitude will then COMBINE with KG's to push the whole
team to its highest-possible level. And then they could win it all.

And there are plenty of positives. KG's getting better and better, Nate
shows great promise, Quis is terrific, Paul must get better, Rondo has
great skills (and will hopefully focus better in the playoffs), Ray's
been on a tear (Saturday excepted), and Perk… well, they say he's been

What I'm saying is this: It's hard, very hard, to stay faithful to the
cause in the face of so much apathy (Sheed), carelessness (Rondo, Sheed,
Paul, Perk, Scal, even Ray sometimes), laziness (Sheed, sometimes
Perk), stupidity (Doc), and losses (everybody).

But nothing has really happened to change anything. The Nets played
well, the Cs lost a game. So what. If you thought they could go all the
way on Friday, Saturday should not have changed your mind. We need to
take a step back and breathe deep. And give this thing time. The fat
lady has not sung.

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  • KY Celts fan

    DRJ – the eternal optimist
    Myself, I need to read posts like this EVERYDAY to keep my hope alive. So I’m going to count on you guys to give it to me.

  • thetitleisours

    The fact that it was a home game seems to me to show some lack of character.
    But on the optimistic side, when they show effort it seems they can dominate. I suppose that gives some glimmer for the playoffs. But losing can become a habit just like winning
    On a side note Almond had a good game

  • DRJ

    I don’t know I’m optimistic really, I just think Saturday didn’t really PROVE anything. One more loss… so what?
    Interesting that Perk and others have now said what we were saying in here… that they consider the reg season unimportant, just practice. (No doubt Sheed’s the ringleader of that one.) But point is – it’s true, what we thought. Which means… Saturday REALLY doesn’t mean anything. That fat lady — she hasn’t even taken a deep breath yet.

  • DRJ

    Well… he’s in D-League, so Cs can pick him up anytime up till the end of the regular season. We do have 2 roster spots…. and no real money to spend. Ya never know…

  • It’s hard as hell to stay optimistic, but there’s one thing to remember: this is a great team-they have the power within themselves to pull out of this rut. It could be alot worse like back in the early 2000’s when we just didn’t have the talent. The decision on whether or not the C’s start to win again is all up to them. If each individual player commits or recommits to hard-work, focus and giving 100% every game, for the whole game, we’ll be fine. If not, then you know what they say: “if nothing changes, nothing changes.” I think guys like KG, P-Dub and Ray will pull this team together-they have too much pride and dignity not too.

  • SydneyCeltic

    I’ll take a first class ticket on the optimist train. I don’t think that all is lost. So they had a couple of shitty games.. So what? We can only look forward and hope they pull their heads out their asses and start playing proper basketball again.
    It definitely ain’t over yet!

  • BRADinLA

    I think Sheed’s a cancer but not he way people usually think of a team cancer. I think he’s brought an “I’m old, I’ve been here a million times and this is all bullshit” attitude to the regular season that would never be there otherwise. Mix that with the discouraging injuries and KG’s inability to lead the team when he’s hobbled and you have the 2010 Celtics.

  • KY Celts fan

    Tony Battie said he possibly wants to play for the Celtics if he gets bought out. Thoughts?

  • DRJ

    Yeah, sounds right.
    If correct, this means there is still a good chance for the Cs in the playoffs. Because then the pride comes in… no more excuses, no more “been there, done that” crap.
    One more thing. A couple of months ago, I actually wrote a whole piece here about how the Cs don’t care about HCA, they just want to make the playoffs, they’re better on the road anyway, they consider the whole regular season meaningless, etc., etc. Now it turns out that’s (surprisingly) EXACTLY how they think. Ok, then. We don’t LIKE it, but if it’s true… let’s just ride the train to the end. Who knows, MAYBE THEY’RE RIGHT!
    (Not saying they are. Just sayin’…. maybe.)

  • DRJ

    He would have to be cut/bought out by tomorrow. And… another old/vet big? Maybe. Maybe, if they get sick and tired of Sheed (like we are).

  • ShawnCvd

    Dr J. Nice post ! I agree whole heartily. I posted yesterday how this game will be nothing bit a fading memory two weeks from now especially should the Green string together some wins.
    Here’s another thought though ; this victory is likely to go down as the single best thong to happen to the Nets this season. The Celtics haven’t even registered a significant event yet. That happens in April when the seeding determines who the Cs play first in their campaign for title number 18. I personally want them to play better now so they can wrap up the 2nd seed. Seeded anywhere I like our chances against any team if.healthy.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I’m not optimistic, unfortunately.
    Doc said that in the championship season every game was felt like a big game. If you think about it, an approach like that brings up team confidence and alchemy, and that’s what makes you strong, stronger than a 24 point deficit in a crucial game in the finals. I don’t really believe a team can turn that confidence and self-awareness on whenever it feels it’s time to; if no alchemy was built during the reg season, than nothing different from what we’re seeing will come out during playoffs, and at that point a 10 point deficit at middle 3rd will kill us.
    I think the C’s still might save this season if they switch to playoffs mentality NOW, make a winning streak and prove themselves they can still compete. Then I’ll be more optimistic.. 😉

  • BigMck

    This is pathetic. We have been reduced to making excuses for a loss to NJ.
    If NJ finishes with the worst record in league history, then they will be the worst team in league history. You are what you are.

  • the-real-truth

    they have been dead since christmas. they are done.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Replace “thong” with “thing”, and my last sentence should be “Seeded anywhere I still like our chances against any team if healthy. ”

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Even if you look at the situation in its most positive light, as written in DRJ’s piece (Nice bit of inspirational talking, dude, you got talent), I’m still pissed about whats going on this season.
    Whatever attitude has infected this team, the result is offensive to the fans. These guys make millions of dollars every damn year, and they feel like they have the right to coast through 75% of the season?
    The 09-10 Celtics will not rank up very high when compared to most other Celts teams on my “most favorites.”
    I’m pretty sure Sheed’s attitude is the source, too, I’d bet money on it.

  • 11rings

    I agree with BigMcK. Fatigue and a few lapses in concentration over an 82-games season are forgiveable. Repeatedly mailing it in is not. It might be comforting to say that the Celtics half-assing it might not be so bad. But I’m not buying it. The laziness is rotten. It’s not Celtics basketball. Period.

  • Shawn-cvd

    It’s apples to oranges here. You forget that the C’s struggled mightily during the first two rounds of those play offs. The regular season helped them secure the HCA which they obviously needed. The regular season was about getting their game plan straight and integrating everyone. Along the way they learned how to crush teams in the regular season.
    The play offs though? I remember EVERYONE freaking out that we couldn’t win on the road. That something was wrong with Ray Ray, that Powe and Baby were too undersized, that we were too old THEN to keep up with the Hawks, that Joe Smith with the Cavs had our number, that we were blowing our regular season momentum. And how did that turn out?
    Again like I said apples to oranges. The apples went on to win it all. The next few months will determine if the oranges have been ripening or was rotten all along.

  • most unlikeable and forgettable team of the new big 3 era, and most definetly the beggining of the end…eternal optimism is fine but reality will set u free

  • Shawn-cvd

    Let’s not forget how few injuries the Green had two years ago. Having the same unit night in and night out is a difference maker.
    This year’s team was straight up balling at the start of this year then the injuries, the defensive lapses, the trade rumors, the alleged in fighting, the overplaying of key guys, the inconsistent play, the rock bottom (an inexcusable loss to the lowly Nets)occurred. This regular season has been a ton of adversity and distractions for the home team. Should everyone get healthy and into game shape maybe the post season will unite this team and they’ll get back to playing Celtics ball…

  • Shawn-cvd

    You do have a good point on Sheed though and I would NEVER take that bet against you.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I think most of us logically realize that this may be the Green’s version of the post-championship Pistons. The thing is until the games are played we just won’t know.

  • DRJ

    Tell you what… you might be right that this is the beginning of the end for this version of the Cs. And you might be wrong. Either way, one thing is CERTAIN:
    The playoffs are going to be ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING to watch. What they’re doing now only serves to heighten the tension, and the anticipation, for what they’ll do in the playoffs. Personally, I can’t wait to find out.
    And look… I’m not making predictions. Just saying that neither can you or BigMck or anybody else, because the evidence we have is not good enough for that. Not with the players themselves corroborating what we suspected all along — that they’re just waiting for the playoffs.
    Meanwhile, they’ve still got an excellent record. They will get to the playoffs, pretty soon now. All we can do, all of us… is wait, and see.

  • Lee in Oregon

    The fat lady HAS sung…..and I’m basing that on the entire body of work…not the loss to a 5 win win team. How people still think they can turn this around amazes me. Like they’re all gonna suddenly get healthy at the same time and start doing things they havnt done all year, like rebound & take care of the damn basketball…..
    The team is like Ray’s jumper, once strong but now very streaky. I’d say Doc’s seat is getting warm. The body language between him and the team, and actually some of the players, is poor. He always talks about trust but I wonder which of the players he actually trusts right now.
    Danny has a longer leash than Doc, but he better have a good offseason. Ownership isnt gonna like paying luxary tax money on a team that doesnt produce. It’s been alleged that Danny shopped Ray Allen before the deadline, and either didnt get quality offers or decided to stay with Ray. His value will be even less next year if they should attemp a sign & trade. I can’t inagine them re-signing Ray & trotting out the same tired staring 5 that cant beat the Nets at home after the worst loss in recent memory!!!
    Why am I talking about next year already?…..
    You got it.

  • DRJ

    You missed the point. If, as the players themselves are now saying, they’re bored by the interminable regular season and are just waiting for the playoffs, then NO CONCLUSIONS CAN BE REACHED from their “body of work”. We must wait to find out the full truth.
    Just think how good it will feel if this way of doing things becomes a new paradigm. Which it WILL if they win it all. Suddenly, it will be the SMART way to play in the NBA. Hold your best game back, avoid injury as much as possible (is THAT why Sheed backs away from all charges?), then put it all out there in the playoffs.
    And then you might think… gee, how STUPID are those teams like the Lakers and Cavs, risking injury and killing themselves for a regular season record that means very close to NOTHING. Remember the 09 Cavs?… worked their tails off only to get handily wiped out by the Magic.
    No, you can’t KNOW anything now. You gotta wait. Like it or not.