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T-Mobile Recap: Celtics Flatline

Chuck - Red's Army February 27, 2010 Uncategorized 67 Comments on T-Mobile Recap: Celtics Flatline

Lazy. Uninspired. Gutless. Pick a word to describe your 2009-10 Boston Celtics.

Less than 24 hours after Danny Ainge said he wouldn't be afraid to blow up this team in the off-season, the Celtics laid one of their biggest eggs of the season.

That new sign Doc posted in the locker room"Individuals win games, but teams win titles" – apparently went unnoticed.

So how did the Nets do it? They were more aggressive. Period. The 41 to 11 advantage in free throws proves it.

Kevin Garnett may have played his best game this season – 26 points (12-16 FG), 9 rebounds. in 26 minutes. But the problem is, this team no longer feeds of him and his intensity.

Rajon Rondo had 13 points and 17 assists. Ray Allen struggled – 10 points on 3-11 FG.

The eternal optimist will say the Celtics can use this rock-bottom loss as motivation to turn things around. I say the Celtics are pretenders with zero chance of winning the championship.

Nets 104 – Celtics 96

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  • If I hear any more talk of this being a preseason for the Celtics of they know when they really need to turn it on, I’m gonna lose my mind.
    This team has officially mailed it in, and regardless if they turn around and win 5 in a row or not, this team is not winning a championship. It’s impossible to just turn it on in the playoffs, you have to be PLAYING WELL throughout the season, there is NO cohesiveness in the team and they should be embarrassed because I am embarrassed as a fan at this point.

  • What happens when teams tune out their coach?

  • Alex

    I’m done with this 2009-2010 Celtics. So much potential but they just don’t show that effort.
    Fuck it.

  • Pretty pathetic
    this team isnt in contention

  • Danny has done a terrible job two years running in trying to build a championship caliber bench; Doc has done an awful job at mixing things up, keeping his guys motivated, and giving young guys a chance;
    and i hate that they both have injuries as a built in excuse, its becoming the crutch for this team, from the top of the organization down to the bottom everyone makes excuses
    danny ABSOLUTELY had to do something at the trade deadline, and trading for nate robinson wasnt the move to put us over the top, im not saying it wasnt a good move, im just saying we needed more

  • Sean

    Fucking pathetic. I don’t expect much from this team anymore, but the New Jersey Nets? C’mon. The Nets might not reach ten wins. This C’s are an embarassment.

  • Um no, it wasnt a good move trading for Robinson
    The team loved House, House was an underrated part of this team, was a proven part of this team, and had won us games in the playoffs, and in the regular season.
    I dont see how robinson has improved chemistry or the play on the court

  • CoachBombay

    You see the 41 to 11 advantage in free throws as the Nets being more aggressive, I see it as the officials not allowed the Celtics to compete.

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    The Nets……..really??? Danny BLOW it up!!!

  • it wouldnt have been bad if danny had combined the move with another move
    as much as i love house, he couldnt defend or bring the ball up the court, he was a matchup problem for us in the playoffs
    nate is small, but he can at least handle the ball, and his defense isnt terrible
    but more to your point, Danny has done a terrible job of replacing our 2008 bench, Posey, Brown, Powe, House, etc., with guys like marbury, sheed, robinson, baby, etc.
    look at that first group, all high class hard workers, classic glue guys, the second group consists of selfish me first guys, lazy guys, guys who have never been on winning teams, guys who dont know how to win, and guys that dont fit what this team is built on – DEFENSE
    danny should have been trying to acquire Kirk Hinrich and low key high character guys that play defense and our hard nose rebounders
    bottom line is danny fucked up, for two years straight he has fucked up, how the hell is Tony Allen still on this team, he is awful

  • bigmck

    Way too early to say that. Nate brings a different dimension. The Celtics needed more than a spot up shooter for that second unit.
    Yes, Eddie has hit some big time shots for this team but I understand why they made the deal.

  • Celtics lost any sort of chemistry when they gave up House for Robinson. Even though House was a bench player, being a fan on the opposite coast, I was afraid of him when he enters the game because of his energy and potential to hit timely 3’s.
    Nate Robinson? comeon, you gotta do better than that.

  • Nora

    Celtics were doing no better with House when he was here and you know it

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Im with you Papa, we should have started a rebuilding phase at the trade deadline. Ray should have been traded for almost any decent younger talent to play with Rondo. Now we lose his expiring contract, we’re stuck with KG and I would like Pierce to finish as a Celtic, but that comes from the heart and it’s probably not best for the team. Both TA and Scal should have been moved along time ago. Our drafts of Giddens and Walker and Hudson were all wasted. Get rid of Sheed too, I liked that pickup but he is just lazy, not hurt or really old, LAZY, he just wants to shoot the 3, use his 6 fouls and yell at the refs.
    We may get the 3rd or 4th seed still (maybe the 2nd), but we’re not winning a championship for the forseable future unless Danny makes a major move or 2 in the offseason.
    I hate to say it, but go Cavs! Get the best record in the NBA and beat the Fu*kin Fakers.

  • Perry

    Nora — you are absolutely right. With or without House the outcome of this game would not have changed.
    I know everyone is frustration mode, but if were not for Danny we would have never captured banner 17 a year after a 24 win season. Come now, let’s put this into perspective. When this team was in the middle of an 18 game losing streak with Pierce hurt, Rondo learning the point, and TA tearing up his ACL we could have never imagined the success the franchise would have a year later.
    Danny and ownership deserve our support — good times and during these bad times. It was widely reported that he was trying to make a splash, but Nelson laughed at the idea of trading Ellis, and Iggy wasn’t available. To make a trade for trade sake does not constitute a good trade.
    By the way, there is the cap to consider along with a new CBA in the works for 2010. Rondo had to be signed this year. His contract means it won’t be easy to sign a player of Joe Johnson’s cailber — let alone a max guy. It’s not that easy, and that’s my point.
    Maybe this was ‘the’ pivotal game of the season. I think there’s a good chance we might look back on this disaster as the game that turned it or tanked the season.
    My optimistic side knows we won’t be playing a seven game series against Atlanta, Orlando or Cleveland Tuesday night. But the realist understands this team has run out of excuses.
    During this horrible stretch we could say the outcome of past games would have been different based on playing short handed. But this time, even without Pierce, you just can’t lose to a 5 win team in your building. If this doesn’t create the urgency we’ve been waiting for this team to play with nothing will.

  • Aingelives

    I’m with ya Ainge. To early to comment on Nate, Sheed on the other hand is clearly not motivated and we new that going in. Tough game to watch Celtic’s struggle with young teams in a 1 game situation 7 games playoffs series different outcome, I hope.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    One last move to make this year Danny, FIRE DOC. We all know sooner or later it needs to be done, give Thibs 25 games to show what he can do. Doc rode the big 3’s coat tails to a championship and then he rode them into the ground playing them at minute levels that would exhaust a 22 year old. It’s time for a change.

  • rob

    LMAO oh man this is just too good to watch. i can masturbate to watching the celtics lose, and to the nets of all teams lmao go back in the grave you pathetic once in a decade franchise.

  • Nick

    Lets not jump off the bridge just yet. We gota get our team healthy and playing in rythm for 2-3 weeks in March and April. Titles aren’t won in February. My only thing is y does he put in scal for a spark????? The guy cant shoot,rebound,play D, block shots, anything at all. I’de rather him throw shelden or the new kid Landry a few minutes. I mean we deff have the talent to get this shit right, which is the only thing keeping me encouraged. If u match us up on paper against thje elite teams then we are right there with them even with our advanced age, but at some point Doc has gota come up with some sort of unit that works. Maybe he should put Rasheed into the starting lineup and bring Perk and Baby off the bench because they are both bangers. Maybe he should start Marquis over Ray so Ray could come in with Nate and light it up. Look at the bright side.. we are a talented team that can go 10-11 deep now that we upgraded bringing in Nate over that glorified scrub Eddie House. We gota find a way top string together a few wins.

  • Josh_N

    I think when this all started after Christmas it seemed like at times Rondo was the only one playing hard in the 2nd half of games. Now even he seems to be out to lunch.
    I’m not watching this team anymore. I’ll go on here regularly to see what’s new, but I’ve had enough of their bullshit. Just like the Patriots this season.
    Here’s to three months of watching Tyreke Evans’ progression and the plight of the OKC Thunder.

  • DRJ

    I watched the game after the fact, and closely looked at every foul. The refs were reasonably fair. Sure, they screwed up a couple of calls… but it was NOT ridiculously one-sided like some other games, and that was NOT the reason for this loss. Cs were outplayed, plain and simple.

  • Shawn-cvd

    You get hard, then pleasure yourself when watching the C’s lose? To each troll his own I guess…

  • DRJ

    (1) This was NOT Nate’s fault. You who are saying that are plain wrong. Nate has performed quite well since he arrived, and we can expect him to get even better. Nate WORKS HARD, every time he steps out there. Unlike some others on this team.
    (2) Several guys had bad games: Sheed, Ray, Perk, Scal. That left us with only one scorer, KG… not enough.
    (3) If I have to focus on any one guy, it would be Sheed. He’s the one who has been demonstrably lazy many times, only to turn it on from time to time. Thing is, that is EXACTLY the kind of disease that now infects the whole team. I conclude, therefore… albeit without direct evidence… that Sheed’s lazy, turn-it-on-only-when-you-must attitude HAS infected this team, and most of all Perk and Rondo (the youngest, and presumably the most impressionable players on the team.)
    As to BigMck’s conclusion that the team is done… I can’t argue anymore. Won’t agree either. Best I can muster is: I just don’t know now.
    Today’s loss was a helluva thing… a helluva thing. {{he said, muttering all the way out the door}}

  • Shawn-cvd

    On 2/27/2010 to emerald king died. Welcome to rock bottom. We’ll see what rises from the ashes. Long live the new king…

  • Doctor Hardwood

    Today’s display was an absolute disgrace to every player whose number is hanging in the rafters and to every person who’s ever rooted for the Celtics.
    But I will always be a C’s fan and NEVER jump off the band wagon…even if the players currently on the our team already have.

  • johnny rose

    I watched this game from the naismith hall of fame showroom and I can honestly say it was the first time ive ever been embarressed to be a C’s fan. I had the kg jersey on and was glad to see him play well but the rest of our bigs were getting dominated by a brook lopez, and humphries. The way the celtics played today is the exact opposite of what every person enshrined in the hall of fame stood for, playing hard and totally focused on the task at hand. What a disgrace to 30 celtics enshrined in the hall! We need a leader to step up on this team..Paul! You can start by going down the bench and punching sheed in throat so he will shut the fuck up and hopefully play some help d for the first time in 3 years. Although, I did see him hit the first 3 I have witnessed him make all season, he needs to get his fat ass on the block. Impossiple to believe that we smashed the nets by 30 some just a month ago. The time to turn things around is only decreasing fellas.

  • this says it all!!!!! proof why you are a hall of famer
    but more to your point, Danny has done a terrible job of replacing our 2008 bench, Posey, Brown, Powe, House, etc., with guys like marbury, sheed, robinson, baby, etc.
    look at that first group, all high class hard workers, classic glue guys, the second group consists of selfish me first guys, lazy guys, guys who have never been on winning teams, guys who dont know how to win, and guys that dont fit what this team is built on – DEFENSE
    Sheed is so LAZY

  • Joseph

    HAHAHAHA – I LOVE IT!! Boston loses to the worst team in the league – HAHAH- AT HOME!!!
    I love hearing the bitching from the bandwagon Boston fans – HAHAHAHA, “Fire Doc” (i thought you guys all that he was the best coach in the league), “Danny Ainge has done nothing the past 2 years” (I thought he was such a fantastic GM – LOL LOL – Face it, no more McHale’s to give you guys players for NOTHING), “Blow up the team” (HAHAHA, team with the 3 hall of famers and this what they do). Face it guys, it was a disappointment.
    I love it! Disaster among the Suckdics

  • Caterpillar

    Scal is a joke, man.. 🙁

  • I don’t judge. If you get turned on by big sweaty men, that’s your business, but please keep it in the bedroom. I do not need to hear about your gay fantasies. You don’t see me talking about sex, so please also refrain.

  • Hey Joseph! Remember how the Lakers easily beat the Celtics in the finals 2 years ago? Cuz I don’t 🙂
    Hmm, what do you remember from that series. I remember LA blowing a 24-point lead, getting manhandled by a bench player (Leon Powe), and getting absolutely destroyed in the final game. The MVP of the league couldn’t do anything to stop Paul Pierce.
    Also reminding you that the core of those 2 groups has remained the same for the last 2 year. In the last 2 games against LA, Boston won one, and lost the other by a lucky shot
    so what im trying to say is…STFU

  • Cool16

    What now??????????????
    Pierce has been unhealthy all season long
    Rasheed has been a HUGE disappointment
    KG has been either 50/50 or just old
    The Celts bench has been on and off
    Cannot do any trades, what now???????????
    (not a celts fan, just respect the organization so much)

  • lainok

    I’m a full on laker fan. And I hate the Celtics. But I love the rivalry, and hate to see this happening to your team. It should be lakers/celtics in the finals. Not some whiny little brat like lebron and the cavs. the magic are a joke and will never have what it takes. All the back and fourth of who is better? In ’08 the Celtics were better and showed it. In ’09 the lakers used the embarrassment as fuel and they were the best. I was hoping this would be the year that the two finally met on equal ground. Both years a major player was injured on either team, but this year it was suppose to be different. I hope it still is. Plus I just want some one to kick lebron’s spoiled ass.

  • larry

    we need one of those..”we played like a bunch of sissies tonite” speeches.!!we know the c’s aren’t going to win it this year.!!but for gods sake act like you want to be there.!!i think rondo hit it on the head, these players have different agendas..hell if we showed up for work like that, trust me we wouldn’t be working there long.!

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    Well said.

  • Shawn-cvd

    The Celtics MUST put 6+ wins together starting Tuesday in Detroit. I officially have NO idea what team will show up. This loss is obviously rock bottom. What I learned from the box score;
    Doc played Perk very little? What’s wrong with Perk? Did he really play so poorly that Scal took his minutes? And WTF Scal for 17 minutes?
    Daniels was 8/9 from the field. KG’s heroics was mentioned in the title. We shot 50% from the field and had 32 assists as well as out rebounded them. Turnovers and three pointers went to the Nets…
    That free throw discrepancy is just unreal.
    Lastly the C’s allowed the Nets to go up 16 points with 7 minutes to go in the game.
    The C’s allowed NJ to win the first three quarters. Inconceivable.

  • oooP

    you guys see the post game interview with kg and rondo? i think they know how bad they’re messin up right now, just look at their body language.


    We’ll see what rises or if they do rise…..

  • Perry

    Agreed. Way too early to judge Nate and his effect on team chemistry. I watch a ton of Knick games and this cat doesn’t dog it. I loved Eddie, but he’s limited if the 3 ball isn’t going down.
    Right on about Sheed. His game is turning into a dog and pony show. On one hand he teases you with a highly skilled post presence. A few missed threes later and his head is out of wack and a technical ensues. But this is how Sheed rolls, and I’m not sure if Danny can move his contract…maybe Larry Brown would want him, but it looks like we’re stuck with him.
    Just a quick thought. Why not limit his minutes and sub Baby as the first big off the bench? He had a nice thing going with Kevin over the past two years, and he’s been terrific on the hustle plays.
    You know I think some of what we’re seeing is internal, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheed had something to do with it. If that’s case — what happened to KG’s locker room? I thought no singular agenda was permitted? Maybe that leadership mantle has been passed to Rondo or maybe the Big 3 just won’t or can’t get into Sheed’s head. Could be a veteran thing between the older guys, but I’m only guessing.
    Rondo’s stat line was impressive, but if he truly is our leader he will need to bring it every night. I thought Harris outplayed him today.

  • DRJ


  • DRJ


  • DRJ

    They said Perk has flu symptoms. Btw/fyi.

  • DRJ

    Btw… at the start, they announced that Perk’s had flu symptoms. We know Quis and Paul had it.
    But wasn’t KG sniffling a LOT in the post-game?? Seemed that way to me. Either he’s been blowing something up his nostrils (which, after this game, would make sense), or he’s coming down with something now.
    See? It can always get worse! (j/k basketball gods, j/k)


    Ok later then fairweather fan….


    Swine flu??
    Played like pigs by all accounts…
    Other team I follow is Man City in the EPL – they just went to Chelsea who have won 112 of their last 114 home games and stuffed them 4-2 – was on a massive high …….then I read about this abomination…
    As far as I’m concerned all the guys saying they’re done with this team – piss off then – if you’re done with them on yr bike…
    Only way is up from here… time for them to man up and go on a run as Shawn cvd said….


    sorry should say Chelsea have lost twice in 114…

  • Hey Celts nation. My heart goes out to you guys. I have nothing but respect for the C’s and to see this loss even hurt me. And I am a Spurs fans. I still think your team has what it takes to get back to the Finals.
    I always said the SAS and BOS are mirror images of each other this season.

  • DRJ

    I don’t think you have a Sheed character on your team… do you?

  • LeQueen Shames


  • CB

    SHEED is the problem. Without a doubt. When the D breaks down, it’s ’cause he’s been lazy. And he plays no transition D.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I never thought I would think this, because he is a bench player, but I have to agree that Rasheed’s approach to the regular season has honestly affected the team as a whole and how they approach it. This quote from ESPN says it all:
    “It’s different [the 2007-08 season], guys are really anxious to get to the playoffs,” Perkins said. “You’ve got veteran guys — Rasheed, [Kevin Garnett] — you can tell the regular season, it really don’t excite them. Even with Paul [Pierce] and Ray [Allen], but you still gotta go out there and compete, it’s not an excuse for losing. Guys just really want to get to crunch time.”
    Notice the FIRST name Perk drops as to coasting and being bored with the process. Perk and the rest of the guys are somehow picking up on this approach like HO HUM these games don’t matter. It’s all about the playoffs. WELL WAKE UP you just lost to possibly the worst team that has ever played in the NBA…

  • aaron

    you are a joke.
    you call the team bored. maybe its you bro.
    two rebounds in 19 min.
    what a joke. we shouldve traded this scrub. everyone loves to talk about this kids “upside”… i am failing to see it.
    p.s. doc, great job coaching. keeping scal in for 17 fucking minutes. what were u doing? giving him old love for his old team?
    wtf dude.
    p.s. driving to the bucket and getting fouled is important. i never made it past varsity @ CM and i know that. comeon fellas

  • Lee in Oregon

    The lowest moment in recent memory!
    Step 1) Fire Doc- not that this is his fault but they’ve stopped listening. Tom Thib is ready to step in.
    Step 2) rebuild around Rondo.
    Step 3) trade Sheed. I cant watch his fat ass anymore. BTW, his “conspiracy theory” crap has the officials hating whatever team he plays for and he’s not about to shut up now. I’d take a 2nd round pick for him right now.
    For God sakes Danny, blow the thing up, it’s unwatchable!
    BTW, all u Celtic haters are pathetic jeolous losers with no life…..the guy who gets aroused by watching the C’s should be registered with the state as a freak

  • Mstamps

    Boston Celtics, 2009-2010 NBA Champions. You read it here first. This thing is nowhere near being over.

  • Jon with no H

    are we forgetting Thibs made ZERO substitutions for something like a quarter and half (I can’t exactly remember) the last time he took over for Doc? I don’t think I’m quite ready to hand him the reigns just yet.
    I’m suprised no ones mentioned the real reason we lost this game: Maria Menounos

  • Shawn-cvd

    Should we win six straight we then we are 42 and 21 and this loss will be a fading (albeit painful) memory. Time to represent the name on the front of the jersey instead of the name on the back. Cliche, I know, but I remember KJ saying that sh!t during our championship run.
    Winning will solve most problems here especially with the post season so close. It’s clear to all of us that Doc clearly has his head up his ass but this should be the wake up call that this team needs. And once woken up they may actually listen to Doc, Ainge, Rondo, KG etc. and get to busting heads and taking names.

  • zauer

    Agree. Period.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Ugh. I was going to get up at 6am or something to watch this game… I’m glad I slept in instead. *sigh* I don’t even know what needs to be done here.
    I’m not going to give up though. I’m still going to hope and believe and trust that things *can* get better. And if I’m wrong and they don’t? Well, then at the end of it all I’ll shake my head and get ready for next season. That said? This fucking sucks.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I don’t think Sheed is the main problem, honestly.
    In the last two games I saw KG and Ray missing shot after shot in crucial moments, I saw Perkins getting funny in the post, I saw the Cavs or the Nets (opposites touch..) dominating the boards (off and def), and THEN I saw a wtf bench with “mistake machine” TA, or Scal (OMG…), useless Robinson and lazy Sheed. That’s the last of the problems, he didn’t come here to bring explosiveness and power, but something like the 6th man has to bring; he’s failing at it, but KG, Ray, Pierce and Perk are failing way more before him.
    And if hear someone blaming injuries once again, I’m gonna lose my mind.

  • GranTur

    I got respect for what you have to say, lainok.
    Celtics fans are overreacting a little bit to the recent struggles, but it really all stems from injuries.
    It has caused chemistry issues, excuses, effort issues. It has just wrecked our team lately.
    Paul Pierce is the heart and soul of this team and with him off the court problems get worse.
    Regardless of all this, the Celtics will perform well in the playoffs. How far that takes them remains to be seen.

  • DRJ

    Or maybe your mind has wandered a bit already? KG went 12-16 for 26 points, 9 rebounds and 2 steals in this game. He was the lone bright spot on the team for that game.
    Fact is the Nets chose this game – and were ALLOWED to – hit a lot of their shots when it counted. They played hard and well and earned the win. And btw… the Nets players are not nearly as bad as their record would indicate.

  • “But the problem is, this team no longer feeds of him and his intensity.”
    —What Intensity? sorry but i see a lack of intensity, passion and leadership from KG out on the court like i’ve never seen from him
    Also, KG may have taken a step in the right direction offensively and gotten 9 boards, i see everyones thrilled with that…but what makes him kevin garnett is still missing, defense, speed, and intensity…

  • Eddie house was not the savior, we needed stops yesterday. This team doesn’t care for the regular season as perkins said.
    I agree, they have no shot in hell and are the biggest pretenders in the playoffs. Unless something happens during the playoffs where they get hot and run through, but i dont see them caring enough to do it.
    the team needs to be blown up and i have an article at my website explaining why..

  • aaron

    kendrick perkins needs to go. he has trade value now. not later.

  • Wow-great comments. Alot of emotion out there and it’s understandable. I have not been on the site since they lost due to work and just not really being too motivated. But so many good points out there from everyone. Double P Reppin’ has one of the ones I agree with strongly. I hear so much about how these guys “will turn it on” when the playoffs come. No they won’t. Again, NO THEY WON’T. If there is disharmony now, and Doc or our captain (or both) don’t pull these guys together and make a decision as a team to come together, nothing will change. There are quite a few things going on from my viewpoint. I see laziness, I see frustration, I see guys not trusting each other and I see arrogance. I really do not think a trade is necessary. Or better yet, a trade is not the answer. The answer lies within each individual on this team. They will either learn to trust each other, put aside their differences, sacrifice for the better of the team, or they will continue to fail-it’s really that simple. This team is composed of some of the best athletes and hoops players in the world. Sure, some of the nucleus are getting older and beat-up by injuries, but we are still much, much better than we have played lately. You also have to look at the leader in any situation like this. I think it is obvious by some of the behavior and body language that I’ve seen at home games that Doc is not in “total control.” I think that last year, when Steph came in, people were worried he would “mess up the chemistry.” He didn’t though. My point? ‘Sheed may be doing more harm then Steph ever could of. I think that ‘Sheed has a very strong personality, and I believe Doc may be intimidated by him. I also think that KG and ‘Sheed being very close could also be a problem-that fact may be causing some resentment or other negativity amongst players. These are just my thoughts and you may think they are total crap, but these are just my observations as an avid fan. If Doc can get these guys to buy into “Ubuntu” (again), maybe they will pull together and finish the season strong. If not, this will be a long 2 or 3 months and the summer of 2010 will be very interesting for Celtics fans. Read this Wiki-article on Ubuntu-it explains how Ubuntu is based on togetherness. I don’t see alot of that right now. Thanks fror all the great comments and thanks for reading mine. Even got a visit from Joseph-the only Faker’s troll w/the cojones to comment under a real name..lol

  • Shawn-cvd

    Thanks for the kind words and your welcome.

  • Shawn-cvd

    And not to forget the excellent points you made…