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Cavs announcer says Glen Davis is a dirty player



Austin Carr said Boston's Glen "Big Baby" Davis bent the unwritten rules the
same way he tried to twist Shaquille O'Neal's already-injured thumb
Thursday night in Boston. "I thought what 'Big Baby' did showed the
kind of character, or lack of it, that he has," Carr said.

Shaq tried to stay in the game, and that's when Davis defended the
Cavs center as he posted up by grabbing the tender thumb. Apparently,
Davis mistook it for a wishbone when he had his heart set on knocking
Shaq out of the game.

"He crossed the line," Carr said. "When I played, if a guy had a
hand injury, I would go aggressively after the ball and try to knock it
away. If I got his hand, too, it happens. I would not try purposely to
hit his hand."

Show me the replay and I'll believe this.

Let's say Glen Davis purposely twisted Shaq's thumb. Don't you think Shaq would have reacted? Say, with a punch or a push?

Austin Carr is like Tommy Heinsohn. He sometimes sees things that didn't really happen.

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  • CFH

    Shaq and Baby are both LSU guys who have known each other since Baby was a kid (in age instead of just in actions). Baby idolizes Shaq. Shaq calls Baby his illegitimate son.
    But when Baby “deliberately injures” Shaq, Shaquille “tell me how my ass tastes” O’Neal has nothing to day?
    Yeah, I don’t think so.

  • CFH

    to say, not to day.

  • Orb

    I’d listen more to that argument had I not spent 10 minutes screaming at the tv for an offensive foul on Shaq. He was BEATING on Mr. Davis on both sides of the floor. He looked like Killer Kowalski with the Polish Hammer. I think that picture was just after one of those.

  • Perfect statement. I used to live in Boston as a Cleveland fan, so I know Tommy Heinsohn. Austin Carr is exactly the same. He is a complete and total homer. He actually cried when the Cavs won the lottery to pick LeBron James. And just like the city of Boston loves Tommy, we (mostly) love our homer / announcer A.C.

  • jeffw
    here is the replay.
    yup, looks pretty dirty to me.

  • drew milner

    on the cavs channel it was showed over and over. so get over it.