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Your Morning Dump… Where KG Apologizes


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"I know you guys are tired of writing it in your columns, I apologize
for all that. At some point there has to be some action, you're right,
you're totally right. Doc has a saying, you have to run through the
whole race and we've got to do that. Until we as players decide to do
that, we're going to be in this predicament."

ESPN Boston – Celtics Downright Homely at Home

After torching the Cavs for 56 first-half points, the Celtics went stone cold in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Here's the ugly truth:

  • shot 9 of 41 in the second half 
  • shot 1 for 12 from 3
  • shot 3-21 in the 4th quarter
  • outscored 35-14 in 4th quarter

Yes, the Celtics came out strong, built a double-digit lead (although it was just 8 at the half) and wilted in the final 12 minutes. But I'm going to cut them some slack. They matched the Cavs on the boards (40-43) and in the paint (44-50). They had 11 offensive rebounds. They protected the ball (11 turnovers).

They just couldn't make shots. And they were without two of their top 7 players – Paul Pierce and Marquis Daniels (he was a shell of himself last night).

The Cavaliers needed to make amends for the opening night loss in their building and it showed.

On Page 2, how the Cavaliers changed the game defensively.

Cavs coach Mike Brown went small and put forward Anderson Varejao at
center and backed him up with forward J.J. Hickson. That instantly made
the Cavs more athletic, and athletic teams give the Celtics trouble.

But no one was stronger than Varejao, whose quickness at the center spot choked off the Celtics' pick and roll game.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

The proof is in Rondo's shooting numbers for the second half: 1-7. You could also point his 45 minutes of playing time.

Did Mike Brown go small because he's a defensive genius? No. Shaq injured his thumb and was unavailable in the second half.

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  • Doc said it himself…playing Rondo that much was a big mistake. Rondo was gassed and that really effected the pace at which they played.In 3rd quarter, when we couldn’t buy a bucket, I would have liked to see Robinson in there. He was brought here to provide a scoring spark and that seemed like the exact situation he would have been good for.

  • CFH

    Shh! No one tell Mike Brown that the Celtics struggle with smaller, faster, more athletic teams. He stumbled onto it by necessity last night. If he has Shaq and Z at his disposal in the playoffs, he’s still going to use them and make it easier for the Celtics to compete.

  • tyquinton

    I do not believe Doc Rivers is equipped for the job as coach of this team. The ill qualified Mr. Rivers is doing us a serous disservice
    Nate Robinson was on the bench, we have a lead players are getting tired and Doc’s mind lock.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Doc did an absolute horrible job coaching last night. Plain and simple truth

  • Perry

    You know guys part of our problem is when you’re frustrated, as we all are, circumstances become even more confusing because none of us, including the team itself can explain these collapses. This season has boiled down to a Jekyll/Hyde dichotomy. We have seen this bad rerun too many times this year.
    Submitted for your approval. More Jekyll/Hyde numbers.
    1st half:
    Celtics shoot 60% / Cavs 43%
    2nd half:
    22% shooting compared to a torrid 65% for the Cavs.
    Now why this team is losing an inordinate amount of games is easy to understand, but why they continue to come out flat off these solid first half performances is inexplicable. We’re not talking about a young, inexperienced team. These are battle tested veterans with pride…or so I thought.
    Everyone who contributes to these threads makes good points. For me to expound on them would be redundant. We are more than casual fans who show up for a TNT game. Nor do we need Tanguay or Marshall to tell us this team is tired and maybe Doc should go deeper into his bench.
    Are you kidding me?
    Scal or ‘Seldom used Shelden’ logging in major minutes against this kind of competition?
    Didn’t Rondo play the entire game? Why didn’t Doc reach deep into his bench for another point guard? Looked to me like he teetered out by the 4th quarter. Missed jumpers and no transition baskets. Face it. Coaches are throwing multiple players at him, which will eventually wear him down.
    They didn’t make shots…maybe so, but I know we’re not playing to our strengths when Rondo is taking a team high 19 shots.
    Could there be a problem in the locker room? I thought KG was the team psychic. Well maybe not. Now he’s spinning the media. I also know 29 minutes and 10 shots ain’t cutting it. He looked about as timid as a kitten on a sidewalk. It’s not a knock on KG. We know about the wear and tear of an NBA warrior, and his issues. Mental, health? Likely a combination of both. Sheed was supposed to cover for Kevin, and lighten the load, but it hasn’t worked out the way we thought it would.
    So when old man Sheed implodes we can always count on Perk right?
    Perk logged in only 25 minutes and had 5 looks at the basket.
    I guess Perk is old and tried?
    Come on now. Our front line was no where to be found after Shaq went down. As good as Cleveland is they should have been pounded down low. Every player including the coaching staff was culpable for not exploiting it. Doc has got to coach better; manage minutes more efficiently, and put unity back on track. This team is underachieving in so many areas. No apologies please. Just get back to work and make it right.

  • rondo came out with as much as passion and wanting to win more then anyone on the court, scoring or assisting on the celticd first 21 baskets
    he got tired, thre cavs also focused in on shutting him down… results werent pretty
    I love how accountable KG is to the media, but just like he says…gotta see it

  • KY Celts fan

    At least someone is finally taking some responsibility, instead of just pushing it under a rug. But like everyone else, I want to see it on the court. We have 8 easy games coming up. I want a sweep. Nothing less.
    And Mike Brown didn’t “go small”. He just didn’t have a center since Shaq went down. It’s not like it was a conscious decision on his part.