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The 2 Man Game presented by T-Mobile tonight at 9 with Steve Bulpett

2mantmoOk… so the Celtics seem to be having some of the same problems they've had in the past.  A lot of you guys don't like what you're seeing… so we're doing a show tonight to let you vent.

But we'll kick things off with the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett to get an inside look at just what is going on with our Boston Celtics.

The show starts at 9pm.  As always… go to our show page to tune in… and call in.

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  • zauer

    I’m watching replay of last game now, and realized that KG scored his last basked with 4 minutes left in first half. He took 4 more shots since then. It’s ridiculus. He looks better and better game after game and his post game seams to be effective again. Give him touches ffs. Especially without PP when we need someone to create, to make plays. Rondo will get his (he took 19 shots), ray will get his, but KG should be next. I know he is superunselfish and stuff (maybe little shy on offence now), but it’s Doc’s job to set plays for him and make him to shoot the fckin ball. You guys don’t like Jeff Van Gundy here, but when he covers Celtics game and our team starts struggling he always say when asked what they should do: “Well, I have an idea: post Garnett”. With his unselfishness and passing ability good things will happen. It’s another JVG’s truth: “Everything may happen when you get the ball to the paint”. Ball is close to the basket, cuts happen, tips happen, friendly rolls happen. I’m KG’s fan for years so maybe you see it different, i don’t know. For me we aren’t using KG effective and we should post him much more.
    What do you think?

  • nick

    I’ve gota respectfully disagree with the fact that u guys no longer view Pierce as a number 1 option. In terms of making big shots there ain’t many more guys I’de take over him in the league. As a swingman. I’de take Carmelo and Kobe and Lebron ahead of him. Pierce though is right their with Joe Johnson and D-Wade. He hasn’t been healthy this year at all. he hasn’t been able 2 shake those foot/heel problems. But I believe 100% that Pierce is one of 5 or 6 guys in this league, (don’t let me 4get Brandon Roy and Kevin Durant kuz their up there too) that can take over a game and dictate the pace for the last few minutes. Don’t make that mistake guys of shoveling the dirt on the Truth…Kuz he’s still alive and well my friends, and he will prove that come playoff time. Pierce is the 1 guy on this team who I have no worries about. And as far as not being able to worry about the future…I mean c’mon u guys are die-hard fans just like me and doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that we had Gerald Green, Delonte, Gomes and Big Al? The future is gona be here VERY soon. We have to at least keep an eye on what’s happening and we can’t be ostriches and just burry our heads. I have a guy that I love who could join the C’s and backup Pierce and Ray and score 17-18 a game..Travis Outlaw, he’ll come cheap and he is a str8 up beast. I think we should sign him. Great call-in show though..Looking Forward 2 the next 1 thanks for taking my call

  • zauer

    I’m not saying that KG shoul be our nr 1 option. It’s Pierce, when healthy, with strong legs he will be clutch again. But generally KG should make more post-ups. I see my post didn’t create debate i wanted to see.