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Photo Essay: This fan says it all

 Ray lebron fan

Photographs of NBA games unintentionally catch funny or interesting
moments.  When we see those kinds of photos, we'll show them to you in
a little photo essay of the previous night's game.

Late in the game… LeBron harassed Ray Allen and the rest of the offense just ground to a halt.  This fans face and gesture sums up the entire 4th quarter.  "WTF is going on?"

Me in the background 

That little grey smudge under the arrow leaning against the railing…

That's me. 



This captures everything I hate about Anderson Varejao.  Oh man… that look just makes me want to punch him in the jaw. 

Lebron on table

Hey everyone… look at LeBron!  Sheed shoulda knocked him right off.

Ray blocks lebron

This is a clean block.

It was called a foul.

That is all.

All photos courtesy Elsa/Getty Images

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  • thetitleisours

    Usually the last couple of spots on the roster are not important, but I think this years Celtics may be an exception.
    I agree get Z, and also a House replacement like Miller or Carroll

  • Danno

    That girl’s face was the same everyone was doing on that play. Lebron fouled Ray at least 4 times on that play and it wasn’t called.
    The Celtics ran out of gas last night. I’m not making excuses.
    But Scott Foster is an absolute crook, on the Tim Donaghey level. the officiating last night was atrocious, again.

  • thetitleisours

    Mr “Crab Dribble” himself

  • 26 games to go. I’m taking the next 10 off as a rabid Celtics fan to just sit back and see what the team does. Games like last night just hurt too much.
    Age? Conditioning? Mind set? In game fatigue?
    Danny says it is not age…if it is anything else, then all eyes need to look to Doc for the solution. The team will soon (if not already) have positioned themselves as the team no one cares about. Any deficit is surmountable when playing Boston right now. Doc needs to find the way to get this team to play for 48 minutes. That is the reason there is a coach, isn’t it?
    If I were any Eastern Conference team right now, I would want to draw the Celtics in the first round.

  • While I haven’t posted in a WHILE, I have still been following ya REDS!
    I was there last night. UGH just UGH.
    It was a 4th quarter collapse and EVERYONE should be blamed on this one but I have a BIGGER gripe. Big Baby had a pretty good amount of minutes off the bench and played like utter SHIT. Every time he was in the game the Cavs just took it to him. Right to the hoop and he could not stop ANYONE. This made me furious as it was a LARGE part of how the Cavs dug out of the hole they were in.
    If any of you know me you know that I’m not the biggest fan of Scal but I would have preferred if Doc at least tried to put him in there. And what about Sheldon???? Bottom line is I saw ZERO hustle out of Baby. IMO he should not have been in the game. Go ahead and look at the replay. He was WORTHLESS out there. Doc should have changed it up a bit. I’m was over him when the friggin thumb injury happened and rightly so as I doubt he will ever return to the form he was in during last years playoffs.
    We need to take some minutes away from this bitch and stop laying down in the second half.
    Rant over…

  • Gary

    Is this Photo Essay going to be a new recurring thing? I hope so. Much better idea than KG Face of the Day.

  • PutDJintheHall

    Anderson Varejao is annoying as hell. He and Jokim Noah are the type of players the celts need.
    High energy doing the intangibles.

  • Yes it is. We won’t be doing it after EVERY game because sometimes the photos won’t lend themselves to it. But we will be doing it as often as we can.
    I’ll still toss a couple of KG Faces in the photo essays, though. I can’t quit cold turkey 🙂

  • Why is anyone calling this a fourth quarter collapse? It was a second half collapse. Cleveland scored more in the fourth than we did the entire second half.

  • I’ll admit that it was a shoddy ass second half, but the majority of our 2nd half collapses this season have happened in the 3rd quarter in which we gave up the lead or went down by a lot of points and could never recover. Yes we played shitty in the 3rd but we still had the lead going into the 4th. That is what I meant.

  • Robert

    .Everyone has an opinion about what is wrong with the C’s, but how about this one? No one on this team can play with their back to the basket. In the Knick game the other night Wilson Chandler guarded everyone on our front line at one time or another and none of our guys abused him. Perk, sheed and garnett can all be guarded by much smaller men. This creates a total mismatch on the other end because these three guys can’t get out guard on the perimeter. Clifford Ray gets alot of credit for developing our bigs, I wish he would teach them how to score on the block. Leon Powe was a foul magnet down in the post and he played like a man. How I miss Leon POWE.