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Our night in the T-Mobile Luxury Suite


That's Ben, who along with his sister Amy, won two tickets in T-Mobile's luxury suite for last night's Celtics game. He's flanked by Wendy and Jessica, our T-Mobile hostesses.

Despite the outcome, we had a ton of fun. The suite was stocked with food and beer, actually there was very little beer left by the time we arrived. The 6 other guests (all of whom won tickets on WEEI) must have started drinking an hour before the game started.

John used his fancy new MyTouch phone to record video updates after each quarter, while I ate a ton of cookies.

You'll find a few more pictures after the jump, including one of our favorite Celtics in-game host – Kristine Leahy, who stopped by to say hello in the 3rd quarter.








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  • G4L

    I would love to meet Kristen Leahy.
    Anyways looked like a good time. My question is does it feel like you’re isolated or do you actually feel like you’re in the Arena?

  • It’s definitely different….. but you’re still there. You’re still part of the action.

  • If you sit in the front row of the suite, you feel like part of the crowd.
    If you sit in the bar or back in the suite, then a lot of the feel is lost. But that’s the beauty of it, you can change up your view.

  • thetitleisours

    Celtics, beer and pretty ladies…
    Doesn’t get any better than that

  • G4L

    Now lets say I happen to be at a game where you guys just happen to have a suite, Could I just happen to stop by & say hello & grab some… Oh I dont know… food & beer. Haha just playing

  • t43

    do you get radio signal with those ears?

  • One of the biggest downsides of the internet in anonymity – meaning, some toolbag can make comments about someone’s appearance without the fear of reprisal.
    Just like all these MMA fans who call fighters all sorts of names, but if presented with an opportunity to make the same comments to the fighter’s face, they go from brave to bitch.

  • green8teen

    So? That’s what you get for being in the public spotlight. You wanna be famous? Deal with the consequences of millions of people liking you when they criticize. t43 needs to shut up though, if only because his comment wasn’t funny/clever.
    Not even close to a comparison with world class athletes who are on TV.

  • Yes I do… Sirius XM, actually. Comes in real handy cuz I don’t even need headphones.

  • You know what… you’re right. I put my face out there, I gotta live with people who want to take potshots at me.
    That’s ok. People who make comments like that only do so to make their own miserable lives better. Meanwhile I was watching two of the best teams in the NBA play from a luxury box along with hot chicks, free beer, and free food.
    So… I’m doin ok.

  • If having your picture on your website makes you famous, I’m Larry F’n Bird. Word up.

  • Those are pretty sweet MyTouches that everyone has-aren’t they G? *hint hint* LOL…

  • Word.

  • They are cowards. Period. I hear ya’.

  • G4L

    Haha! yeah there pretty nice!

  • green8teen

    you compared it to MMA fighters who are on TV and magazines and PAY PER VIEW.