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Your Morning Dump… Does it really matter who covers Lebron?

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"If Marquis doesn't play, and if Paul can't go, I don't know who
we'd put on [James]," admitted Rivers. "Using my basketball knowledge,
it's not very easy to guard him on any night, so it'll be tough
[Thursday] night too.

Of using Landry, Rivers said, "We may have no choice. It is what it is.

"[Point guard Rajon] Rondo may have to guard him. Seriously."

ESPN Boston – Landry Could Face Huge Test

LeBron's going to get his, no matter who is covering him. As a team, the Celtics need to limit the damage done by everyone else (Shaq, Mo Williams, Jamison, etc). If they do that, they have a chance for the win.

Even though he's sick, I can't imagine 'Quis missing tonight's game. He'll suck it up and play.

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On Page 2, Brian Scalabrine's spray tan.

Sorry for the visual, but I couldn't pass on the video.

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  • Marquis will most likely play, if they leave it up to him he will play without a doubt and I think right now he is the best option to cover LBJ, good luck Celtics!

  • Pat Milano

    Leon Powe Sebastian Telfair and Delonte West played are the current cavs who played for the celtics

  • Pete

    no way is rondo covering lebron

  • just need an athletic and long guy to cover bron. Unfortunatley were lacking in that department this year

  • Perry

    Wonder if Quisy caught the flu bug from Nate? Hope TA’s ready to play 48 — that’s if he doesn’t foul out by the 3rd quarter

  • BigMck

    FYI – We are not soliciting answers at this time.

  • It will be a “Cover Lebron by committee” night. Don’t be surprised to see TA try to tackle Lebron (not literally…well maybe literally)

  • Uncle Leo

    It’s funny because a player like rondo is a defender that would be the most effective against lebron. The mammoth has a shitty post game and if rondo plays him tight around the 3pt line he can take away a lot of his speed and make him settle for long shots.

  • The spray tan just made Scal’s freckles stand out

  • agreed

  • Throw Landry at him-he’s young and athletic.. I really hope ‘Quis plays, but if he does have the flu, and this is only his 2nd day of having it, gonna be tough for him. I’m disappointed Pierce is out. For the obvious reasons, but also because he and Lebron always give the crowd a good show when they go head-to-head.

  • James Arnold

    gotta love the scal

  • Perry

    I’d love too see Pierce give it a go, but if he’s hampered, against this competition, it may turn out to be a determent to the team.
    Over the years we’ve done a pretty good job of controlling Lebron by throwing multiple guys at him, but we need the right personnel. So a short handed win would be fabulous, but almost as important is how Rondo and Nate can exploit the Cav’s back court because that’s the only discernable edge I see us having if both guys sit out.
    At full strength, and healthy there’s no doubt we have the length and skill set to match their front line especially without Z. Who knows, maybe Sheed can nail some big shots, and Baby is playing great. If Lebron is kept on the perimeter I’ll take my chances when it comes to leaving guys like Parker and Moon open. I also expect Gibson will have a huge role in this game — if Williams struggles.
    I can tell you if Lebron has a night the story line will be it’s the Cav’s year, the Jameison trade turns Ferry into a genus and the Celtics are nothing but fossils.
    Here’s hoping Barkley chokes on his gorditas.

  • thetitleisours

    Where is Jackie Manuel or Brandon Wallace when you need them? 😉

  • I agree that we don't want to let Gibson, Parker or Moon get hot. Teams that shoot the 3 well have really torched us at times this year. We don't want to draw too much attention to Lebron and let Parker start burying shots. That kid has a nice stroke and can hit 'em with the best of them. Needless to say, unless the Cavs come out really flat, this will be a tough challenge. Let's hope our boys come with the fire. If they come out with some of that weak stuff that's plagued them at times this year, this one could get out of hand very quickly.

  • Perry

    ditto. completely agree.
    …we need ray and kg hitting on all cylinders tonight.

  • DRJ

    We should hope Quis does NOT play. If he’s got the flu, playing will only increase the chances that everybody else on the team will get sick shortly thereafter. Stay home Quis.
    This could be a lucky break for Landry. Given Doc’s mental block against playing newbies, the kid – who was pretty good in college, and is known to focus on defense – would probably have never seen the light of day otherwise. Now he gets the chance to show his stuff. Hope he makes the best of it. Guarding Lebron is simple, Marcus. Just stay in front of him and keep harassing. And if you have the cojones for it, you will have more than one opportunity to take a charge.