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Win tickets Luxury Box tickets to tonight’s game


T-Mobile gave Red's Army 4 tickets to their Luxury Box for tonight's game against the Cavs.  Chuck and I are using two of them… and we'll be taking advantage of the venue to use my new myTouch 3G to some live broadcasting via  We'll be firing it up in between quarters and for a quick post-game. This is all very experimental right now.  We're trying new things… so thanks to TMobile for the equipment and venue to let us try it.

The other two tickets… well… we're giving those away to the first person who can answer this trivia question correctly.

Which current members of the Cleveland Cavaliers have also played for the Boston Celtics?

First person with the right answer wins.  That's 2 tickets to the suite… you get to hang out with me and Chuck (stop laughing… that supposed to be a good thing) and enjoy all the amenities the suite has to offer.

If you were following me on Twitter or a fan of our Facebook page… you already knew what the question was.  Just sayin… there are benefits.

When you answer, please be sure to include your email so I can get in touch with you.  

Good luck

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  • AMP

    Leon Powe
    Sebastian Telfair
    Delonte West

  • p

    powe telfair west

  • Sebastian Telfair
    Delonte West
    Leon Powe

  • Josh

    Leon Powe Sebastian Telfair and Delonte West

  • Leon Powe, Delonte West, Sebastian Telfair

  • dan

    Leon Powe, Sebastian Telfair and Delonte West

  • WBD

    leon powe sebastian telfair delonte west

  • Leon Powe, Delonte West, and Sebastian Telfair

  • zach

    delonte west, sebastian telfair, leon powe

  • Leon Powe, Delonte West, Sebastian Telfair, and (Cleveland also owns the “Larry Bird” rights of Wally Szczerbiak)

  • Brian Rowe

    delonte west, leon powe

  • delonte west, leon powe, bassy telfair

  • Orb

    Here’s the answer in alphabetical order:
    Leon Powe
    Sebastian Telfair
    Delonte West
    And in chronological order:
    Delonte West (2004-2007)
    Sebastian Telfair (2006-2007)
    Leon Powe (2006-2009)
    And in crazy order:
    Delonte West
    Sebastian Telfair
    Leon Powe
    And in how much I like them order:
    Leon Powe
    Delonte West
    Sebastian Telfair
    And best anagrams:
    Sebastian Telfair (A Banal Testifier)
    Leon Powe (Elope Now)
    Delonte West (Deletes Town)

  • Delonte West, Leon Powe, and Sebastian Telfair

  • Orb


  • Pete

    Leon Powe
    Sabastian Telfair
    Delonte West

  • D

    How is it possible that 10 ppl have this answered so fast! AHH!
    Leon Powe
    Delonte West
    Sebastian Telfair

  • Congratulations…
    Wow… what a quick response from everybody. Thanks to all for taking part.
    AMP… I need your email.

  • Andreas24x7

    aww shoot i answered on twitter..does that count me out? 🙁

  • Pete


  • dan

    Dam . . . I was all over that. Let me know if AMP comes down with the Swine Flu within the next few hours. I will pay for them!

  • Josh

    you really have 12 tickets, right 🙂

  • Ian

    Leon Powe, Sebastian Telfair, Delonte West…crap that was fast

  • AMP

    Yay!!! Thought you got my e-mail from the comment.

  • leon powe, delonte west, sebastian telfair

  • Chris

    Delonte West,Sebastian Telfair, and Leon Powe are the current Cleveland Cavaliers players that have played for the Boston Celtics.

  • Connor

    The answer is Delonte West, Sebastian Telfair, and Leon Powe

  • Now that was fast! Need a plus 1? LOL

  • nick

    i feel as if this was rigged i sat here and refreshed the page every 5 seconds after 11 am and by the time the post showed up there were 4 replies already…no its not my comp i have a brand new imac, something smells fishy

  • Jim Mulvehill

    leon powe sebastian telfair delonte west

  • p

    AMP I know you want to use that 2nd ticket for the kid that came in 2nd place.

  • Chris

    i dont get why i was refreshing for 5 minutes until 1105 but people posted on here at 1101

  • D

    Seriously though, how do you see the post so fast? I was refreshing 100 times and then it was there and so were a ton of entries! I know my company is saving cash on new computers but mine is no dinosaur.

  • Congrats AMP! I’ll be at the game and may stop by the suite and say what’s up. Enjoy man!

  • nick

    exactly chris i was refreshing every 5 seconds since 10:59 am the post didnt show up until 11:02 and there were already replies and the post says it was posted at 11:00 am which is flat out not true…i think the boys at redsarmy already had some guests they wanted to take with them so they decided to just spin this into a promotional idea…ima webdesigner im sure they just made a draft of the post and then had the comment posted before they actually published the post

  • dan

    I’m sitting here in Providence on a prehistoric work computer and I was able to post at 11 AM and I came in 6th. I have no affiliation with redsarmy. Just a big fan. STOP WHINING!!

  • BigMck

    C’mon man. How the hell could we rig this? We publish the post and it hits the internet. We can’t control how fast your browser/internet provider processes the information.
    Maybe next time we take the first ten responses and select a winner from that pool.

  • BigMck

    Thanks Dan.

  • nick

    why are you deleting posts of those claiming foul play? because its true? id have to say yes

  • That’s flat out not true… and frankly I’m offended by the accusation.
    I composed that post at 6:30 this morning and scheduled it for 11:00 am. I don’t know why your computer or internet connection didn’t allow the post to show up until later.
    But we’re not in the business of screwing our readers over. We easily could have taken friends to the box and never even mentioned a contest. But instead of taking, say, my own brother to the game…. we decided to give the tickets away.
    We love our readers. We’re always blown away whenever there’s a big response or when we see big traffic numbers. And honestly… we don’t need to trick people into reading our site. We’re doing pretty damn well without stooping to that kind of trick.
    There will be other contests and other opportunities to win. We’ll also come up with other ways to win. We want to give everyone a fair shot.

  • Josh

    stop crying. i got on right away and landed 3rd…
    go take up your problems with the IT dept.

  • Maybe you should do some work while you’re at work. Thanks for doing this Reds Army. You’re class guys in my book.

  • BigMck

    I haven’t deleted any posts. John – have you deleted any posts?
    Must be your funky computer Nick. Ya know, the one with a delayed browser refresh button.

  • AMP

    Jeez Guy,
    I promise I’ve never met these folks! I sat here and refreshed like everyone else. I promise I’ll be on my best behavior so RA keeps having these fun events and maybe you can win someday.

  • I haven’t deleted any posts. They’re all still there.
    It’s all completely transparent, Nick. You want my email? I’ll give you my phone number over the email if you want so we can talk about it too.
    Sorry you feel the way you do.

  • K

    Hey, after all the people complaining I just wanted to say this was really cool of you guys. I love the site and read it all the time.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Thanks

  • Congratulations AMP…Have fun with the RedsArmy crew and never put your drink down. Chuck is sneaky.

  • I agree. Don’t be a poor sport about it. As you can tell by the comments, tons of people were in on this and I’m sure there were more (like your best friend Sr. Swish) that didn’t respond because they knew they already lost. congrats to AMP and I’ll be gunning for the next contest

  • Know there’s already support for RA but I wanna throw my hat in the ring too. Thanks guys, Love your site. You know there’s more lovers than haters.

  • CFH

    That’s a pretty serious accusation, Nick.
    Since you’re a webdesigner you obviously know how fickle computers, browsers (and their caches), internet connections, can be.
    And since you read Red’s Army regularly you know John and Chuck are smart enough to “fix” a contest (if they were so inclined) in a way less ridiculous way than what you’re alleging.
    This is a great site and it was nice of them to give the tickets away.
    Go Red’s Army!

  • Green8Teen

    My roommate and myself were both trying to win this. The post on his computer showed up a good 2 minutes before it would on my computer, so while it sucked for me since I was trying all morning, I wouldn’t believe for a second this was set up. You guys do great things like this all the time, and this is probably the best one so far. So…thank you for the opportunity and whiners need to shut the hell up.

  • G4L

    Guys theres no reason to justify the contest for a sore loser, This site is the best.. Besides the constant material funny & serious and sometimes eye appealing(thanks chuck) Its always about us the readers! Thats very cool that you guys decided to give away the tickets to a lucky reader. Besides who else has parties and give aways in this economy?

  • CFH

    Congrats AMP– have a great time!

  • Yeah enough with all the whining someone sounds like a poor sport.. I’m a huge fan of the site and have been for years (you guys are actually my home page on my laptop haha) Congrats on the Tmobile hookup and seeing how far the site has grown, its impressive! Thanks for everything you guys do for the readers and theres no place else I go to for the latest Celtics news!

  • SO VERY TRUE…I’ll be drinking beer and eating peanuts while watching the game alone instead of being in a LUXURY box.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Great contest, great site and hopefully a great game tonight. Congrats to amp, but don’t be on your best behavior- get sh*tfaced and have some fun with RA and big Mck- how many chances to you get to party in a luxury suite at a game like this, live it up!
    Sorry you feel raw Nick, but as a consolation, you’re invited to travel to the west coast and watch the game from the Lakerhater luxury suite. You’ll enjoy the game on a 25″ screen with spotty audio, color commentary from the Celtic haters at TNT, luke warm rubbery pizza and cold beer and last but not least my wife’s bitching and indignation that we’re watching the Celtics instead of Olympic Ice Dancing!
    See ya at 5 pst nick!
    Keep up the great work Reds Army!

  • by the way…. I love this answer. Cracked me up.

  • Thanks to everyone for supporting us.
    Like I always say… I love our readers. A great group of people that has given us some great opportunities.
    I know we’ll have more giveaways. It’s one of the things we made sure to include in our deal with TMobile: A way to give back to the readers who made it possible for a company like TMobile to partner with us.
    So we’re getting more tickets… and hopefully more suite access.
    Thanks again to everyone from me and Chuck. You all are the best.

  • DRJ

    Or take ALL responses and randomly choose the winner.

  • DRJ

    Ah, the game’s gonna suck anyway. Cs are gonna get blown away.
    This ‘contest’ was rigged. I know ’cause my computer told me so.
    Who wants to sit next to Chuck and John anyway!?! All that frothing at the mouth, it’s so disgusting!
    Who wants to sit that close in anyway?! I might get hit by one of the SPITWADS the Cs are gonna end up throwing at Lebron James on his hundredth walk-in to the rim.
    Thanks for reminding me AGAIN what a loser I am!
    AMP is J&C’s pimp! Truth! It’s all over the Internet!

  • Can you mix in a cross-country plane ticket in the next giveaway?