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T-Mobile post game recap: That escalated quickly

I could have sworn the Celtics were in control of this game.

But the 4th quarter absolutely belonged to the Cavs. Mo Williams could not be stopped and the Celtics could not hit a damn thing. After a blistering start, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo disappeared…. along with the C’s hopes of winning.

In the end… it was another Celtics collapse…and it was a big one as the Celts fall 108-88.

At least Chuck and I had fun in the T-Mobile box with contest winners Ben and Amy. Congrats guys.

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  • Things got out of hand. Brick killed a guy.
    seriously, WTF.
    Frustrating to watch

  • KY Celts fan

    we should be happy we were in it as long as we were. It sucks that Mo picked tonight to get out of his funk.
    No worries. Unlike earlier in the season, I don’t see this game as some kind of omen.
    Bring on the next game.

  • Great start from rondo and some good shooting from ray, but like u said dissapeared down the stretch, cavaliers figured out a way to slow those 2 down, and then noone else really did much

  • sell out

    wow, you guys sold out REAL QUICK. I can remember when this blog was about the Celtics, not lining your pockets. You guys suck

  • Nora

    They are most likely using the ad money to run the site. These things are not free. Might want to think about things before you write them

  • mike o

    getting sponsers helps them hand out tickets like they did tonight, give out phones, and gave us a great view of the all star events and more. Do you know what business is?

  • chris

    DOC needs to stop beeing a vag and YELL at somebody. Like maybe Sheed for infecting our defense and chucking threes. Or even Rondo, who decided in the second half that he doesn’t give a crap about what happens. We could have used Eddie tonight…still love the celts though

  • Kristovar

    Might you like to start paying all server space costs, living expenses for John and Chuck and all promotions such as box seats that were offered tonight? If so, by all means, bitch till your heart’s content.
    By any chance do you fund any major television networks? Because I’m kinda tired of the commercials during Lost.

  • Spiraea

    Rondo played the ENTIRE GAME! (except for the few garbage mintues at the end) It wasn’t him not giving a crap, it was him exhausted and too tired to be able to give a full effort. Rondo wanted to win this game, you could see that from the start. But there’s only so much he can do especially if he’s not getting any rest.
    Why did we get Nate if Doc’s not going to use him?! Even when we did have Nate out there playing the point, Rondo was still in the game. I can see the idea of playing small/speed ball every once in a while but I thought Nate (and even Marquis though I won’t say much tonight since he was replacing Paul) was here to give Rondo much needed rest. Why didn’t we have a lineup of say.. Nate, Tony Allen, Ray Allen, Sheed, and Glen Davis out there.. or god forbid use Marcus Landry since we have him.
    Doc’s a great coach but he makes so many bonehead, head-scratching moves (or non-moves) that if they won’t hurt our team now (and they are), they certainly will later.

  • Uncle Leo


  • That sucked. I was at both tonight’s game and vs the Fakers. Tonight was worse. The Cavs were the more aggressive team in the 4th and won with heart and poise. The C’s just completely fell apart man. There are alot of questions that need to be answered. Is it: Doc not motivating these guys?internal (lockerroom) issues? too many injuries? Or a little of everything…? I’ll be here until you figure it out C’s, but it sure is frustrating in the interim. On a brighter note..met Shelden Williams tonight-great guy, real down to earth.

  • KY Celts fan

    movie references.

  • KY Celts fan

    I’d say it was worse. 19 points worse.

  • paul

    At least one team played well tonight

  • Really…? No $#it Sherlock. I was speaking from a standpoint of how it felt as a fan, emotionally.

  • Its kind of hard to be a dick when you havent played since October

  • Uncle Leo

    what movie?

  • KY Celts fan

    Big Daddy starring Adam Sandler. Though the original line is “Damn you, Scuba Steve.”

  • KY Celts fan

    And I was simply making a joke. Scheesh, change your tampon, will ya?

  • Truck2653

    Doc is an awful coach, he rested KG so long that he was forced to ice the knee and for some reason Sheed and Big Baby played huge minutes while losing the lead and they were still out there as the Cavs flew past them. He has no idea when to call timeouts, you’d think when the Cavs score like 8 straight that he might wanna slow things down but apparently not. The only thing that Doc Rivers is half decent at is drawing up out of bound plays, and thats useful about once a week. I would bet large sums of money that anyone on this site could do as well as Doc out there.

  • Shawn-cvd

    If you want the site to grow (by leaps and bounds mind you) without sponsorship why don’t you send Redsarmy to the All Star Game? Or how about offering free personal back rubs to lucky readers who answer trivia first?
    Here’s novel idea; since you’ve spent so much time enjoying the site I certainly hope you went grass roots for RedsArmy by making some donations or buying a few of their T Shirts…
    Better RA get some sponsorship like a real media outlet than have to have quarterly fund raisers. Effing moron…

  • Lee in Oregon

    Same old song & dance…..tell the truth!….when they were up and playing well early…didnt you just know they’d blow it in the second half?

  • Shawn-cvd

    While we all knew a win was unlikely this went down in a most painful way… some observations;
    I forgot how scary Powe looks. Tonight when he entered the game for the first time he looked nefarious, like he was ready to tie up your wife to some train tracks. I cracked up when he fought the rebound away from his own teammate during garbage time. Powe looked ready to steal his lunch money too. Kidding aside I miss Powe…
    Why oh why oh why did TNT have the half time top scorers graphic “swaying” back and forth? That’s alot of letters and numbers dancing a knot in my stomach. The last time I wanted to puke over a TNT graphic was when they put Gasol/Bynum in the same company as HOF duo’s like Parish/McHale.
    Varajao is the biggest flopper in the Manu-Ginobliverse! He went FLYING after bouncing off Rondo at the starrting minutes of the third quarter. The ref just looking at him and not calling anything is hilarious.
    Speaking of just looking…
    Hey refs as long as your checking that Delonte’s feet are behind the three point line how about you notice him traveling to get there!
    Mr Davis (love that name whoever here gave it to him) earned at least four Tommy Points tonight. The one point that backfired was that block that injured Shaq’s thumb that took him out of the game. The Cavs evolved into a quicker, more athletic front line.
    An undermanned C’s team ran into the Juggernaught of the regular season. And the way we outplayed them in the first half we dared to dream of a win or possibly a blowout. Unfortunately it was a blowout against the good guys. This game was a tale of two halves if there ever was one.
    Get Nate integrated, get Paul healthy, get Ray/Rondo some rest, get Quis/TA some more feeds slashing to the bucket, get a valuable piece off waivers, get Sheed staying on the blocks, and get to playing the Horny D and we’re gonna be fine.

  • DRJ

    Felt it when Shaq left. I sure hope Z makes it back… Mikey doesn’t seem to realize that they’re much better without either of those two lumbering old-guys. That, and FTs, are two weak areas for the Cavs… gotta know ’em all to get by ’em in the playoffs.

  • DRJ

    Don’t forget “get on your knees and pray for miracles”.
    Nah… it’s not that bad. They did prove that they can dominate anybody for a half. True, it was the wrong half, but it’s still a whole half. (Uh, a whole half of the whole… he said, scrambling out of his hole. But speaking of holes…)
    If Doc didn’t have such a gigantic hole in his head – which he freely admits, btw, but never does anything about – they’d win for sure.

  • Caterpillar

    Totally right. That’s what I thought when we were up by 11, and that’s the most painful part: we don’t trust this team anymore, because everybody realized at last that for some reason these guys just can’t play basketball as they could/should for 48 mins.
    Mind is not there, legs are not there and heart is not there: it was just embarassing the other night, I could not finish watching it.

  • Shawn-cvd

    We most definitely were outgunned tonight without Truth and with Nate/KG not up to the task (for very different reasons btw). I was hoping with Pierce’s absence Rondo could demonstrate he can dominate a fourth quarter. I know Doc overplayed him but I just don’t know…he’s got it in him but the time may not be now…
    The commentators made a great point how Rondo cannot lead his team in shot attempts and expect victory.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Looking at the box score KG finally got a double-double. Nice assists too (5) were it not for all those turn overs. I’d say too few minutes for KG tonight. I bet molasses-Shaq being out of the line up forced doc to match up differently against Jamison/Hickson/Veravag.

  • think about this DOC got out coached by Mike Brown I’m glad i’m still drunk

  • People should stop with this nonsense about big games not meaning anything, or no worries, then when we barely beat the lakers wthout kobe or beat some crap team, we’re a contender again
    whats the excuse, pauls out? hes been awful lately

  • Dude, knock it the fuck off
    stop using sheed as a scapegoat
    and rondo? shut the fuck up already and place some blame where it belongs, not with rondo

  • The only reason we were in the lead to begin with was rondo, who had a burning desire to win this game.
    he tired out, the cavs defense tried everything with him until something worked… and well…we lost by 20

  • eh, KG had a decent first half, although just with the eye test, watch the guy, he looks nothing close to the player he was even 2 seasons ago, his offense and jumper are way off, the points he got were wide open put ins at the rim from rondo, he got up there for some boards, but it was a struggle for him…he LOOKS awful..he’s starting to play better, but the way he fatigues is a factor in all these blown leads and crappy quarters…and btw….where is his trademark intensity?

  • Are people really going to use the nt having Pierce excuse?
    we didnt need pierce in that first half to get a double digit lead, shouldnt have needed him to win either
    bottom line is, with the way pierce has been playing, we were actuallly better off without him last night..sad to say

  • Oh and by the way
    remember that 131-92 blowout victory for the celtics over the lakers to clinch championship 17?
    rondo led the team in shot attempts…the commentators made no point whatsoever

  • Orb

    Did you ask Sheldon what he did to Doc’s wife to make him bench him for most of 2010?

  • LOL! My bad! You caught me w/that joke at the wrong time-sorry. Didn't mean to take it out on you.

  • Hilarious! I was tempted to man. Maybe he and Billy Walker…*nevermind*. LOL..

  • aaron

    no excuses. its COACHING. bottom line. DOC SUCKS D dude.
    when SHAQ goes out and only plays 10 minutes, and perkins is being guarded by ANDERSON VARAJEO, perk should have more touches.
    i think we all saw that marquis daniels is NOT a substitute for pierce.
    danny should have made more changes.
    if doc cant figure out how to use what he has, this will be the story of the rest of the season…

  • aaron

    YUP. you said it bro. my hangover is gawdawful

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  • BigMck

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  • AMP

    Hi Guys,
    I cannot say enough thank yous. Last night was a dream!

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    More than anything else, this is the problem. I know. It sucks.


    Took u a while but u finally got to bagging KG and saying the ONLY REASON we were in the lead etc – RONDO!!! LAst time I checked Ray played ok or were they just lucky shots and KG had a fine first half although his shot was way off (4-7 pffft!!)
    We were just flat out outplayed in the 2nd half…

  • rondo scored or assisted on our first 21 baskets and came out with passion no other player on the floor had, but gradually got worse as the game went on mostly due to fatigue, ray allen has been playing great and played well in the first half, KG has been getting better, nowehre near where he needs to be for us to win it all though, thats an impportant factor