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Here’s a thought… Grab Big Z


So the Wiz did the expected and bought out Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  So here's a thought:

Why don't the Celtics try to sign him?

He's a big man off the bench.  He adds length to the front court.  He can fit in the same offensive style that Celtics run with KG and Sheed.  He comes from a defensive-minded system.  And…. it keeps him off the Cavaliers.

Don't know if he'd even want to come here… Just thinking out loud.

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  • PutDJintheHall

    This plan is so perfect, it’s retarded

  • Aaron

    because he is going to dallas… because, they have an owner trying to win… we currently do not.

  • DRJ

    You mean Cleveland.

  • DRJ

    Cleveland is such a wonderful city, I don’t know how you can expect Z to tear himself away.
    On a slightly less ridiculous note: How many old, slow 3pt-shooting centers do we need?
    Note, though… Z’s 11-22 shooting 3s this season (50%), while Sheed’s at… … 28% (66-232 !!!). Geez…is that last number even possible??

  • DRJ

    {{throwing up now over that last number}}

  • Jason

    The thought of stealing Z crossed my mind, too, but when it comes down it, it was always going to be back to Cleveland for him.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    No reason Danny shouldn’t bid him up though, its nothing Danny Ferry wouldn’t do for us.

  • DRJ

    I wonder if the league can use evidence like… Z only packed a week’s worth of socks? Been living in a Motel 6 since the “trade”? Amazing how EVERYBODY knows the outcome of this thing, and it’s supposedly illegal to plan it, and yet… it’s going to happen.

  • NineSevenEight

    Just don’t see that happening.
    Spent his career in Cleveland +
    Playing with the league’s best in his prime +
    Team is favored to win it all =
    Z to Cleveland.
    Just think, Ray has been here 3 seasons and he’s willing to take a pay CUT just to stay.

  • No thanks

  • the-real-truth

    ain’t gonna happen. big Z will never come to boston. he spent his entire nba career with the cavs. he’s going back to cleveland as soon as possible. he would rather go to dallas before he comes to boston. no chance.

  • KY Celts fan

    is that puppet SUPPOSED to be Z? Or did you just assume it because it was a bald white dude? I don’t care either way.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Cleveland has always reminded me of Chernobyl, I can see why he’s homesick.

  • ReggieLewis35

    We already have one big white slow guy! PLEASE lets not add another!!

  • rico

    any chance if he goes back to clevelend theyl buy out leon powe lool then he can come home

  • larry

    what would be ideal..would be for z to sign a couple year contract, then watch lebron take off next year, then he’d be stuck there .!!forever.!!

  • Good thought…probably…almost definitely will not happen

  • DRJ

    Half time.
    Bad luck – Shaq’s out for the rest of the game. They are much worse when he’s playing… a secret they’re not aware of, apparently. Bad luck for us now.

  • Nora

    You are correct. Horrendous 4th

  • KY Celts fan

    I knew the game was over when he left. Without Shaq and Z, they are forced to play small, which makes them faster, which means we just can’t hang on.


    WTF? Why The Face? this team borderline blows. BOERDERLINE. Is there hope? Don’t know. Did De Gama give up the 1st time he pounded sand? No. Does Sam Adams Seasonal best Wachusett Ale? A VERY hearty “YES”. Give Cleveland its props. They beat a banged up C’s team. Again. and .. .well, again. and yes, again. Should Hondo start suiting up? NO!!! We just need to get healthy.

  • KY Celts fan

    um… what?


    phew! Tone down on the uppers fella!!

  • t43

    Z wants one thing…a title. Why would he go from the best team in the league, where he’s spent his entire career chasing one, to one that has a lesser chance of winning? Keep dreaming. Last thing we need on this team is another big man that can’t run anyway.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Stupid stupid exploit!! The league already knows this too. With the buy out Z can be picked up immediately by anyone but his old team. Who must wait one month. The league already imposes a thirty day delay just extend until the end of the season…