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Your Morning Dump… Where Nate’s gonna be OK

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Nate and eddie

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“The combination will be terrific
once we get it right,’’ coach Doc Rivers said. “We had such a speed
advantage on the floor and we really didn’t take advantage of it. They
almost ran into each other twice, trying to get to the basket. So we’ll
work that out, it’s just going to take some time.

“We did it in the first half – you can
see [the Knicks] stayed big in the second half and you’ve got to think
they’re thinking, ‘We don’t want those two guys on the floor at the same
time.’ So it will be interesting how it changes other teams’

Globe: Exploding on the scene

"He's had one practice with no players," Rivers said before Tuesday's
110-106 win over the Knicks, who put up a bit more fight than Boston
probably expected. "He ran our offense [Monday] with [Thibodeau] at the 2
and Armond [Hill] at the 3. It looked crazy, it looked awful. And it
should have."

ESPN Boston: First things first

I thought Nate looked nervous out there.  And who could blame him?  He was debuting for a new team with championship aspirations… he was playing against the team that didn't try to hide their dislike for him… and he was doing it all with almost zero preparation. 

But still you saw some flashes of what he can do.  Even when he was playing a little out of control, he usually managed to get things together again.

It will take a little time to work out all the kinks, but it looks like this deal is going to work out much better than the Sam Cassell and Stephon Marbury deals.

Coming up, Page 2… where the crowd welcomes Eddie back

Associated Press Photo

That's how it sounded in the Garden last night.  The C's put a little video together for Eddie on the jumbotron.  After the standing O died down (I caught it at the tail end of the ovation), the chants of "Eddie! Eddie!" started… and Eddie stepped onto the court to acknowledge the crowd and his former teammates.

“I didn’t want to stare at it,’’
House said. “I saw it happening and I was getting ready to check into
the game so I had to focus on what coach was drawing up. I didn’t want
to get lost on that and then come out on the floor and don’t execute. I
saw a little bit of it. That was a class move by the organization. It
was great. It just shows how much they appreciate me and I really
appreciate them and all the opportunities they gave me.

You don’t expect anything like that, but
that’s what a class organization does.’’
Kevin Garnett, who had a
bitter breakup when he was traded from Minnesota, appreciated seeing the
Celtics honor House.

when you lose a personal friend – not just a teammate, but a personal
friend – you always wish him the best, you always want to see him in
good health,’’ Garnett said. “It was good to see a classy organization
give it up for him. It doesn’t always go like that. It was just good to

Globe: House support given by Celtics

Don't know if Eddie was nervous too… but he was 2-7 on the night, and 0-5 from 3.  He did have 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

Regardless… it was a nice welcome back.  The fans showed what we are all about:  A standing ovation to acknowledge a guy who had a lot of great moments here… and then a standing ovation to welcome the  new guy.

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