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The Eddie House Tribute

RedsArmyAdmin February 24, 2010 Uncategorized 16 Comments on The Eddie House Tribute

It was nice of the Celtics to play this tribute video for Eddie as he checked into the game last night.  Classy move.

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  • They did do a great job with that. And they timed it perfectly to coincide w/him coming into the game. I’ve been at a few different C’s/Sox games & guys have come back w/different teams, and I have to say Eddie’s ovation was the warmest-probably even better than Posey’s.

  • Think there will be any similar love for Powe tomorrow night?

  • I… love… Eddie!!!

  • Perry

    If Leon was in uniform tomorrow I’d say definitely. Even if he was I can’t see him breaking through that lineup — especially with Jameison.
    …ditto on the House ovation. Nice to see the crowd acknowledge Nate as well.
    Let’s be grateful for this ownership. Wasn’t too long ago no elite player would entertain the thought of being a Celtic. I remember Gaston, and the malaise that followed this organization.

  • eddie will forever be in our hearts, he exemplified what celtics basketball was al about every time he was on the floor
    we love you eddie, and thanks for the memories

  • G4L

    I wish they would have added Max and Grandy’s little saying
    “there are three things you cant do 1. Go swimming after a meal 2. Run with sissors in your hands and whats the Third Max… You can’t leave the House”
    Something like that. I love hearing that on the Radio.

  • Is Powe even cleared for practice yet?? Not sure msyelf/haven’t heard..

  • Steve

    they should have includes the save that lead to the Tony Allen dunk

  • Perry

    No. Still hanging out behind the bench in street clothes.
    …would love to get him back

  • I actually think he was in uniform starting yesterday, just a DNP in the box score rather than excluded. I agree with you though, it’s going to be tough for him to crack that rotation.

  • Shawn-cvd

    YES! Play of the year! If your not gonna compete for a play off spot your in the perfect system for your tools Eddie. GL. We’ll miss you.

  • Going to be different. The Cavs come back again in April, so not sure if C's will do a montage tomorrow and Leon will wave to the crowd and stuff, or they might wait until next time he comes so he is in uniform…

  • Perry

    Yep — you’re right he dressed. Probably had tomorrow’s date circled on his calendar for a while.
    Shows you the depth the Cavs have. Powe, Gibson, and Hickson registered DNP’s.
    I’d lay odds Brown calls his number tomorrow night. Ugh!

  • Perry

    The only beef I have with management is Leon being let go. He deserved better. They could have structured a vets’ minimum with incentives instead of bringing in Shelden. Sweentney would have come cheaper. Maybe not as good as Shelden, but he still has skills in the post.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Shelden and he filled a void at the beginning of the season, but he’s not coming off the pine unless an injury surfaces or a blowout happens.
    Doc would have found some way to get Leon minutes even with a healthy Davis. It wouldn’t hurt to have that kind of insurance on nights that Sheed proves to be erratic.
    I understand the cap, but the guy is menace under the boards, and right about now we could have used him.

  • Very good points, and I do agree that Leon is an absolute terror down low. If I was trying to pick Danny/Wyc's brain as to why they let him go, I would think it was a medical thing. Maybe they went to Dr McKeon and said, hey-this is Leon's 3rd time wrecking his ACL in his left knee-is he going to ever be the same? And maybe the doctor advised they let him go. Sounds dumb maybe, but I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility. Any NBA fan knows taking on a dude with knee/acl/mcl issues is a gamble. Only time will tell w/Leon and we'll see if the knee holds up. I wish him the best. Just not against us! lol..

  • nick

    gonna miss eddie