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Enemy Chatter: TMac is nowhere close to ready

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I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from New York.

"It was on my mind," McGrady said of sitting out. "I thought about it. I told coach because I played 30 minutes the last two games and this was a back-to-back, I didn't want to push it. I thought we'd be cautious with it, play 20, 25 minutes."

McGrady, who logged 26:34, acknowledged he has no legs.

"I found out in these three games, my legs are just fatigued," McGrady said. "The first half I'm fine. When I come out at halftime, I find out my legs are just gone. When the legs are fatigued, it creates a little soreness. I just got to fight through it. I didn't labor like I did [Monday] night."

"Right now I'm really not sold on going out and trying to score 20 or 25," McGrady said. "That's not what I'm here to do. That's not how I'm going to get myself back. Tonight I wanted to be playmaker and make my teammates better."

D'Antoni admitted it was a tough call to return McGrady back to the game with 5:40 left.

McGrady said he won't be "100 percent" till next season and doesn't feel he'll be in game shape for two weeks.

New York Post

Enjoy that New York.  No really.  Soak it all in.  The TMac era has arrived!

Nate Robinson tried his politically correct best not to say anything disparaging about Mike D'Antoni, his former Knicks coach.

But on Robinson's first day in Celtics green, Lil' Him indirectly knocked D'Antoni while praising Boston's Doc Rivers.

"Doc, he's honest, he's straightforward, and as a player that's what you like, for a coach to always be honest with you and explain exactly what he wants you to do," said Robinson, who scored four points in 16 minutes last night against his former teammates. "And he's all about winning."

NY Daily News

The Nate/D'Antoni sniping is kinda fun.  They should just fight MMA style and get it over with.  D'Antoni's mustache might give him the edge.

– The Celtics probably could have made this a blowout by posting up Kevin Garnett or Kendrick Perkins(or Rasheed Wallace, I guess…if he ever set foot in the paint) on every possession, particularly considering how well their big men pass. There was some of that, but I'm talking about literally every trip. That goes for pretty much every team with a competent big guy or two from here on out (and for every game up to this point, really, but more so now).
Posting and Toasting

How many times have we said this?  The Celtics did this early on and built a nice lead.  Then they got away from it.  KG and Sheed need to be in the post more.  Period.

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  • nick

    B4 Doc lets the newly acquired Marcus Landry rot on the bench like he did to Bill Walker and Giddens. He should look at the solid performance Bill Walker had last night for the Knicks. I mean y is he playing Scal last night over Landry?!? Scal is the worst fucking player I have ever seen in my life, at least give the new guy a look and see what he’s got. I really don’t like how Doc coaches. Hopefully he goes back to florida soon. Also, I think the Celtics should sign the recently waived Larry Hughes. I’ve always been a big fan of Larry Hughes great defensive player and he gives you great depth behind Ray Allen and Rondo

  • Tmac nowhere near ready or in shape, but he did blow by KG at one point…ugh ugly to see

  • KY Celts fan

    I may be in the minority on this, but I think T-Mac will still come back and start dominating games again. Maybe not for the Knicks, and most definitely not for us (please God, no), but I think he still has it and will be on fire next season, whomever he ends up with.

  • Whatta ya know..Nick is a fan of Larry Hughes..
    go figure