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Your Morning Dump… Where the Truth Hurts

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"It's a little banged up right now, so it's something I'm going to
think about — taking a few days off and letting it heal," said Pierce.
"It's really affecting my game and my shot over the last few days. It's
definitely something I'll consider with coach [Rivers on Tuesday]
morning — getting it a few days off to rest it."

was noncommittal when pressed for a timeline for any such absence, but
stressed the injury didn't appear to require anything more than rest…

It will be interesting to see if Pierce rushes himself back for
Thursday's game. The Celtics and Cavaliers do meet two additional times
— both Sunday national TV games on ABC — over the final two months of
the regular season.

ESPN Boston – Ailing Pierce Considers Time Off

There's zero chance Paul Pierce plays tonight against the Knicks. If he misses Thursday's game vs Cleveland and Saturday's game vs the Nets, he'll have had a full week of rest. And if the thumb still isn't healed fully, he could also sit next Tuesday vs the Pistons. With the way Ray Allen has been playing, the Cs could still win 3 of those 4 games.

On Page 2, Nate Robinson is starving for wins.

“I love the way everything is team,” he said. “They kind of play like a
college team. It’s all about the team and winning and the championship.
You can see it in their eyes, you can see how hungry they are. I’ve
been hungry like that since I was born.”

But for tonight, Rivers told Robinson to keep things simple.

“He just said, ‘Just play your game. Don’t get too nervous, don’t worry
about stepping on people’s toes. Just play,’ ” Robinson said.

Herald – Nate Robinson yearns to win, win, win

Name the last Celtics reserve who could isolate and score one-on-one? I can't think of anyone. We're going to enjoy the offensive punch provided by Nate. And how can anyone question his defensive skills, when he was never asked to play it in New York?

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  • PutDJintheHall

    Someone as athletic as Nate can play D.
    D is 95% effort. I’m sure Doc can get him motivated to play D.

  • Isolate one-on-one, assuming ‘Quis doesn’t count, was ‘Toine off the bench in ’05? This is a fun one.

  • Perry

    Good. Get these nagging injuries out of the way once and for all.
    Will it be Quisy or TA who gets the start?
    I say Daniels. This is exactly what he was bought here to do.
    Get him game ready for Lebron.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Truth should have sat out Sunday, a game that was lost anyway. He would already have had three days rest by now…
    Better late than never.

  • thetitleisours

    I was joking about (our former summer league player) Pat Carroll the other day. Id did not know he is in the D-League, thought he was in Europe. Hitting over %40 of his three’s lol

  • Joseph

    Pierce is the biggest p*ssy in the NBA. I’m embarrassed to say this wuss is from Inglewood. Does he need a wheelchair for his thumb too? Or how about a stretcher for it? Boston has made him soft!

  • DRJ

    The thing that nags/bothers me is that Paul has always said that he makes no excuses, that the Cs make no excuses. And there he is on tv, making excuses.
    Yeah, if it’s true that the finger is really to blame, he’s entitled to say so. But it’s just not his way.
    Plus he was having problems BEFORE the thumb injury. He was slow, maybe had a foot injury or something.
    So I don’t know WHAT is going on with Paul. But sitting out a while has gotta be right. If Paul had not been in the Sunday game, there’s a chance they could have won [since he alone was responsible for 11 missed/lost scoring opportunities (8 of his 10 FG attempts plus 3 TOs) as well as 3/4 missed FTs.]

  • Jon with no H

    he also had 2 steals and 4 blocks. I can’t say if we recovered every block, but you can argue he got us 6 possessions back with his defense. So can you please stop playing up the 11 lost opportunties thing? You’re purposely not taking his positive defensive stats into account to proove a point that’s already obvious: Pierce sucked offensively and if he was just his normal self we probably would’ve won. Our eyes proove that better than an incomplete snapshot of his stats.