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That Was Just Annoying

RedsArmyAdmin February 23, 2010 Uncategorized 16 Comments on That Was Just Annoying

So I’m sitting here in section 305 watching one hell of an annoying game. Luckily I have my myTouch so I can update the site.

I’ll keep it brief:

The Celtics came out to a big enough lead that we were talking abut finally seeing Gino. But that all evaporated in a three minute stretch at the end of the first half. Ever since then it was a dogfight.

It was sloppy. It was annoying to watch. The Knicks got waaaaaaay too many open looks

Ray Allen finished with 24 points and a huge block on the last minute of the game. Rondo had 15 points and 16 assists. And the Celtics escaped with a 110-106 win.

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  • Alex

    Yes, it was indeed a crappy win but they still need to teach Nate how to play with this team.

  • DRJ

    One of the most boring games of the year. Except for the Eddie/Billy/Nate thing, it just dragged on and on. The way they were playing, the headline that came to mind was: CELTICS REFUSE TO WIN. Cuz that’s what it felt like. A forgettable win.
    I have a good feeling about Nate. When he’s got the ball, it feels… reliable. As soon as he figures out how to fit in, I think it’ll be “watch out” time.

  • Green8Teen

    I SIT IN 307!!! row 1 seats 3 and 4 tonight. yea it was a frustrating game, but it was all defense that frustrated me. at least they weren’t piss poor on offense too. i’ll take the W.

  • I was at the game too John, and annoying is the perfect word. It was just open shot after open shot, dunks, etc. Don’t know how many points in the paint the Knicks had, (just got home and haven’t checked) but it seemed like 100. I had a feeling they would try and use Lee as their main weapon and it worked well. Not sure why Doc didn’t give Shelden a chance against him-especially when we were up big. I’ll take the W, but it does not feel good-not satisfied at all. Granted, their was no Paul Pierce, but still, c’mon guys- we were up by 14 and couldn’t put these guys away? Knicks did have some streaks where they shot well, but some tighter D may have quelled that. Highlight of the night was the C’s p.a. people playing a great montage of E.House highlights and he got a huge, long ovation and acknowledgement from the C’s bench.

  • The Savior

    Fear not fellow brethren, The Savior has decided to grace your existence. So, DRJ, kobewearsapurplethong, Nick, TTR, etc, etc, etc, after years of browsing the site and checking in on comments, I am here to stay and bring structure and sanity to all.
    First off, it’s never pretty when you need 48 minutes to beat the Knicks, but hey, a W’s a W, which is not so easy to come by these days, so we will take it. Defensively the intensity wasn’t there but that’s ok because defensive intensity is not something we need to worry about for this team come playoff time(Their gutsy playoff performances over the last 2 years entitles them the benefit of the doubt). Important positives, while taking into account that the Knicks play whatever comes after El Matador defense:
    1) KG looked markedly improved today. He showed improved athleticism allyoop style and with his lateral movement, as well as his confidence and overall activity.
    2) Ray/Rondo continue to play fantastic
    3) Baby(yes, i will continue to call him that) continues to hustle play hard and despite getting blocked repeatedly, continues to attack (which is important b/c the worst thing for him would be to lose his aggressiveness, as he is one of the few players giving us a spark and crashing the offensive glass)
    4) Nate clearly did not play very well, which is to be expected/understood considering the circumstances. What we did get to see, is a glimpse at the possibility of how effective he potentially can be. His quickness off the dribble is second to none and can at the very least provide us with an alternative through which we can run our 2nd unit’s offense as opposed to that dreaded pick and pop with Rasheed.
    5) Daniels continues to play steady ball and will likely be more comfortable playing at the 2/3 then having to worry about pg duties.
    Again the only negative spot of this game was the defensive intensity, and while that has presented itself as a far too common theme this season, it is still not overwhelmingly disconcerting at this juncture (SEE above). A footnote on the negative list, is as has been the case for much of the season, Rasheed Wallace’s refusal to post up the diminutive, contact avoiding Knicks bigs. This, however, I believe is not a major issue, as assuming the team gets healthier and plays better, will force Sheed to play more efficiently or else not require as many minutes/shots from him. How about starting a chant when he comes in, “NOOO THREEES FOR SHEEEED….NOOO THREEES FOR SHEEEED” lol.

  • Who was that masked man?

  • The Savior

    Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Army, and ideas are bulletproof.

  • DRJ

    The Big V strikes again.
    And… everything you said was right on. ‘Magine that – a masked man with something to back him up.


    I think Davis is crashing the glass so hard I’m dubbing him MR Davis (well at least until he starts crying again…)


    Is that u ToTheRuins? Have u started taking your meds??

  • Perry

    Let’s just say the Knicks are about as physical as Olivia Newton John and when our guys play with the mind set of out scoring the opponent — a horror show is likely to insure.
    Thankfully the Knicks are not GS, and Baron Davis wasn’t in the house. So when you’re hard pressed to come up with an answer as to why we didn’t blow them out of the building it’s time to go back to the videotape.
    210am — We’re up by 12 after Sheed hits a three. Then a Scal 3 off a nifty feed from Nate. Then we just go into one our scoring funks. Couple of missed lay ups and a few Knick threes and it’s a 14-0 run.
    These scoring funks are a huge problem, and something this team must solve otherwise we’ll continue to see more double digit leads evaporate. This night however the C’s were getting any shot they liked, so the out come was never really in doubt.
    By the way, may I point to you guys that NY managed only 69 points the night before. They do have some pride…at least on the offensive side of the ball.
    Here’s what I know…
    Quisy is the air-apparent to Posey. He knows his role, and accepts it, He’s an excellent back cutter and a solid straight up defender. Doc should not hesitate when it comes to calling his number for the remainder of this season. I do not want to see anything higher than 36 minutes next to Pierce or Ray in the box score — unless they’re on fire.
    KG is not the second coming of Schilling! I’m starting to believe again. I’m giving him a pass on the play where McGrady seemed to blow by him late in the game (oxy-moron). It appeared to me like he was expecting base line help.
    Nate is going to be a monster once he acclimates himself to the offense, Will Doc devise some sets for him or will his instincts take over? Cannot wait to see the Nate/Rondo combination terrorize opponents. Now imagine they’re flanked by Quisy, Sheed and Baby. Makes for a strong second unit.
    If only I could feel good about what I just saw.
    These days I see more Godfather reruns than Gino.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Tony Allen had some good boards tonight. Now if only he and his com padres had played the horny D this would have been over at halftime.
    I’m so impressed with Daniels’ play. He just has a knack for sliding in there for lay ups. And it was all set up without the ball. As in not having to facilitate the offense. Call me crazy but I think this back up point guard thing is gonna work out.
    Time to roll out the Jesus is Clutch graphics again !! Ray is coming up huge lately. Doc tried hard to find him some time off tonight and I think he can get him down to 33 minutes or less once Nate is better integrated. Nate and Rondo can be out there at the same time especially when we go small.

  • Shawn-cvd

    um… read that last sentence and the whole go small thing seems redundant.

  • Orb

    I’m just as happy he’s been kicking out those offensive rebounds instead of getting his shot blocked AGAIN when he goes back up. Tommy says “he’s having trouble finding the blue sky.” I just think everyone realized he can’t jump.

  • Thx for commenting Savior. It is frustrating as hell when ‘Sheed starts chucking up 3’s. Granted-he has his nights when they fall, but he is such a great player with his back to the basket, I don’t see why Doc doesn’t push him to play that way more often. He has that little turnaround on the baseline/off the window DOWN.

  • Lee in Oregon

    They sucked against a terrible team, the only good thing I can say is Bill Walker can play and McGrady looks pretty good. Marquis looks good too. Maybe they were looking ahead to Thursday.
    Here’s a legitimate question- who wins in a 7 game series, the starters or the bench?