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Your Morning Dump… Where KG is spending more time down low

Kg pass to rondo

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“I told myself and I had a meeting with Doc, and he was very straight-up
with me, and I’ve just got to be a post presence,” Garnett said.
“That’s my focus. I’m trying to get my rebounding up and all that. I
want to be a presence obviously on defense, but I want to be a better
post presence and I want to be a lot more aggressive the second half.
That’s where I’m at.”

Herald: Nate Robinson improves/Celtics notebook

KG has been noticeably bettter in the last few games.  He's flashed a little bit of his explosiveness.  And there's still no better passer out of the post than Kevin Garnett. 

If the Celtics can run their offense through an effective KG on the post, then they're going to be just fine. 

Here's hoping he can have the same influence on Rasheed Wallace… who has been great down low this year but terrible from 3 about 90% of the season.  Both those guys need to live on the blocks and only step out occasionally. 

Coming up, Page 2… Where the Celtics are looking forward to meeting the new guy

Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

“We know he can score a lot of points,” Kevin
said. “We know he brings a lot of energy to the building. He
plays with his heart. I love that about him. The Knicks are not known
for their defense these days, but if you’re a player or a coach or an
assistant coach in this league, you know he’s active out there. He gets
steals. He gets his hands in passing lanes. He picks the ball up. Other
than Rondo, we haven’t had a guy like that.”

This week will be the first time they’ll have a chance to see what
it’s like.

“We’ve got to make sure we welcome him, make sure he’s comfortable
whether it’s on the court or off the court,”
said. “He’s who we need. He’s what we’ve got. There’s nobody
else coming, and we want to go deep into the playoffs. The better he
plays, the better we are as a team.”

ESPN Boston: Celtics looking forward to seeing Robinson

Ray's quote is tinged with "we'll see"… and he's not along.  The guys liked Eddie House.  So to hear Ray say "He's what we've got.  There's nobody else coming" is basically like him saying "I don't see why this guy helps us any more than Eddie did… but we gotta make it work."

Hey, I'm right there with them.  I'm not against this trade… I just want to see how it fits.  He's a better all-around player than Eddie House, but it's all about fit. 

It's like buying a suit.  You can buy the nicest suit in the store… but if it doesn't fit right when you put it on, it doesn't really matter how much better it looks than your old suit.  Maybe you can tailor it to fit, and then you'll be fine.  But if you can't, then the suit just sits in your closet… taunting you and your orangutan-like arms.

Whoops, sorry… got a little personal at the end there.

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  • rl434

    i think nate will do just fine. give him a few weeks to get up with the offense and defense and he’ll be there

  • Caterpillar

    I hope he’s gonna fit fine, but I have my doubts.
    In the maentime, Eddie scored 24 points the other night..
    It’s not gonna be easy on tuesday, Knicks now have him and T-mac; all of a sudden, they’re a good team.

  • nick

    u guys are all weird man…Seriously just weird. What did Eddie House do 4 us since the title year?? He is a 1 trick pony who just progressively gets worse. C’mon dude this shit is ridiculous already. All these dudes we hate 2 see go like Eddie, Walter McCarty, Eric Williams. Y do fans fall in love with talentless guys who play heard? I’ve never seen a guy like that win a title 4 us. Throw James Posey in that list too. Nate Robinson is a stud, bottom line. He creates his own shot, he finishes at the rim, he’s just better across the board. So 4 all the stupid assholes out there who feel like the trade is a wash, how dumb can u be? Nate is better at just about EVERYTHING including 3 point shooting. Nate can actually bring up the rock too, seriously everyone needs 2 be quiet about this trade. Its a GREAT trade.

  • Take it easy Nick. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, if you think it was a great trade, make your case, you don’t have to insult other posters calling them assholes for having a different opinion than you do. Grow up.

  • There might be a couple of stupid assholes who run this site that feel this way…
    …so yeah, relax dude. Nate’s a nice player… but he’s not a “stud”.

  • Perry

    Eddie’s game is tailored made for D’Antoni’s offense, so I’m happy he went to a team which can showcase his talent. But his game is also one dimensional. I’m sure we’ll see Nate take his share of questionable shots, but he’s triple threat on the court.
    First, he can create his own shot or for his teammates. He has a mid range game, and a three point game. He can also press and pressure the ball.
    I loved Eddie, and praise his professionalism, but the trade is clearly an upgrade.


    Way to fuck everybody off Nick – so if people don’t agree they’re assholes? – seems to be a recurring theme with u…
    House was a one trick pony but he was a good contributor on a champ team and was a stand up guy – they don’t get thrown out in the trash – guys are gonna say they will miss him because they will!!
    I really hope Nate goes well – I think he’s immature but the C’s might be just what he needs…he’s not a stud in my eyes – studs don’t get benched for 14 games on crap teams…

  • Caterpillar

    Afterall, can’t wait to see what Nate can do! 🙂

  • Perry

    We just don’t want to be in a late game situation tomorrow night where Eddie could burn us!
    Thing about Nate is he’s a natural PG with athleticism. His offense could mean for us what Crawford’s has been for Atlanta.
    This is such a high turnover team, so I’d much rather see him dictate tempo then have TA or Ray facilitate the offense. I’m comfortable with Quisy handling the ball, but I think Doc wants him slashing to the rim. Equally important is both Quisy and Nate giving Ray and Pierce a much needed rest. If they’re not fresh for the post season this team’s chances to compete against the Hawks, Magic and Cavs diminish greatly.

  • Nora

    House isn’t a stud either. LOL