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Wilbon, Barry won’t write off Celtics yet

ESPN/ABC basketball analysts Jon Barry and Michael Wilbon talk about the Celtics acquisition of Nate Robinson and the team's chances at a championship.

They agree the Celtics are contenders, if they remain healthy and if they don't have to play Atlanta.

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  • I know Atlanta has obviously given us problems… but I still feel like we can beat them when we play well. I still think we can get them in a 7 game series.

  • DRJ

    In 5. I’m just not impressed with Atlanta. They caught us in the wrong half of the season, is all.

  • Alex

    Celtics can beat the Atlanta Hawks if…
    1. The C’s are healthy.
    2. The C’s take the Hawks seriously.

  • Perry

    Salient points by both guys. I’ve always liked Barry who has been really fair when assessing Boston in the Big 3 era. Wilbon, if everyone remembers was one of those TURKEYS who picked the Lakers in the 08′ finals, but that’s neither here or there.
    No team is over the top. All are flawed in some aspects. I think there are 5 legit contenders: LA and Denver out west. In the east – Cleveland, Orlando and us.
    I agree. I don’t think the Hawks have the discipline and mental toughness it takes to win a conference final, and as good as Utah is they never can win on the road consistently.
    Sure, it would be absurd not mention this team in the championship conversation. It’s stiff competition, and I expect a hot contested race in the east, but I also remember this team stormed out to 22-5 record before the rash of injuries. At that point they were considered the favorites. Even at that juncture Davis was out, so we really have not watched this unit at peak strength with maybe the exception of the preseason.
    Right now the defensive intensity has noticeably picked up, but offensively we’ve fallen to the middle of the pack. The addition of Nate can only help those numbers rise and erase the complacency this team was carrying around.
    What I’m looking for is controlled minutes for the starting five. There’s no reason why Nate can’t play major minutes at both guard potions — ditto Quisy at the 2 and 3 spot.
    If Pierce is hampered by nagging injuries, sit him down aand give Quisy the minutes. You simply cannot rely on Ray and PP to log in 40 minutes/game and expect both to have a productive post season. We saw what happened in the Orlando series last year. Let’s not repeat the same mistakes.

  • mark

    yeah….great insight from JON BARRY and MIKE WILBUM lol…they are sooooo credible…and its funny how they are the only ones still pickin the celtics…lets be real with it…the big 3 are old..and their bench cannot handle the bench of the other elite teams…jus face it…they had to trade one of the big 3 to get some young scoring talent..its over..boston will not make it to the championship

  • CFH

    Honestly, I’d feel better if NO ONE would pick the Celtics, just like 08. Good thing they didn’t trade Scal; they may need him for another June press conference.
    FWIW, they actually aren’t the only ones… Kenny Smith had them coming out of the East the other day too. Kenny Smith might have a little experience with a championship team stumbling around, struggling, trading pieces mid season… and winning another title.

  • DRJ

    I prefer when nobody picks the Cs. That way…
    – teams tend NOT to bring their A-game every single damn time (like they did last year)
    – our guys do not feel the pressure of front running (not insignificant)
    – our guys respond to the disrespect with ‘You gonna disrespect US… ok, here ya go.’
    – we get to enjoy the deliciousness of winning anyway. Just like 08.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    The Celts really need to get the 3 seed this year. Avoid Atlanta and let the Cavs get worn out against them in the eastern semi’s.

  • jared

    I honestly feel like the C’s are going to be greatly influenced by the amount of rest they have at the end of the season before the playoffs start. Hopefully, the seeding situation gets figured out on the early side and our main guys get to either sit or play very few minutes for the last few games…I know the chances of that happening are rather slim, but if it does, I feel it gives us a huge boost, and will actually pay off well beyond the first round.

  • Has anyone ever been less interested in a conversation than stuart scott was in that one?
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  • Shawn-cvd

    Should Cavs keep losing the seeding could go to the final week unfortunately. More likely is the dog fight between Boston, Orlando and Atlanta over the 2-4 seeds.
    The Celtics need to limit the Big Threes’ minutes starting with Pierce tomorrow and Allen as soon as Nate is integrated in our system. I’m not worried about KG due to our front line and Doc actually watches his minutes…

  • Sev

    I think boston has its best chance beating orlando as opposed to Cleveland and atlanta, but that doesn’t mean I’m not confident they couldn’t beat any one of the three if healthy.

  • Nice. That eye is not lazy-it’s downright narcoleptic.

  • Atlanta has been very inconsistent IMO. C’s have lost one HUGE factor they had in 2007-08: homecourt advantage. Teams do not fear coming into the Garden anymore. We are fortunate to have 17 of our last 28 games at home. If they can regain that swagger and dominance they used to have in Boston, will be something they can really build on and use to their advantage in the postseason.

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