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Nate Robinson’s crash course

Chuck - Red's Army February 22, 2010 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Nate Robinson’s crash course

Via Nate Robinson's Twitter page:

At the gym get n a good work out bout to put up 1000 made shots and 100 freethrows gotta keep work n

Tomorrow is the big day can't wait

The Globe's Julian Benbow writes about Nate's questionable character (he was right in the middle of the infamous Knicks/Nuggets brawl featuring Carmelo Anthony's infamous sucker punch), but Glen Davis isn't worried:

"It’s easy to fall in because we have a lot of veterans. You
can’t go south on our team. You have to go by the guidelines or you won’t play.
Nate’s a great guy. He’ll catch on and fall in and do his part."

Here's Doc's take on getting Nate prepared:

"We're just going to wind him up, push him out on the floor and let him
go," Rivers said. "Right now we just can't worry about trying to
integrate him in our stuff. There's just not enough time right now. We
don't have a lot of practices coming up. So when he's in, it's just
going to be simple offense. Defensively, that's where we're going to
integrate him the most. Offensively, it's going to take some time."
He'll be fine.

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  • Alex

    Jeez, I thought Nate Robinson got into a car accident by reading the headline. lol I read it slowly the second time and I sighed in relief.

  • Jason

    Is that 1000 number literal? Assuming he shoots 80% when wide open, that’s 1250 shots. Assume also he’s got a guy just handing him ball after ball AND he doesn’t rest at all between shots, you *could* get up 25 shots in 60 seconds. That’s the 3-pt contest, btw. That’s 50 minutes. But really, can you average a shot every 2 seconds for nearly an hour? No. I would have to imagine making 1000 shots takes at least three hours, right? Maybe more. I’m sure he doesn’t do that every day, but I guess that’s not far-fetched he would spend that much time in the gym especially if he’s trying to make up for the days lost being hospitalized. And also if he’s trying to make a good impression with his new team.
    Not bad Nate. Good stuff.

  • CFH

    I have no concerns at all about his character. Any player will be better behaved in a winning, stable, veteran-heavy environment. And his errors in judgment– tweeting while being pulled over for a traffic violation, getting in a fight with another team– don’t involve being a locker room cancer or a me-first player.
    Every time I hear him talk he’s praising his teammates or other players in the league.
    Periodic questionable judgment… not a bad guy you don’t want on your team.

  • Alex

    I’d rather deal with Robinson’s character than deal with Big Baby’s character.

  • FSantos33

    Welcome to the Celtics Nate can’t wait
    to see you play but right now I have to
    Pay tribute to a Celtic legend who left us
    too soon. Miss you DJ
    DJ RIP:
    9/18/54 – 2/22/07
    Gone too Soon

  • I realize Nate is not going to “save” this team, but it’s good to have some excitement/change around here. With the exception of a few recent wins, this has been a flat, disappointing couple of months for this team. They have not seemed to enjoy playing much and have not looked like they were having fun out there. Just schlepping through game after game. Nate will bring some much needed fun back to this squad. Sh**, he hasn’t even put on a Celtics jersey yet and people are actually excited (myself included) about going to a Knicks game. I say bring on the Nater-Tot! I’m looking forward to going to the Garden tomorrow night…

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Good point. WTF. How did we lose bb for half a season. Thought the veterans were keeping things in check?!

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Are you gay? You’re really excited about seeing NR play. How pathetic is that!