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Enemy Chatter: Melo works hard for the money

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Denver.

"In an ear-shattering falsetto that would have made even Simon Cowell
speechless, Carmelo Anthony stood at his locker and sang his best Donna
Summer: 'I work haaaaaard for the money!' Indeed, Melo put in a hard
day's work Sunday during Denver's 114-105 statement win against Boston
at the Pepsi Center. Anticipating the Celtics' smothering defense,
Anthony made 'a conscious effort' to utilize the pass, tallying a
team-high eight assists, including seven in the second half.
'Sometimes, I gotta be Batman,' Melo said with a smile. 'And sometimes,
I gotta be Robin.' "

Denver Post

"We still feel disrespected,'' Anthony said after the latest dispatching of an NBA
heavyweight, 114-105 Sunday over Boston at the Pepsi Center. "We still
go out there with a chip on our shoulder. That chip is not going

Wait a minute. Who's disrespecting the Nuggets these days?

"You guys that write,'' Anthony said, referring to the media, although he didn't have any specific examples to offer.

Perhaps the Nuggets (37-19) don't feel disrespected when they face the
likes of Sacramento, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Washington,
Detroit and the
Clippers. They've lost a combined eight times to those losing teams.

NBA Fanhouse – Chris Tomasson

Nice retort by Tomasson. Imagine if he had the stones to say it to Melo's face…

I like this Nuggets team. Melo is an elite player. Billups is the savvy veteran with a killer instinct. K-Mart is the tough guy. The bench has depth – Birdman, JR Smith and Ty Lawson.

The Nuggets blogs are weak. Still no post game recap on Denver Stiffs or Roundball Mining.

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  • ‘Melo is on a mission to win that ring this year. I’ve seen him aggressive in past seasons, but have never seen him play w/the amount of grit and determination he’s displaying this year. And he does not get nearly the amount of attention that Rapist24 and The Queen get, which is ridiculous. I think it’s simply because he does not fit Stern’s “image” of an ideal NBA player. In other words, the braids, tats and general attitude are what DStern doesn’t like. I still think he has a better supporting cast than other Western conf. foes and that if his Nuggs stay healthy, they will represent the West in the Finals.

  • DRJ

    Well, then they’re not going anywhere this season. Without strong blogs, that team is DEAD. (Unlike the Cs…. of course!)