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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are walking the walk

Light swtich

“The key to us has been the communication,” [Garnett] said. “It hasn’t been
this constant and this loud.

“I can definitely say it’s been different from January, December and
November. Coming back from the All-Star break we talked about things we
wanted to do short term, and I think we’re starting to do them instead
of talking about them.”

said Paul
“I don’t (know) if we’ve changed. We’re just doing the things we’ve
been doing a lot better, a lot harder. We’re putting more of an urgency
in every game, knowing that this is a crucial point in the season and a
big road trip for us.”

“We’re doing a better job,” said Rajon
“We’re still getting the lead, but this time instead of blowing them by
not scoring we’re still getting stops. Even though we may not be
scoring as well, we’re stopping teams.

“We’re so conscious of it now. Every time we come in at halftime, we
continue to tell each other to keep getting stops, keep being
disciplined on defense, execute our offense, run the second and third
option and stick together out there.

Herald: Celtics finally giving help

Translation:  We did a lot of talking before the All Star break but we didn't care to back it up.  Now we've flipped the switch and we're doing all the things we talked about. 

Everything that happened before the All Star break was basically pre-season basketball for the Celtics.  Consider the Celtics 3-0 in the regular season. 

Coming up… Page 2, Where Eddie House went off in New York

In his debut with the New York Knicks, former Celtics guard Eddie House
dropped 24 points on 8-of-14 shooting, including 4-of-8 from beyond the
arc, over 36 minutes in a 121-118 overtime loss to the Oklahoma City
Thunder. He added five rebounds, two assists, and a steal.

The Celtics traded House, Bill Walker, and J.R. Giddens to the
Knicks at Thursday's trade deadline for Nate Robinson and Marcus Landry.

House did all he could in his first game in blue and orange, making
key shots and free throws late in the game, but the Thunder's Kevin
Durant answered each time to lift his team to victory.

Tracy McGrady also made his New York debut Saturday, scoring 26
points in the loss.

Walker did not play, while Giddens remains sidelined while rehabbing
from arthroscopic knee surgery.

ESPN Boston: House scores 24 in Knicks debut

Nice to see Eddie go off right away.  He hit some nice shots… and the Knicks lost.  That's a win all around for Celtics fans.

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  • I don’t buy the ‘flip the switch’ mentality. How does it apply to Ray? What is he doing differently that is making his shots fall?

  • Alex

    Not worrying about moving his family and his sick son to a different hospital, etc.
    Less stress at this point for Ray.

  • A little bit too much talk about this team having turned it around or found that switch…. Um they beat the Lakers without Kobe and blewout the blazers, encouraging signs, but im not ready to annoint them back to their old selves

  • Less Stress, he’s not doing anything differently though.
    I feel people overrated how bad ray was playing and underrated how terrible KG and Paul had been playing(and how paul still is playong, KGs turned it around a bit)…simply because Rays 3 pt % is way down, due to being overplayed because of other players injuries, hes played the most minutes, been the healthist, is in the best shape, and is shooting his best from 2 pt % of his career, and has been a great leader and professional.
    Our problems weren’t ray, he was just the only real trade asset we had.
    It could also have nothing to do with less stress, or the tradeline being over…he got a good weeks rest after been overplayed all season

  • DRJ

    Definitely. Clear mind. Plus Doc seems to be working hard at ACTUALLY keeping his minutes reasonable (<40), rather than just talking about it / wringing his hands after every game over why he's overplaying Ray.

  • DRJ

    It sure feels like a flipped switch. But I think there’s still another level they will go to, another switch to flip, for the playoffs. I figure they see these remaining games now as “very serious practice”… where they need to make sure they have their game where it needs to be for the playoffs. But it’s still just practice. The real season begins when this one ends, and that’s when the final switch gets flipped.
    But of course… that’s probably true of every team. Except the Cs really weren’t taking the whole first half of he season seriously… and really, can’t blame them. It’s way too long, way too crammed with games and back-to-backs, endless travel, etc. Very different from the playoffs.
    Somebody on TV the other day was talking about how the Cs are built for the playoffs – controlled game, carefully planned defense, no teenagers, etc. – while the Cavs seems to be the opposite, built for the regular season, because they work so hard to win games when they don’t matter much. In the playoffs, everybody works hard. Thought that was interesting. Come the playoffs, it is still possible – and getting more so with every excellent game they play – that the Cs will surprise everybody.

  • Shawn-cvd

    We FINALLY have our team healthy. I go back to Doc admitting not having many practices due to age and injuries. A healthier squad in mind and body combined with better/more practices will lead to improved game play. Consider the switch flipped.