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Red's Army Player of the Week: Ray Allen

Ray allen tunnel

Games this week

  • @Sacramento:  15 pts, 5-15 fg (1-6 3pt), 1 ast, 0 reb
  • @Los Angeles:  24 pts, 10-15 fg (4-6 3pt), 2 ast, 2 reb
  • @Portland:        21 pts, 9-14 fg (3-7 3pt), 5 ast, 3 reb

I haven't been happier to hand out a player of the week award this season.  After a slow start in Sacramento… Ray celebrated his survival of the Trade Deadline by going off on the Lakers and Blazers.  The sweet stroke has returned, which goes a long way in helping the Celtics extend leads and put games away. 

15 shots a game is good for Ray.  If he makes 7 or 8 of them, we're golden.  The return of "Ray Allen" is helps turn a terrible offense into a great one.  The threat of Ray opens up so much.

Nice to have ya back, buddy.  

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  • Alex

    We wanted to trade Ray Allen for younger high-potential players, which would have been great for the future of the Celtics.
    Ray Allen FINALLY has waken up and is starting to play his old self again, but we will see if this continues. He tends to have a crappy start in the post-season. If Ray Allen can play three more games like this, then I am convinced he is back.
    Right now though, I’m not entirely convinced.

  • Sorry, who was preaching we should trade Ray because he wasn’t hitting shots? I thought the reasoning was because the Celtics might have been able to get someone to take us forward, 3+ years. Anyone who thinks/thought Ray needed to be traded because he didn’t have it any more is clearly not knowledgeable about basketball, and the guys here at RA have shown time and again they know basketball.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Nice trolling BTW. I can comprehend commenting after we get blown out or when the story is also Laker-related.
    Should we make the finals how about you support by buying a T Shirt and wearing THAT for a month? We’ll do a post where we vote which one you’ll get… here’s my vote

  • Shawn-cvd

    On a previous post you said you’d wear a Celtics jersey should Boston get to the finals. I just think with you spending so much time trolling around on RedsArmy you could buy a shirt from their store.