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Celtics/Nuggets Game Preview

Chuck - Red's Army February 21, 2010 Uncategorized 40 Comments on Celtics/Nuggets Game Preview


Celtics (35-18) vs Nuggets (36-19)

Game time: 3:30pm, Pepsi Center, TV – ABC. Radio – WEEI-AM (850)

Team Leaders

Bos: Pierce – 18.2                  Nuggets: Carmelo Anthony – 29.3

Bos: Perkins – 8.2                  Nuggets: Kenyon Martin – 9.6

Bos: Rondo – 9.7                   Nuggets: Chauncey Billups – 6.1

Who'll go off:  Ray Allen. Why should I go away from the hot-hand, especially in a run-and-gun game where Ray could be spotting up beyond the arc on nearly every other possession? Keep an eye on Rasheed Wallace. He owns solid career averages vs Denver (16 ppg, 43% 3FG).

Who needs to be stopped:  Chauncey Billups. He's averaging a career best 19 ppg while shooting 42% from 3 FG. It will be near impossible to keep 'Melo under his average, but if the Celtics can limit Billups, especially in the 4th quarter, then they should survive with a W.

The C's will lose if…  The Celtics will likely need to be sharp from 3 in order to keep pace with the high-scoring Nuggets, but Denver is among the league leaders in defending the arc.

Miscellaneous:  After a thrilling 118-116 OT victory in Cleveland, the Nuggets lost to Washington 107-97 Friday night. Nuggets forward Chris Andersen missed Friday's game with back spasms and is questionable for today. Nuggets coach George Karl will miss several upcoming games as he undergoes treatment for throat cancer. Last year in Denver, the Celtics handed the Nuggets their worst home loss in a decade 114-76.

Prediction:  Denver 106 – Boston 101 (Can we really expect the Cs to finish 4-0 on this trip?)

After the jump, the Nuggets dance team.






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  • Christopher

    Geez i love how you keep trying to claim the Celtics will lose. Keep the faith!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Any word on Nate?

  • DRJ

    Another brave prediction. Thing is, I agree with both this one and the one before it. But this is going to be a seriously tough game. Matchup problems all over the place. And I think the Nugs are at full strength… ‘cept maybe Birdman.
    Paul should focus on D in this game. Just stop, or slow down, Melo. With his bad hand, PP hasn’t been much good at O anyway.
    But who’s gonna stop Billups? Rondo? He’s giving up 2 inches and 30 pounds… Ray should cover Chauncey.

  • pleja

    will nate play?

  • No nate

  • Shawn-cvd

    Too bad. This is a game we could use Nate’s scoring potency. Oh well gonna have to play our game and we’ll see. Sheed’s gonna have to come through today! Who am I kidding our whole team is gonna have to come through today! Go Celtics!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Last I checked Denver is the second best team in the west. No shame in losing there.

  • KY Celts fan

    They’ve also kicked the Lakers ass twice.

  • DRJ

    It’s half time in Denver. Can I just ask 1 question? Why the hell is Paul Pierce even playing? The man is, seriously, WORSE THAN NOTHING. I mean, they’d almost be better off going 4 on 5… certainly on offense.
    Ok, I guess he’s doing a decent job guarding Melo in Q2 (after totally blowing Q1), but damn, that man should just REFUSE to do ANYTHING on offense. Really, just don’t do ANYTHING, Paul… because you totally SUCK now. Come back when you have your game together again, ok?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Pierce has a sore hand and is altering his shot?? I gotta agree no baskets so far in third. Get Quis in there.

  • the truth is false today

  • Alex

    Is it me or are the refs literally against the Celtics this game? Because we are getting ABSOLUTELY no calls whatsoever even on obvious fouls.
    This is aggravating.

  • Alex

    Obvious troll is obvious.
    Clearly, it’s the only way you can live your pathetic life. You live in Los Angeles and instead of being outside on a Sunday afternoon looking for Cali girls, all you are doing is staying indoors, trolling on a Celtics blog with your hand on your dick.

  • Alex

    I will say this, Denver Nuggets are hitting great shots in the end of the 4th quarter.
    But before that, the referees just got the Celtics out of their flow… unfortunately C’s couldn’t get their deadly mentality back that caused them to fight back and get the tie.
    This was actually a good loss in my opinion. The Celtics fought hard, managed to tie the game, but fatigue just got to them. Last game on a road trip is always the hardest.

  • Pretty mouthy behind that computer aren’t ya? Fucking coward. Didn’t I already tell you to go back to Canyon Country?

  • Heard of a team called my dick and balls? Your mom’s pretty familiar with them. Go back to Canyon Country. Bwahahaaa!!

  • Go back to Canyon Country.

  • James

    I’m the biggest paul pierce fan there is, and i appreciate him playing through whatever. But if his hand is that jacked up he needs to sit a game or two. 2-10 shooting, 1-4 free throws. That’s NOT PP. He did some good things on defense, but they need him to score and distribute and right now it’s clear he’s not physically able to

  • 3-1 on this trip. Pretty damn good. And we beat the Fakers. I’ll take it. Was still disappointed in today’s ft shooting and our 2-13 from beyond the arc. Looking forward to going to the game Tuesday. Yes-I am looking forward to Celtics-Knicks. Ya got T-Mac, ya got Nate, who will DEF be looking to get some payback on D’Antoni, and ya got Eddie House- who will get a much deserved ovation for all he did for Boston. RedsArmy for life.

  • Nora

    Didn’t the Lakers lose to Denver this year? Might really want to keep your mouth shut troll

  • Nora


  • DRJ

    Actually, they do NOT need Paul to score. What they need now, while Paul’s offense is in HELL, is for him NOT TO TOUCH THE DAMN BALL ON OFFENSE. I mean it… just stay out of the offense, focus on defense, until such time as your game returns.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Your in rare form today, troll. There’s no such thing as a “good loss” in the play-offs. Last time I checked this is the regular season. Being so black and white about things I guess the Flakers (or -any- NBA team) have had no “bad wins” this season…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Wrong. To quote you,
    “Good loss”?
    Oh, that’s rich.
    Your implying that there are no good losses in the NBA. So instead of deflecting pay attention yourself.

  • Venus

    Ouch. That hurt. 3-1 is OK. Time to regroup and start a real winning streak. And oh yeah sit the Captain and give the Beast more minutes.
    I know he has no life and constantly refreshing the Reds Army page is the only thing going on for him but please please can you ban the annoying troll with the idiotic screen name? His inane attempts at being witty and his constant posting are working my last nerve.

  • We’re only 3-1 on this trip if you conviently leave out the New Orleans loss…. 3-2 .. and the lakers didnt have Kobe
    Saw some good signs in portland, KG is looking better, same with Ray .. Paul worse…and the team just didnt come out with right energy against denver, atrocious effort in the 1st quarter

  • KY Celts fan

    Agreed. We’d have had a much better chance of winning if Paul had sat this game out. Daniels played great today, going 7-8. He may had more if he got Pierce’s minutes. Even if he had sat the 2nd half after we all knew he was clearly ailing, we could have won it.
    We just got off to a very slow start, and Denver was looking to make up for that loss to Charlotte.
    I like Denver. If they can keep it together, I think they have LA’s number this year.

  • JD

    Dude, no you’re not haha You are probably going to stay in your mom’s basement for the rest of the day, trolling the blog of a team your not even a fan of, because you have no life whatsoever and commenting on this page is the closest you are going to come to human contact until your mother comes down to tuck you in.

  • DRJ

    It would be great to watch Denver knock off the Lakers. The problem with that, though… is that they we gotta face THEM in the Finals. Personally, I’d rather meet the Lakers. For two reasons:
    (1) The Lakers are easier for us to match up against. Denver actually has more weapons than a Kobe-led Lakers team, and are harder to stop.
    (2) It’s just more fun, and more deeply pleasurable, to beat the crap out of LA. 🙂

  • Shawn-cvd

    That was a good jab. Your only good one to date.
    I’ll say it again when you are talking play-offs there are no good losses. Regular season? Trends are more important than W’s and L’s. Going 3-1 on the road is not too shabby. Sure I’d RATHER win but tonight was more about the Nuggets play than a lack of ours. My loan concern was Pierce’s play. If we win 75% of the remaining games we’re very likely to earn the second seed in the East.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Agreed on that crap first quarter.

  • So where are you gonna go once your IP is banned? MySpace is right up your alley. 12 year old girls agtagonizing each other? Well, you should probably start weighing your options. Thanks for coming by though, you really made me realize that my life is not that bad comapred to your’s! Cheers!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Logic is that losing is MORE likely against better teams.

  • Dude…if you aren’t going to offer any analysis…then you’ll be banned. Your lucky to have lasted this long.

  • Peace out Sugarlips. Bwhaahahahahaha! Back to Canyon Country with all the other trolls you go. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  • DRJ

    Not too worried about the Magic. Cs can handle them with a healthy KG (to manage Lewis), and now with Sheed added to the mix.
    Cavs, you would think, might be a tough out. But I get the feeling they won’t be. They were good in the first part of the season because they were fiercely working their hardest while other teams (esp Cs) were not so. Cavs were built for the reg season. Cs were built for the 2nd season. Come the playoffs, the Cavs might just lose real quick.
    Hawks have been tough for the Cs this year, but there’s a decent chance we won’t even see them in the playoffs.
    Bottom line: Yes, I feel pretty confident, actually, that if the Cs stay healthy – a big if, for every team – they’ll make the Finals. And if they should meet the Lakers there, Cs win. If they meet Denver… then it’s a toss up. Nuggets would be a very tough series. I still give the Cs the edge because unlike the Nuggets, the Cs are DISCIPLINED and capable of playing terrific team defense. The Nuggets are neither.

  • DRJ

    We’re plenty tough. Personally, I have no problem with vitriol. Gloating, however, is just annoying and stupid. If you’re annoying and stupid enough, that’s a pretty good reason for banishment.
    Tell you the truth, I don’t even read all the to-and-fro over little digs here and there… I don’t even see them. When you have some interesting or controversial point to make… that catches my eye. (Like our repartee re Denver.)

  • Shawn-cvd

    i was actually wondering the same thing…

  • Please-You come here for two reasons: 1)To antagonize folks and 2)For attention. Period. Go flap your gums somewhere else.
    We’ve been through alot worse than you-lol..you give yourself too much credit. Trolls like you come and go.

  • It’s where he lives in Cali.