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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics remembered to play D

Kg blocks miller

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them
here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite
as satisfying as a good morning dump.

In the fourth quarter after Portland cut Boston's lead
down to just nine points, Rudy Fernandez was able to penetrate into the
lane past his defender. Davis played the role of help-side defender, and
was able to draw two charges against Fernandez.

Not only did it
wipe out possible scoring opportunities for Portland, but it also led to
Fernandez being more hesitant to attack the lane.

"We've been
such a good team on the ball [defensively]," Rivers said. "This year,
we've been pretty poor on the ball. Over [the All-Star] break, [we said]
let's give in on that and become a help-defensive team. What our guards
are doing, when our bigs are getting there, they're cracking back and
taking their bigs off the glass."

Center Kendrick Perkins said
the improved defense comes down to one thing: communication.

starting to get on the same page," he said. "Guys are talking more.
We're getting back to our old self."

CSNNE: Talking Points – C's at Portland

“We knew who we were, we just weren’t doing it,” Rivers said. “We know
the formula, we know who we are. It just helps to do it. We’re all doing
it and our bench has been fantastic. To me that may be the best part of
everything, our bench.”

Herald: Celtics coast out west

Nice to see the Celtics making some adjustment on the defensive end to account for some of the team's new deficiencies.  Can't defend on the ball as well as you used to?  Fine, you help more.  A coaching adjustment… and maybe a little attitude adjustment… and we're off.

The C's have really clamped down on D over the past couple of games.  And that's the difference between blowing big leads and holding them.  Even if they don't win by as much as they used to, that defense will at least lead to wins.

One stat that always shows how well the Celtics are playing defense is actually assists.  The Blazers had 7 assists last night.  They were not allowed to run any sort of offense.  That leads to bad shots, hence the low shooting percentage (33.8%).  And THAT leads to the Celtics with 27 assists on 39 made field goals… because the C's turned that defense into opportunities on the offensive end.

So if you make your first stop in the box score the assists column, you can get a pretty good idea of how the game went before you even see the score.

Coming up, Page 2… where players want to play for Doc Rivers

Associated Press photo

Like a prospective employee
interviewing with a Fortune 500 company, Robinson, who has yet to meet
up with the team, said all the right things. He talked about playing
defense, distributing the ball, and fulfilling whatever role Rivers
envisioned. He wanted to impress his new coach. Like many of the
Celtics’ free agent and midseason acquisitions before him, Robinson
realizes playing for Rivers will be an experience to treasure.

Rivers has gained the reputation of being
a players’ coach, and that doesn’t mean he allows the inmates to run
the asylum. The perception around the league is that many players would
love to play for Rivers because of his affable style, defensive
philosophy, and not too long ago he played in the NBA.
Boston historically may not compare with Los Angeles, Orlando, or Miami
as a desired free agent location, but veterans looking to win don’t mind
being traded here. And part of that lure is playing for Rivers.

“We’re a competitive team, and I’m not different than anyone else on
this team from being that,’’ Garnett said. “I listen to what Doc says.
If Doc says run through a wall headfirst, in my mind I am going to
question it, but I’m going to do it. But as far as confidence and as a
team collectively, that has to stay [strong]. As much as we preach it
and as much as we talk about it, saying it is one thing but actions are
another. It’s starting to come so we have to continue to preach it to
each other until we’re blue in the face.’’

Globe: In rivers they trust

Every coach has his problems. Doc has problems managing minutes.  He practically admits it in post game press conferences when he says things like "I gotta be better at keeping Ray's minutes down." 

But Doc might be the perfect coach for this team.  On a team full of strong personalities, Doc holds his own.  Lesser personalities could get overwhelmed.  Doc also lets veterans handle their business.  He gives them the respect they've earned while demanding the respect HE'S earned.

Doc might drive us crazy sometimes, but he fits here.

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  • larry

    what’s alarming is they just now figured it out.!!what have they been doing prior.?could things be changing..for the best.?what was nice to see was the defensive rotations in a secend game of a back to back..they looked they wanted to win..they looked like they were having fun.!!and that was fun for me.!!trust me, if any of us came to work with a lack of effort we would have been fired.!!

  • It’s about time the d stepped up. Pumped to see Big Baby take 2 charges in the span of 2 minutes in the 4th. That is a good sign.
    A huge part of the game last night though was Ray Allen staying on the court in the 4th and extending the Celtics lead. His presence allowed KG, Pierce and Rondo to sit out the 4th. They have a big stretch coming up against Denver, NY and the Cavs, so it was huge having those 3 get some rest.

  • Some very very good signs, and they did actually carry that slight momentum from the LA game, and hopefully have a good showing in denver, who t home against elite teams have been unbeatable, but I hope they continue to play solid/smart basketball W or L

  • and u know sometimes the NBA just doesnt make sense, a couple weeks ago it took us overtime, at home, without brandon roy to beat the in portland, with brandon roy, we blow em out?

  • JD

    Two really solid wins on the road, but the real test is on Sunday on Denver.
    And I’m pretty sure rookies probably hate playin for Doc Rivers haha

  • Perry

    Roy I think pushed his way back into the lineup a little too fast. Clearly he wasn’t at full strength, but neither was Pierce or KG. But you’re right — life in the NBA is hard to figure.
    This was their best performance off a back to back this season. The ‘D’ looks like it’s back on track. As an added bonus, Ray’s terrific 4th quarter enabled Doc to sit Pierce, KG and Rondo for the remainder of the game. Should pay dividends in Denver tomorrow.


    Always knew u were a positive guy TTR…

  • the-real-truth

    i said before that the celtics didn’t need a trade. but i like the addition of nate robinson anyways as a back up pg coming off the bench. it wasn’t hard to figured it out. all the celtics needed was to play solid team defense. that’s why they 3-0 in the west coast trip now. when this team play with a high intensity and a since of urgency and some hard core defense. they are very difficult to beat. i hope they keep it up. go celtics. deffffensssssssssssssse.