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Photo Essay: Quis and Thibs in their own world

Marquis thibs 

Photographs of NBA games unintentionally catch funny or interesting moments.  When we see those kinds of photos, we'll show them to you in a little photo essay of the previous night's game.

Just curious here… what the hell are Tom Thibodeau and Marquis Daniels talking about that is so important that the C's would go 4-on-5 for a possession?  Couldn't they wait for a time out?

Ray perk smiling

Perkins… smiling?  Barely recognized him.

Rondo lay up vs aldridge 

Classic Rondo pose.  There are a million pictures of him like this.  And that shot didn't get blocked.  Amazing how he does that.

Tony allen blocks fernandez 

That's just a nice block by Tony Allen.

Photos by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images and Associated Press

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  • Hrvoje

    unbelievable… last year they pulled 6 on 5 on the c’s… now c’s pull 4 on 5 on them…
    strategy fail
    doc out

  • FSantos33

    By far the best defensive game this year. Guys in Green played hungry and determined to go all out for 48 minutes. After the tough stretch last twenty something games it was awesome to see the Celtics playing like contenders again. Was it just a tease or will they go back to their old ways?
    Winning at Denver tomorrow will be a huge challenge so if we lose so be it. I am happy we won the first three games of this road trip. If we steal one from Melo too.. well, I think “We are Back”!
    Re: Ray – Dude looks a lot more comfortable after the trade deadline. You don’t have to worry Ray you are not going anywhere. Just keep playing like you have the last few games.
    Re: KG – The Ticket was hitting his J’s and it opened up other parts of his game. Nice to see KG playing like KG. Hope he can keep it up.
    Re: Nate – We need you to Bring it Nate!! Bring it!!

  • FSantos33

    Quis: What Coach I have to go on offense
    Thibs: F*** Offense; Defense is our backbone
    Quis: Seriously I gotta go
    Thibs: Oh, here are the Macys coupons you asked for… 50% off men’s department plus an additional 25% off only valid this weekend.
    Quis: Awesome, thanks coach. I’ll just wait here and play D.

  • Bryan Ferris

    I think that shot of Daniels and Thibs is from a Tony Allen foul shot, and thats the rebound….

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    That first pic looks like it was after a Tony Allen free throw. Its OK for Quis to cherry-pick on D.
    It was refreshing to see the entire 2nd unit get on the floor. It’s been a while since we’ve built a big lead and held onto it. I still would like to see what happens in March before I get too excited about keeping Ray.

  • GranTur

    Hahahaha I’m laughing my ass off at that FSantos33.

  • Ah yes… didn’t think about the free throw possibility.
    Good call.
    Still looks funny, though

  • Shawn-cvd

    Defense is our backbone indeed! LOL