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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc wants to threaten Ray all the time

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“I don’t know if it was good defense
by both teams or horrendous offense,’’ Rivers said. “Actually, I thought
it was good defense. It’s funny, people complain sometimes when it was a
low-scoring game and they never give those guys credit for playing so
hard. I thought both teams played hard, I thought they were physical and
both teams made it difficult to get a good shot.’’

With the weight of the trade deadline off
his shoulders, Ray Allen knocked down 10 of his 15 shots on a 24-point
night, scoring 12 in the third quarter.

“Ray was huge,’’ Rivers said. “I think we
should threaten to trade him all the time and then pull him back.’’

Globe: Celtics beat Kobe-less LA

Ray is a human being.  Of course the possibility of uprooting his life, moving a sick kid away from his doctors, and leaving a place you want to be has an affect on him.  So predicting that he'd break out after the trade deadline passed was a pretty easy prediction to make.  And that's something I did on last night's edition of The 2 Man Game.

We also got a live report from ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg at The Staples Center… who had reaction to the trade.

As for the game… Kobe or not, that was a playoff game in the second half… and the Celtics won it in Los Angeles.  That counts for something.  That counts for a lot, actually.  The Lakers were playing well without Kobe.  They fought the C's tooth and nail and the C's fought back. 

The C's won that game the way the C's win game:  by defending like hell and knocking the other team around.  Kudos to the Lakers for fighting that fight and almost winning.  But the C's won it.  Be encouraged by it.

Coming up, Page 2… Where Doc's a funny guy

Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

“As a player, you feel a little more
comfortable knowing you’re here for the rest of the season,’’ said
Davis. “You’re not getting traded to another team, you’ve just got to
keep playing, staying focused on what we have to do, staying focused on
the main goal.’’

Said Allen,
“We were saying how it’s a lot of guys in grocery carts this past
month, because a couple of us have been shopped left and right.’’

That morning at breakfast, just to gauge
the tension, Doc Rivers played a small joke. He called a
few players up one by one, as if bearing bad news. When they got there,
he told them he just wanted to say, ‘Hi.’ ’’

All the guys who had been mentioned in
trades, I thought they would get nervous,’’ Rivers said. “It was a good

Globe:  Robinson comes over from Knicks

This is why guys love Doc.  He's one of the guys.  He's really funny.  

It's also why he's best on a veteran team.  You can't pull this stuff with a young team.  Guys like Ray Allen can laugh it off.  Young kids can get the wrong idea about a coach who likes to have some fun with his guys.  They misread "breaking the tension" as "not taking things seriously."

By the way… that was pretty funny.

(Via CelticsBlog)

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  • none of the celtics are thrilled about the nate robinson deal, and neither am I, Eddie has been an undderrated role player on this team and danny made a move for nothing

  • Perry

    A solid win, but I’m not ready to exhale just yet.
    I completely agree with Doug Collins who acknowledged this team sees the finish line and will play with more focus, but we won’t see the finished product for while longer.
    Last night was a baby step…no pun intended. KG looked spry until he was nailed for his fourth foul. No question he lost his rhythm, but so did every Celtic in that 4th quarter. Let’s see how he reacts to late flight, and a back to back.
    Why didn’t TNT show us a replay of the Pierce drive to the basket? I thought there was plenty of contact.
    There was no better time to unleash Nate’s skill set when the offense flat lined, so starting tonight let’s see what he can bring to the table.
    Quisy has to be more aggressive. I think he may have had 1 shot attempt.
    Not sure why Pierce’s attempts were in single digits. I know he waits for the game to come to him, but this team needs his scoring.
    Anyone worried about his hand?

  • thetitleisours

    What do you guys think will happen with our roster open spots?
    Second coming of Robert Swift, Michael Sweetney or Nick Fazekas? 😉
    Pat Carroll or Chris Lofton? lol
    The times, they are a changin’

  • I wouldn’t rule out the vet. minimum to a big that gets bought out.

  • Aaron

    i wasnt impressed by this win, at all.
    Perkins was getting out rebounded consistently. what a joke. his effort is horrible out there.
    also, rondo didnt man up @ end of game, as usual and deferred to pierce…
    doc rivers cannot coach at all. didnt call a time out at critical times…
    more than anything this game was won by LUCK…thats it.

  • thetitleisours

    Of course we have heard Z’s name.
    Who else has been mentioned?

  • Well… I haven't heard anyone else's name.  But there's always someone out there.

  • I really hate all the headlines (and even some comments here) about how the Celtics beat the Lakers(with out Kobe).
    Isn’t this the same Kobe-less team that just put on a winning streak with wins over Portland, San Antonio and the red hot Jazz?
    I’m not saying this win proves they can hang suddenly hang with the elite teams, but this is a valuable win for the team on the road. And to my thinking, based on the two games this season, Kobe is worth exactly one extra basket.
    Thoughts on tonight’s game?

  • Shawn-cvd

    This is a great win. Every win is a great win going forward.

  • Robert

    I don’t think TNT even noticed his hand was injured. Even his foul shots looked bad.
    Like Nate trade. I think he can do for us what Crawford has done for Atlanta’s second unit.