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Giddens: The shamrock tattoo stays

WEEI spoke to JR Giddens to get his reaction to being traded to the Knicks.  He said he was happy to get an opportunity to maybe get a few more minutes in a transition-style offense.  He's also happy to be going with familiar teammates.

But really, the critical question is:

You have that shamrock tattooed behind your ear. What’s next?

With the shamrock, it took me 22 years to get
drafted to the NBA and the Celtics were the first team that gave me the
opportunity to go on and play professional and follow my dreams and my
heart. Every one of my tattoos means something so that’s always going to
be my first, so the shamrock stays.

Way to skirt the question, JR.  What's next?  A Knickerbocker on your back?  A portrait of Spike Lee on your chest?  Inquiring minds want to know

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  • thetitleisours

    Maybe the Knicks can be our D-League and if Gid or Walker plays well bring them back

  • lol. We should match the Knicks up against the DLeague champ and see what happens.

  • thetitleisours

    I would pay to see that!

  • Scrub

  • Rav

    Don’t diss. If thou art so great, you can replace KG in the starting lineup.