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Doc and Phil Jackson agree: The 30-day rule is a joke

One of the main points in my rant against the Antawn Jamison trade is the fact that the Cavs could pretty much get the main player traded on their end back after a buyout.  So they could essentially get Jamison… a 20 and 9 guy… for a couple of draft picks.

A lot of people are upset at the rule that allows players to return to their former teams 30 days after a buyout.  Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson expressed their displeasure last night.

"They're going to get Ilgauskas back and it's going to be one of
those scenarios that we see in the NBA where you ship a player out, you
get another player, then your player retires or they pay him off and
then he comes back in 30 days," Jackson said. "I don't know what that
does for the league. I think that's kind of a weird situation."

agreed with Jackson, even though the loophole has helped his team in
the past.

"I have a problem with that," Rivers said before
Thursday's Lakers-Celtics game at Staples Center. "I loved it three
years ago when we did it with Gary
if you remember, but now I think it sucks. I think it's a
terrible deal."

Rivers and the Celtics traded Payton to Atlanta in
March 2005 for Antoine
and Payton returned to Boston after being waived by the

I actually do have a problem with that though. We did it,
and I'm joking, but I do think [it's a problem]. I don't know what you
do [maybe] just not allow them to go back to the same team or whatever.
… I do think that will be changed eventually, but I do have a problem
with it."

Will it be changed?  That's a good question… because I don't know how the Player's Association will give up something that allows a player to essentially double up on a salary. 

But something needs to be done.  I know it used to be worse… and that's why the 30 day rule was implemented.  But it's not enough.  Teams just can't give players away knowing they're getting them back.

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  • Danno

    It should be for the remainder of the current season, and any playoffs, not just 30 days.
    They should have to go play in the D-league or Europe if they want to continue playing until the foillowing season.

  • G4L

    My solution would be, Any player waved after the trade deadline could not play in the playoffs, just like if you were to trade someone after the trade deadline. I think that would put a stop to it & at at the same time the player could still make double if a the same team were to pick him up minus the Playoff checks.

  • DRJ

    If they get Z back, then it was a ridiculously great deal for them. (If not, I’m not a fan of it.)
    Not sure, but I think the league can STILL, even now, nix the return of Z to the Cavs, if they feel or have good reason to believe, that it was planned in advance.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Stupid, stupid, exploit. The rule should include that the player is not allowed to return to the original team.

  • cmoney

    no, they really can’t, without hard evidence. And it’s not a lock Z goes back.
    And Doc is wrong about one thing, we didn’t have to wait 30 days to get Payton back. He missed a week or something like that and played 77 games with us that year. The rule went into effect the following season.