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Celtics/Blazers Game Preview

Chuck - Red's Army February 19, 2010 Uncategorized 22 Comments on Celtics/Blazers Game Preview


Celtics (34-18) vs Blazers (32-24)

Game time: 10:30pm, Rose Garden, TV – CSN. Radio – WEEI-AM (850)

Team Leaders

Bos: Pierce – 18.4                  Blazers: Brandon Roy – 22.6

Bos: Perkins – 8.1                  Blazers: LaMarcus Aldridge – 8.4

Bos: Rondo – 9.7                    Blazers: Andre Miller – 5.5

Who'll go off:  Rajon Rondo. When you have a veteran team going back-to-back on the West coast, go with the youngest legs on the floor.

Who needs to be stopped: Andre Miller. He torched the Celtics for 28 points in the teams' first meeting this season (98-95 OT win for the Celtics). Miller has the size to post Rondo and without Tony Allen (ankle), the Celtics will have difficulty matching up.

The C's will lose if…  Do you remember how badly the Blazers beat-up the Celtics on the offensive boards in that last game? 16 offensive rebounds and 22 second chance points. 

Miscellaneous:  As of 5pm, it doesn't appear as if Nate Robinson will suit up for the Celtics. The Blazers acquired Marcus Camby from the Clippers at the trade deadline. Camby is expected to make his first start tonight. Brandon Roy returned to the Blazers Tuesday night after missing 12 games with a hamstring injury. He had 4 points in 18 minutes.

Prediction:  Portland 101 – Boston 96

After the jump, the Blazers dancers.







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  • DRJ

    Yeah, this one looks like it might be a loss. I’m ok with that… after last night’s work… and given the absence of Eddie, TA, Nate. We’re down to 10 players (including Scal and Shelden).
    ‘Sides, it’s hard to beat a team that is so boob-centric in it’s choice of dancers. Those Blazers… they sure know what they’re doing.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    A predicted loss?? I’m shocked. Didn’t realize we were trying to be so “objective” here. I think we’ll pull it out. Get a little streak going 🙂

  • AMP

    I actually think we will win easily…a repeat would be shocking. The last outing was a learning experience.

  • jared



    Quality post there Jared. 😉
    Here’s hoping the C’s pull it off – will be impressive to back up with 10 men but think it might be just beyond them…

  • Scott

    This is totally unrelated, but I just finished watching PTI and the guest tonight was old friend Isaiah Thomas. In the interview, he actually had the balls/lack of grip on reality to calmly proclaim that his work as a GM in the pro’s speaks for itself (in a good way) but that the “jury is out” is out on his coaching history. I sat there unable to move for good 5 minutes. The man who single handedly has destroyed practically every franchise he has touched said this with a straight face. I’m sorry for this rant but I had to bring this up. I pray that interview finds its way to youtube.

  • Scott

    oh and yeah … tits

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Nate Robinson is still feeling sick and Danny Ainge says we most likely won’t get to see him play until Tuesday

  • Peggy Olson

    Thats a lot of boob for one squad.

  • Peggy Olson

    Whats the word with Landry, is he really going to spell Perice at times? Is he any good?

  • Wiggs Dannyboy


  • What a bunch of hogwash when people (fans) say “chalk this one up as a loss” or “we will lose this one”.. Why? C’s are really looking spry so far after All-Star break. Why can’t we beat a depleted Blazers team? Hog-f’ing-wash.

  • What kind of Celtics fan has a nickname of “KGHATER”..? Fraud.


    Jesus – check the spelling and read my quality writing – John G – now that’s a strong name…
    56-38 at the half – looking forward to see how TTR (see from my name??) manages to bag the shit outa this performance…


    Lemme guess u saying that at halftime?? 🙂

  • No actually. I've felt this way all day. Just curious, and a few others have asked this, why the name kghater?
    A little odd. And weren't you on this site a couple weeks back bashing the Celtics and posting links like "celticssuck.com?"

  • SydneyCeltic

    And internationally. I’m enjoying my Saturday afternoon with a beer and a, thus far, good game. 🙂

  • LOL..but even I didn’t think we’d beat them THIS bad.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Now…that was a pleasurable couple hours!
    Ray! Ray! Ray! 🙂

  • Shawn-cvd

    His name was born of an ongoing feud with “To The Ruins” (TTR). The TTR in “KGHaTTR” asserts his claim that Ruins bitches constantly about Big Ticket…that Ruins is a KG hater.
    I think your confusing the celticssuck.com w/ a different poster.

  • Thanks S! It was good to hear you on 2ManGame the other night. Guess I owe KGhaTTR an apology. Story of my life.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Thanks man. I won’t bbe calling them the Big Ol’ Three for long should they keep playing like this:)