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Celtics Survive in LA

Chuck - Red's Army February 19, 2010 Uncategorized 45 Comments on Celtics Survive in LA


It wasn't pretty. In fact, the Celtics did everything they could to give away this game in the 4th quarter, but they pulled it out, 87-86.

How hard was it? The Cs scored just 11 points in the final quarter. Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett went scoreless in the last 12 minutes.

Fueled by Sasha Vujacic (yes, Vujacic), the Lakers rolled off a 13-0 run early in the 4th quarter and turned a 9 point deficit into a 4-point lead.

The game turned ugly for the final 6 minutes with neither team able to score. The refs made a couple of bad calls in the final seconds. Pierce clearly drew contact on that drive to the hoop with 5 seconds left. No call. Fortunately, the refs botched LA's timeout call and only gave them 2.2 seconds to get off a final shot.

Perk turned in a monster game – 13 points, 14 rebounds. He had 5 points in the 4th. Rondo had 14 points, 11 assists and 5 steals.

Ray (24 points) had the stroke going for the first 36 minutes.

The bench was awful. Rasheed Wallace had 4 points on 2-11 FG. Marquis Daniels did not score or take a shot in 13 minutes. Tony Allen (4 points) strained a tendon in his right ankle and did not play in the 2nd half.

Box Score | Recap

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  • paul

    The plus is that Ray got his stroke back, Perk was effective once again, KG made some tough shots, and the energy on defense returned (although the Lakers played excellent defense as well)
    The starters turned it up slightly, but the bench was terrible. Now if only we can get them both at the same time. Pierce, where are you?
    Also, we didn’t have House tonight. Or Robinson rather

  • Was important for Perk to have a good game against their bigs. And Ray-Ray was phenomenal. A little concerned that ‘Quis was a no show, not like him at all. He’ll be fine though. Would also have liked to seen ‘Sheed down low more-the only time he had success tonight was then-not sure why he shyed away from it. Ok Fakers trolls, let’s hear it: “You only won because Kobe didn’t play.” See you pricks in the Finals. RedsArmy for life.

  • Did you see that Piece of shit Jackson bitching before he walked off the court? I guess he expected to be handed BOTH games this year. Actually he was but it didn’t quite work out tonight 🙂

  • rico

    i dont normally criticize players but my lord wtf what happened to the rasheed from detroit, cus were better off with shelden if hes going to play like that

  • paul

    Aside from an epic turnover, Rondo’s pass selection tonight was prime

  • Lee in Oregon

    Without Kobe, the C’s HAD to win this game. The defense stepped up but they still almost blew it. They’re playing better than before the break, but still not a strong outing. Good to see Ray & Perk wake up.
    Sheed is 1 T away from a suspension. Maybe thats a good thing.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Won’t get to see the whole game until later tonight, but what I did see just about killed me. It wasn’t in the least bit pretty, but it was a win and ultimately, it’s what both teams want. I’m glad we got it this time.
    I just really really hate Lamar Odom. I can’t say it’s a rational dislike, but I just hate him. Almost as much as I hate Kobe, and that’s saying something.
    Now the question is, can I wait until 11pm for the replay? Hrm.

  • At the end of the day, this was a really good win.
    Very encouraging signs from Ray and KG… who had been playing awful for what seems like forever.
    KG didn’t even play that well… he just played with a lot of mobility and athleticism which we havn’t seen from him since the beginning of the year… That one board he grabbed with 1 minute left was impressive. I love it.

  • paul

    You hate Lamar, I hate Vujacic. To each his own

  • I hate Lamar myself so I totally understand.


    We just knocked off the champs away – I’ll take that to the bank. Big 3 went cold in the 4th but Perk grew a new one and played awesome. Props to Rondo too despite the 6-17…
    No Lakers trolls here? almost disappointing.
    U think TTR will come up with a ‘Um…it was only the Lakers and Kobe wasn’t playing’??
    The C’s are jekyll and hyde at the mo – Starters are crap starters are good, bench is crap, bench is good….
    2-0 on the road boys…..

  • DRJ

    No, he’s 3 Ts away. And this one might get rescinded (it was a bad call).

  • DRJ

    This was a GREAT GAME BY THE Cs. Not good, GREAT.
    Why? Because all 5 starters played great. That’s huge news. Hasn’t happened in over a month. Including KG, who was strong and energetic and jumping around just fine.
    Yes, they had some offensive lapses. Yes, Sheed had a bad game… but it was not, this time, for lack of effort or laziness. He just had a bad game… it happens. Quis wasn’t very good either, but I have 0 doubt that he’ll come right back.
    The D was awesome, even when the O faltered late in Q4. That’s what being a defensive team MEANS, btw.
    And Nate’s gonna help a lot with the “disappearing offense” problem they’re sometimes experiencing. (Btw, Doc said he’ll probably only join the team for Sunday’s game, not tomorrow’s.)
    Bottom line: this game could be a turning point. Everybody looked and played seriously, with passion and focus. It feels like they’ve turned a corner and are now seriously preparing for the playoffs. All good.
    And btw… it didn’t matter that they won. Win or lose, this was a great game for them… and possibly a watershed moment.

  • Bostontilldeath

    Dude this ain’t nothin for us fans to be proud of. I ain’t gona tell you what to do but we barley beat L.A. without their 24 million dollar man. Wow Overall this game is nothing to be proud of once again C’s Nation. I can’t even say anything positive for Ray Allen because knocking down shots over Fisher is Absolutely NOTHING IMPRESSIVE. For the one’s sayin Allen got his stroke back go to your local junior high and hit some fundamental jumpers. Perk was the only positive to pull out of this along with some mobility out of Garnett yet I don’t fail to mention his overall game wasn’t great. There were some bad calls but LA got the worst and most vital one with Pau’s timeout. With the time they got janked they could have passed the ball twice within their offense. Also not to mention the the last one point game we had against LA ended in a game winner by that son of bitch that didn’t play tonight.

  • DRJ

    You’ve got to look with better eyes that that.

  • Green8Teen

    that son of a bitch should never have gotten that shot in the first place. that artest flop was despicable. imagine if they called kobe for an offensive in that situation in LA?
    i think your overstating the negatives about this game. overall, they played better than they have in the last month in a half and they were facing the best team in the league right now. i don’t see anything to complain about.

  • KY Celts fan

    I hate them both. Especially Vuja-bitch. But especially Odom.
    I still haven’t forgiven him from coming up all smiles on that hard foul on Perk that separated his shoulder in the 2008 finals. Who smiles when a guy is writhing on the floor? Ass. And I hate power-bar and taco bell because of him, too.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Oh hey, I hate that pissy little bitch Sasha too. And Derek Fisher. And Pau Gasol. Yeah, okay, I’ll admit.. I just hate the lakers full stop. *shrugs* Can’t help it. 🙂
    I agree with KY Celts Fan. It’s like Odom *likes* hurting people. That shit just ain’t cool.

  • dont understand all the optimism
    KG has looked so terrble that his performance tonight was actually “a step in the right direction”
    and people are proud of barely beating the lakers without Kobe Bryant.
    Yawn. Not impressive

  • Shawn-cvd

    Agreed on that flop job.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Beating the defending Faker-Champions on their home court is a GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT win!!! Some observations not made yet;
    I wanted to puke over the “Power Duos” graphics in the first half. Pau Gasoft/Bynum were put in the same sentence as true HOF frontcourt greats as Parish/McHale, Sampson/Hakeem and Robinson/Duncan. Are you F’ing serious TNT? Those two Fakers are yet to compliment each other on a regular basis. Pau is worth consideration but Bynum?
    Perk’s half-court shot at the second quarter buzzer was a LOL moment for me. He hit nothing but the center of the shot clock…
    Notice how the announcers were talking of how Doc hasn’t been doing many practices due to our teams age/injuries?? This is the stretch run now and if that’s true that would explain A LOT of our lapses and having off quarters/games. With regular practice the Green should improve measurably.
    Lastly Kenny Smith gave great incite regarding the Nate trade. He said how Robinson has made shots 15 feet and closer 63 times this season to Eddie’s 11. That’s SIX times more!!! His accuracy at the three point line is pretty much the same. The Jet’s final points was he can give the Celtics a 20 point game here and there off the bench and had Nate been there tonight we would not had scored only 11 points in the fourth quarter. How could you not love the potential of this trade?

  • Shawn-cvd

    You hit the nail on the head. Read way below. TTR is becoming predictable.

  • Orb

    Despite the ugliness of that 4th quarter, that’s the best I’ve felt watching this team in a long while. They looked like they belonged as a top tier team. At the all-star break I would’ve taken two wins on this 4 game road trip and seen it as progress. Lets run the table and let the league know its a new season!

  • Rav

    Yeah, I agree about the power-duos thing. They should have put Perk and Garnett on there. Maybe M. Gasol, Randolph. Curry, Chandler. Mohammed, Diop.
    Seriously though, Bynum and Gasol are nothing compared to the other three pairs. Even Laker fans would have to agree.

  • Nora

    Cavs are better

  • Aaron

    i think everyone is hung up on perks stats. i dont think he played that GREAT. at all. in fact, going up against bynum who is notoriously soft on the low block, he should have had 8 more rebounds (i was drinking and counting) mainly offensive ones that he missed (shocker NO ONE on the c’s boxes out on shots and gets offensive rebounds anymore…) and at least 5-7 more points.
    doc’s coaching was AWFUL.
    people, i truly hope that we arent all happy with that mediocre win against a kobe-less lakers… we wouldve got smoked by 20….
    ray looked good…the only plus

  • Nora

    Mr negativity can’t be happy about anything. Must be depressing being you with that attitude all the time.

  • Nora

    Hate to break it to those announcers but Kobe for one is not getting any younger either.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    I thought Perk played well in the second half. There was one offensive put back where Gasol actually tooh two steps back away from perk out of fear I guess.
    We can criticize it all we want but I will always be happy with a win over the Lakers.


    Haha! Gotcha – so predictable – didn’t quite get every word right but not far off….
    U call yourself a Celtic fan but I SERIOUSLY think u watch KG and probably stay silent every time he does something good and moan every time he does something bad. And yet you’re supposed to LIKE THIS TEAM!


    Ahhhh thank god someone is……
    The Lakers may be without Kobe but Gasol, Odom and even Brown have taken turns stuffing teams for fun and we beat them on their turf.
    Just like they beat us on ours by a pt when we were injured a bit…
    Some people here need to tell me when they will rate a win…cos currently anyone we beat isn’t good enough.
    This team is not the 07-08 vintage – I think expectations need to be lowered a bit and we should enjoy wins against quality teams like this – was it perfect – no but we beat up on the champs away….

  • Dont know what you’re talking about, I continue to be objective, while you just can’t handle it, while tonight, I suppose, was a step in the right direction for the team and for KG, I see no reason to applaud KG being a 13/8 (if you’re lucky) guy who gets blown by his defender for a huge dunk 1-2 times a game.
    And I’m not unhappy about the win, just doesnt thrill me…Kobe Bryant wasnt even playing, we scored 11 pts in the 4th quarter and won by 1


    Tell me a hypothetical (that means make it up) win u would be happy with – Utah away?, Denver away?, Cavs away?

  • A win in Denver on Sunday would be the best win of the year, a good win that should make any celtic fan happy
    a 1 pt win against a kobe-less lakers? eh

  • Shawn-cvd

    This is a great win. Fakers, with or without Kobe, had been ballin’!

  • DRJ

    Misery makes some people happy. If they were happy, they’d be miserable. To be happy. But they’re miserable, so they’re happy. Got it?


    I just think he’s not getting any……


    OK next question – how many of our 34 wins have actually made u happy??
    Here’s my point – why the F&*( do u follow these guys if u don’t enjoy watching them??
    You’re never impressed by them….

  • Just curious, why the F is your screenname “KG Hater”? A little suspect..


    KGHa’TTR’ an extremely clever reference to ToTheRuins being a KGHater. I cheer KG on every play, even the bad ones!!!

  • Theres only about a handful of wins we have that i havent been thrilled about, games we got lucky to win or played bad enough to lose and just barely won, last nights game, the kings game, and a win against the clippers and blazers…all ho hum wins that didnt impress me and we were lucky to win.
    Other then that i been happy with the wins, and the first few months of the season…Ive just been callin it as i see it, last night was a semi-good step in the right direction, we shall see tonight


    You’ve been about as happy and positive as Dick Cheney – U have bagged recent wins against LA, Sac, the Clips, NJ, Miami, NJ again, Portland, Miami again, Washington, Toronto – basically every win since bloody Xmas hasn’t been good enough… – u can’t say u moan after a few – EVERY TIME u bitch and moan.
    U sound like Stan Van Gundy.
    By the way – now last night is a ‘semi good step’ not a ‘don’t understand the optimism’ and ‘yawn, not impressive’ – Make up your mind


    Totally off topic but Antawn Jamison – currently 0-10 in his first game off the bench!!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Go get him HaTTR. EVERY win over the Lakers I’ve enjoyed.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Your name is a lightening rod. You need to keep an explanation saved to notepad so you can copy and paste!!!