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Your Morning Dump… Where that’s life in the NBA

Eddie upset

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“I love playing with them, but at the end of the day it’s a business and the Celtics [team stats]
feel like they’ll be a better team with the guy they’re trying to get.
So you’ve got to move on. That’s what it is. I’m here at practice
today. I’m a basketball player. I’m going to do what I love to do and
play basketball and come (today) figure out what’s going to happen.”…

“At the end of the day that’s something you can’t control,” he said.
“It’s out of my hands. It’s never been in my hands. What’s in my hands
is that wherever I go . . . going to New York I have two months to play
some real strong basketball, hopefully get some wins with them guys and
make a good account for myself for free agency.”

Herald:  Rivers lauds House's professional approach

“I told him what was going on,’’ said Rivers. “I was honest with him. I did tell him if he didn’t want to practice, that’s fine.

“I also told him nothing’s done, and nothing is done. Eddie’s a part of our core, and he’ll always be part of that.

easy for me to move guys around the exterior of our core. It’s very
difficult for me to ever even think about touching anybody in our core.
So if we do this, that in my opinion is what we’d be doing, and for me
that’s a tough thing to do. But that’s life in the NBA.’’

Globe: Robinson deal in the works

Life in the NBA is great… millions of dollars, love and adoration of fans, the ability to act like a kid in a locker room until your 30's.

But the trade-off is the uncertainty of where you'll live your life… especially if you're a role player like Eddie.

No matter how much we love him… no matter how close he is to the guys on that team.  If he needs to go for a player the team thinks will make them better… then he goes.  And that applies to anyone.  That's life in the NBA.

Eddie was very important to the Celtics championship run.  He stepped up when Sam Cassell couldn't.  Sad to see ya go Eddie.

Coming up Page 2, where Danny might be sending the team a message

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It might work, it might not. But it seems Ainge couldn't let the
deadline pass without making some sort of statement to his team, taking
them out of their comfort level, if even just a bit.

But is this
the only move Ainge plans to make? It remains to be seen if a team will
put together a strong enough offer to make the Celtics seriously
consider moving Ray Allen and his expiring $19.7 million contract.

thing's for certain: Ainge doesn't appear shy about pulling the trigger
if he feels he can help his team win — and win now. If the right deal
were to float across his desk, he'd have to give a Ray Allen trade
careful thought.

The impending trade of House suggests that the
Celtics think their championship window is still open, and they plan to
utilize every remaining moment before letting it shut.

Chris Forsberg: What's the deal with Nate Robinson

Was this trade as much about sending a message as it was making the team better?  Was it a "hey… you guys are a little too comfortable… so I'm going send you a warning shot by trading one of your friends away."

It's a cold, cold business… but if that's the move that needed to be made… then so be it.  I can only imagine the looks on the guys faces. 

"Oh man… Eddie?"

Wake up boys.  If this is a move Danny had to make because you guys got too complacent, then you all owe Eddie his moving expenses and maybe a Rolex or two.  It's a shame to think this guy has to uproot his family again because some guys were a little too comfortable.

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  • Nick

    I will miss you Eddie!

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I’m not satisfied. This isn’t enough. Major dissapointment!

  • Jimmy Oliver

    Just watched the highlights of the C;s coming back from 24 down against the lakers. I don’t care if Nate Robinson was the next coming of MJ, its a sad day to see House leave.

  • Orb

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eddie coaching in a few years after he retires. He’s a vocal guy, and engaged all game every game. I’ll definitely miss him, but I’m actually on board with the “shake it up” that Danny may or may not be trying. We weren’t on a good trajectory for the past two months, and not much has changed, so I’m up for anything. It’s just too bad we couldn’t make a Scal/Giddens trade for a new set of knees for KG.

  • Miss you Eddie! You gave your heart to this team and more guys on the C’s as well as in most levels of sports could use more of what you got.
    Good luck.

  • Perry

    I like Nate’s chances to succeed in Boston. Although I value a guy like Eddie it’s easy to see why he’s played for nine teams. Nate has more dimensions to his game. This gives the bench an explosiveness not seen here in quite a while (Dee Brown?). He also won’t be as shy as Marbury when it comes to scoring the ball, and I think Doc will let Nate be Nate. If he gets comfortable with this second unit it will amount to less wear and tear for Ray down the stretch.
    Looking at this roster one would have to conclude it is championship caliber. Bottom line: this team will go as far as KG’s knee will take them.
    It’s a good tweak. So far Danny has lived up to his word. Now if he can lure Hinrich away for Scal and TA’s expiring contracts that would really be saying something.