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Nate will join the Celtics Friday

Chuck - Red's Army February 18, 2010 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Nate will join the Celtics Friday


“Nate is one of the great athletes in the league and he brings a
dynamic scorer to our team,” said Danny Ainge, Celtics President of
Basketball Operations said in a release. “We have been seeking a second
ball handler capable of penetrating the defense and we believe that he
provides that. We love Nate’s ability to pressure the ball defensively
and we think he can add to our defense as well as our offense.”

Robinson is expected to be in uniform Friday against the Portland
Trail Blazers. Not sure if Marcus Landry, who actually had a solid
rookie season in New York, has a future with the Celtics. He may be
worth taking a look at because the Celtics have two open roster spots
because they traded three players and acquired two.

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  • DRJ

    Cs are looking real good tonight in the first half. They seem fired up, very different. Paul’s got that intensity back. KG is looking good. Everybody’s playing the right way. Win or lose, this is a great sign that they ARE gonna get their act together and that they WILL be a major force in the playoffs.
    And I think this is gonna stick. Doesn’t look like another flash in the pan.

  • Scott

    Great defensive effort tonight. They played D like we haven’t seen in a while. Tenacious and swarming. However, I’m still really concerned with the offense. I’m really sick of our end game offense, which now solely consists of Pierce dribbling at half court (not even under control some of the time) until there is virtually no time left on the shot clock and forcing up an ugly shot. That needs to change like yesterday.

  • Let’s see how they respond tonight after the battle last night.. be good to see Nate enter with a spark.