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Jamison trade is worse than the Pau Gasol trade


A couple of years ago, everyone was going nuts over Pau Gasol going to the Lakers for his brother Marc, a few other guys and couple of first round picks (one of them still to be used this summer). 

But it turns out that Marc Gasol is a pretty good player and the deal wasn't a complete give-away.

But this Antawn Jamison deal is. 

Cleveland is giving up an almost 35-year-old Zydrunas Ilgauskas, a first round pick, and the rights for some second round pick we'll never see for Jamison.  Marc Gasol was a young big man with potential… so at least Memphis got something out of it. 

Plus… big Z's agent has already said he's going to ask for a buyout… which would free him up to return to Cleveland (or wherever he wanted to go).  The Wizards, unlike Memphis, are left with nothing but some cap space… and nothing to fill it with.

So the Cavs are giving up a guy who is clearly at the end of the road averaging 7 and 5 for an athletic forward who is dropping 20 and 9… and they might even get that first guy back. 

A couple of draft picks for a guy who could drop 20+ if he needed to… who can slide in and fill whatever role you need him to… who has the demeanor that allows him to fit into a new situation and give his new team the best chance to succeed after a shakeup in the locker room. 

Amare Stoudemire is a better player than Jamison… but he's not a better fit in Cleveland.  The Cavs just locked up the #1 seed… and maybe the championship… with that move. 

Jamison slides on into Cleveland the same way a stunt driver power slides into a parking spot.  Everything is in line… and suddenly this guy comes in from out of nowhere.  But despite the potential for a complete wreck, the end result will be everything falling in line.

The road to a championship is now all but guaranteed to go through Cleveland.  It's a move that should scare everyone in the East.  

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  • Danno

    Ilgauskas is almost 35. which makes him 34.
    Antwan Jamison. Born: Jun 12, 1976.
    Uh. Doesn’t that make Jamison 34 also?

  • This kind of player movement can be argued is really bad for the NBA. Still, Pau Gasol was 28 when the Lakers traded for him. Jamison is still very effective, but dude is not 28 years old.
    So, I agree that the Cavs gave up basically nothing other than lots and lots of money to the luxury tax to get Jamison, but it can easily be argued that Gasol was still the bigger rip job.
    I am happy that one of these deals finally worked out for my team, but I am also willing to have the conversation that the whole process is bad for the NBA as a whole.
    Also while I hope Z comes back, I think it was garbage that Detroit got McDyess back and that Cleveland will probably get Z back after 30 days. It is legal, but the NBA needs to visit this in the future.

  • Steve

    Luckily we still get to play the games

  • Lex

    There are few things in life I dislike more than the Lakers. I have no ill feelings for the cavs. In fact, if the Celtics keep stumbling, I want the cavs to be stronger so they can beat the lakers.
    Hence, the gasol deal remains worse.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    There’s plenty who would criticize/complain about the KG trade…

  • You know what, in the grand scheme of things I would have to agree. As much as LeBron pisses me off with that holier-than-thou attitude, and says things like “I’m gonna be in the 2010 Dunk Contest,” he’s still INFINITELY more likable than Kobe. Obviously it helps that he’s not on the Lakers, but its really entertaining watching the Cavs.
    And also Gasol and the rest of the Lakers are owning right now without Kobe. I don’t care how good Jamison is; if Lebron goes down so do the Cavs

  • CFH

    This is an excellent point.
    I have mixed feelings about LeBron, but have no problem with the team as a whole… whereas anything that benefits Kobe and the Lakers is automatically bad.

  • I was comparing who was sent out… comparing Z to Marc Gasol.

  • Oh, some have. But Al Jefferson is a 20/10 guy and Ryan Gomes is a pretty good role player. The C’s gave up talent to get KG.

  • Another thing to consider is that the Wizards’ situation was well-documented and they had to make a trade. The whole Gasol trade was confusing because that team didn’t really need to get blown up.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    “And also Gasol and the rest of the Lakers are owning right now without Kobe. I don’t care how good Jamison is; if Lebron goes down so do the Cavs.”

  • Perry

    Respectfully disagree.
    Once again Ferry is guilty of placating Lebron. With or without Jamieson Cleveland would have contended for the championship, but now they’re locked into a 34 year player who is due to make 28.5 million over the next two years. The combination of Stoudemire and Lebron may have made them nearly invincible over a longer period of time and that’s what Ferry really wanted. Instead he had choice but to save face and settle for Jamieson.
    Okay he’s a 20/10 guy, but he’s not a Celtic killer. Perk has always had problems with Z. I for one will not miss him in a Cleveland uniform. He may not be able to move, but the guy has a skill set, and he backs up Shaq.
    This rasies a lager question — what if Shaq goes down? And then we have the chemistry issue to consider. Z has been a Cav since 96′. Of course if he ponies up with Cleveland in 30 days my point is moot. Reports are Dallas plans to make a pitch.
    The actual winner in this trade may be the Wizards. If Arenas’ contract is voided by the NBA suits, they would have more than 40 million in cap space…oh…and a high lottery pick. Wouldn’t it something to watch us bounce Cleveland out of the playoffs and the Wizards woo Lebron over the summer?

  • Antawn Jamison isn’t even close to as good as Pau Gasol

  • natevb2000@hotmail.com

    100% agree. Plus, as mentioned above, Gasol was 28, and he was/is a significantly better overall player than the defensively-challenged, much-lower-shooting-% Jamison. The Gasol deal was criminal, even if Marc Gasol has turned out to be solid.

  • Nate


  • Double P Reppin the B

    Not to sure this was a bigger steal than Gasol. Gasol was and still is in the prime of his career and a better player than Jamison. Jamison fits well with Cleveland but this straps Cleveland for the nexy few years, especially where Lebron is open to sign anywhere after this season. I don’t think Jamison is much of a defensive force, and is undersized for his position. This deal gets infinitely better if they are able to get Big Z back, but if they don’t, I’m not to sure this is going to put Cleveland over the top. Maybe if they fire that damn head coach. He’s awful.

  • Lex

    I used to like the Cavs cuz they reminded me of the 77 blazers, one great player and a bunch of pieces parts. Now they have too many stars to think that way. I still don’t hate them.
    My first thought is always, how can the celtics get better. My next thought is how can someone not the lakers get better if the celtics stumble.

  • DRJ

    For the Cavs to now be completely dependent on Shaq at the center position is bad (for them). I don’t trust Shaq’s game, always thought they were nuts to bring him in. If Z stays gone, things just got a lot worse for them in that regard. Does Jamison make up for that? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s not obvious.

  • Um, Big Z isnt going to get bought up and end up back i CLE, and if not, and in meantime, Varejao gets to do what hes always been, play backup center


    Agreed – the buyout rule is a joke…..

  • Big Z IS going to get bought out****


    But in terms of win lose – twolves are mud and the C’s got it done…

  • Shawn-cvd

    I second that. Stupid, stupid exploit.

  • Joseph

    Get over Suckdic fans – You got KG for nothing. And don’t bring up the often injured Al Jefferson, he’s always injured and Minnesota is looking to move his ass too.

  • Shawn-cvd

    But in terms of win/lose the Lakers made the Finals in each of the last two years winning last season. And the Lakers improved by leaps and bounds with -one- trade…mid-season. We also had to trade for Ray and fill out our roster with our mid level exceptions.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Agreed on that moron coach of there’s. He could have the Olympic team entering the playoffs and still not make it out of the second round.

  • Sal

    Thirded. It’s an embarrassing rule.

  • mark

    lol you guys have no faith in your team..thats why you guys are bandwagon fans! HAHHAHHA one and done! told you so!

  • Erick

    How does the buy out deal work?

  • Teams can negotiate a buyout of some portion of the remaining contract. So if I got traded and I made $10 million and my team wanted to buy me out, they’d sit down with me and negotiate a figure and once we agree… I’m out.
    But the NBA rules prohibit me from re-signing with my original team for 30 days… because back-room deals were being made to include players just to match salaries with the agreement that they’d be bought out by the other team and re-signed.

  • Joseph

    Ryan Gomes is garbage and Al Jefferson is always injured. Why don’t you admit it, the Suckdics only got KG because of Frankenstein McHale. It was a terrible trade for Minnesota which is why McHale utlimately got the boot as GM.