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Herald: Giddens part of House deal, 3rd team involved?

Mark Murphy reports that Giddens is part of the Eddie House/Nate Robinson deal… but it seems like that doesn't automatically mean Giddens is going to NY.

“(Giddens) is probably going to be part of this,” said the source. “And at the end of the day Eddie is probably going to end up in New York. But there are so many moving parts to this, a number of things can still happen.

That makes it seem like a third team is involved, doesn't it?

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  • d

    REALGM.com is saying it’s House, Giddens and Walker to NY for Nate and TBD…

  • Eddie House is the MAN

    And $1M bonus for Nate for “making the playoffs”…

  • if our big move is losing eddie house and getting nate robinson…who cares….and who cares about JR giddens.
    So Golden state beat the Kings by 32 last night without monta ellis(anyone notice stephen curry all of a sudden looks like an all star without monta around) ….anyways this is the same we beat by 2…lol..
    Doesnt matter whether Kobe plays tonight or not, we probably lose, unless this is the turnaround game, in LA that they need…but i havent seen any signs of life

  • Double P Reppin the B

    We probably get a draft pick with Nate in return for House and Giddens

  • Eddie House is the MAN

    Looks like Marcus Landry with Nate for Walker/House/Giddens. Ridiculous.

  • AMP

    That’s not a smart move…