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ESPN: Tenative Deal Done

Chuck - Red's Army February 18, 2010 Uncategorized 36 Comments on ESPN: Tenative Deal Done

Via Chris Sheridan and Chris Forsberg

The Boston Celticshave reached a tentative agreement on a deal with the New York Knicksto send Eddie House, J.R. Giddensand Bill Walker to New York for Nate Robinsonand a second player, according to multiple sources. The identity of the second New York player was not immediately clear.

The name Marcus Landry keeps coming up as the other guy.  The Globe reports the Celtics will likely waive Landry

UPDATEGlobe says the deal is done

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  • CFH

    Leaving the Celtics with three empty roster spots, assuming they do waive the other Knick?
    Interesting. Ot maybe not.

  • aaron

    this deal sucks. i was ALL for trading eddie and cash or eddie and jr…but i really like bill walkers game….
    you watch. he will be a player in this league…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah that’s a lot of empty seats on the pine

  • DRJ

    I don’t think they can just waive Landry…. don’t they have to buy him out?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Regardless, he was never going to be a player here. Doc doesn’t play these guys and they are just sittin there taking up space and $$$, so no problem to me to ship them out

  • Danno
  • JPD985

    That trade with Eddie, JR, and Billy for Nate and Marcus doesn’t work on the trade machines.

  • Lex

    The Army with the Breaking News update!

  • Lex

    Three players for 2, and then we waive landry.
    That means we go from a roster with 14 players to a roster with 12!!!!

  • Lex

    Free agent signings post trade deadline???

  • Danno

    who is getting waived/bought out besides Big Z?

  • Lex

    Or another deal in the works???

  • DRJ


  • hurdler

    NYK got PG Sergio Rodriquez in the TMAC deal…

  • Means the same thing, really. When you make 400,000… it’s a buyout

  • FSantos33

    Open spot for LEON POWE??

  • Filipe

    We can’t waive Landry unless we are hiring someone else. We need 13 spots filled. So either we have our sights on someone or we are calling someone from D-League.

  • Danno

    Celtics also made a D-League trade for D-League’s leading scorer Morris Almond.

  • Lex

    RA, can’t you get on the bat phone with Danny . . .

  • To anyone who doesn’t think Nate can score:
    Last year Nate averaged 17.2 ppg in 29 mpg. This year Ray Allen is averaging 16 ppg in 36 mpg.

  • DRJ

    They cannot stay with 12 bodies. The rule is a minimum of 13 players per roster (12 Active, 1 Inactive). There is an exception for a limited time. So… IF this deal goes/went thru (and who knows?), they will HAVE to take at least one more player on (if Landry is bought out that is). Maybe Lue? Ahh, who knows….

  • Steve

    What about bringing lester hudson back? didn’t her get cut for numbers sake? we now have another spot open.

  • DRJ

    Grizzlies might have something to say about that.

  • Danno

    Hudson Signed with Memphis.
    It will likely be Morris almond being brought up for the final roster spot, with another free agent waived/buyout player being added.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Giddens and Walker were not included. Official deal is House and Draft pick TBD for Nate

  • Lex

    ty lue–DRJ may be on to something!

  • DRJ

    SI reporting that “league sources” confirm the deal: Nate + Landry for Eddie, Billy and JR.

  • JD

    Well, I am both saddened to see Eddie go (a little bit for Billy and JR as well) and really excited to have Nate come to Boston. Everybody is complaining about how this deal “isn’t enough” but the fact of the matter is, Nate is going to be 10 times the player that Marbury was (same with Cassell for that matter). This is a legit player we are getting, not some old guy or a headcase. He can score just as prolifically as Eddie, plus we are in for some awesome dunks.

  • Lex

    Does Ty Lue suit up tonight?

  • DRJ

    There’s like a 2 week grace period if you fall below 13. Plus they’re technically at 13 until/unless they dump Landry. Plus who knows what else they have in mind…..?

  • another tim.

    i hate this. i wouldn’t like this deal if it was just eddie or just walker for nate.
    i don’t like nate’s game at all. and i think we’ll miss eddie’s spark off the bench.
    if i had to vote for a trade, it would be ray allen. (or scal, if we could get more than a pile of old popcorn for him.)

  • What does Ray Allen have to do with anything?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Maybe Danny knows of someone going to be waived. Possibly even by the knicks that we pick up. Who knows whats in store but I’m excited about getting Nate, he scores in a hurrrrrry and gonna be fun to watch him hes crazy hes gonna get the fans in the stadium screamin

  • DRJ

    Agree. Can’t wait to see him in action. If nothing else, it’s gonna be fun to watch.
    I can see it now… it’s the 3rd quarter… Celtics on the court with 4 guys sleepwalking and 1 guy running around like the Energizer bunny looking for somebody to jump.

  • Lex

    DRJ, as in, Dr. J?

  • rav

    13th spot probably for an SF who gets bought out. Until then, DA will keep filling it with 10-day contracts.