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Bill Walker now part of House, Giddens deal?

Via TrueHoop

Multiple sources say the Knicks have reached a tentative agreement on a deal with Boston sending Nate Robinsonand a second player to the Celtics for Eddie House, J.R. Giddensand Bill Walker. The identity of the second New York player was not immediately clear.

If anyone can figure out who this other player on the Knicks is, feel free to explain how it works.  It still seems possible another team is involved.

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  • Nick

    Supposedly Marcus Landry

  • Double P Reppin the B

    BYC makes this real tough to make the salaries work without a 3rd team. The only salaries that possibly could work and be the “other” player would be
    Jordan Hill
    Wilson Chandler
    and I would be very surprised if the Knicks part way with either of those players. Young and huge upside. But I’d take either of them!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yes Marcus Landry would work as well

  • Nick

    John (Columbus, OH)
    Published reports have Nate and a 2nd players going to Boston for House, Giddens and Bill Walker. Any idea who the 2nd Knicks player might be?
    John Hollinger
    (12:40 PM)
    If they do the deal this way it’s almost certainly Marcus Landry. However if they lump in Nate to a T-Mac deal they can do it without the second player; they’d just have to cut Brian Cardinal to create the roster spot. Boston’s three players wouldn’t change.

  • Nick


  • Steve

    Three players for Nate? Really Danny? I know that Giddens and Walker do not play but they could be contributing for a few minutes a game and might even show some potential if given the opportunity. This seems like a desperate move by Danny.

  • Danno
  • why are the scrub throw ins even relevant?

  • Danno

    salary reasons only.
    Jettisoning Walker and Giddens frees up the C’s to sign buyout players.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Agreed. My thoughts exactly

  • JD

    I don’t know about giving up both Giddens and Walker, I think at least one of them is going to be a serviceable player down the line. But if it must be done, so be it.

  • Caterpillar

    I’m still wondering how Robinson could possibly fit into C’s.. 🙁

  • thetitleisours

    Giving up on Walker, why???
    Hate it if both Gid and Walker go

  • rease davis

    Marc Stein just reported that three-way deal with Knicks is done — TMac to Knicks, Hughes to Sac, Jeffries to Hou with 2012 first and right to swap in 2011. Landry, Dorsey to Sac, Martin to Hou, no word on Sergio. Looks like Hill stays in NY.

  • Edge22

    so are the Celtics going to sign Marbury or Sam Cassell to run the point? We really need another back up PG.

  • Nick

    We left out one name: New York’s Jordan Hill also going to Houston, source says

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I think it could be nocioni sp? NY/SAC/BOS are in a 3 way deal currently.

  • Steve

    we will know in the next hour

  • BlowJ Pimpson

    And in walks Tyronn Lue as backup point.

  • celtified

    don’t forget ty lue is waiting in the wings to fill in as at least a body if we go 3 for 1

  • Perry

    Other guy is Marcus Landry who makes under 500k.
    Sorry to see Walker go, but he wasn’t going to get playing time with this roster.
    Kudos to Danny for not giving up any draft picks.

  • Danno

    It still doesn’t work with just Nate and Landry for House, Giddens and Walker under the trade checker. That BYC thing really messes it all up.

  • Why?
    Good riddance to both of them

  • DRJ

    Giddens and Walker are meaningless to this team. Throwing them in just means less work later on. And yeah, they save money on airplane tickets moving these guys around.

  • DRJ

    With just minutes to go, still no hard deal. Really, I don’t think these guys know what they’re doing. Our ramblings in here are probably just as good as what they’re (not) doing.

  • Danno

    The League can fine teams for announcing trades before they are done. Lots of times trades that are worked out just before the deadline don’t officially get announced until a few hours later.

  • thetitleisours

    Walker is a good guy

  • thetitleisours
  • Caterpillar

    I agree. It seems like a total gamble.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I agree. Not only are things disjointed on the court, things seem to be pretty unorganized in the management office! Stupid trade!

  • it-is-what-it -is

    i don’t like walker part of this trade. i wouldn’t give away giddens and walker. maybe one of them, but not both of them. why not scal or tony allen.

  • C

    because tony allen is better than both them fools. Scal only stays cuz he’s a big who can spread the floor. He’s more comfortable on the court then them two anyway. Marcus Landry isnt a bad piece to have. TA and Scal are in the final seasons of their contracts not to mention RA. It was a great trade on Boston’s part. Question is will it be enough? tRICK QUESTION. The answer is KG.