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Your Morning Dump… Where maybe we can stop talking about trading Sheed

Sheed kingsEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them
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as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"It's money time," said Wallace, who led all reserves with 17 points.
"Coming down to that crunch time. First half of the season, one some
teams you got some guys that want to make the all-star team, guys
putting up shots freely. But that second half of the season, when shots
are big, people depending on those shots to be made, a lot of guys
don't want to take them. They'll let the, quote-unquote, star players
take them. That's nut-crunching time. That's the time I like."

CSNNE: C's survive late scare, defeat Kings

Rasheed Wallace has been doing this for years… coasting before the All Star game and stepping it up after.  We knew it going into the season.  We knew it during the season.  And last night we might have seen him flip the switch and start playing like he is capable of playing.

He played a majority of his minutes around the paint.  He played well on both ends of the floor.  And he played hard just about every minute he was in there.

So can we please cut it out with the "trade Sheed" junk?  We're going to need this guy.  

Besides… without Sheed, we won't have quotes like this about all the NBA players that were in the Bahamas for the All Star break.

“We could have had some great pickup games,” Sheed said. “There was
me, Ray, Jameer Nelson, Rudy Gay, the cat (Marcin) Gortat from Orlando,
the big head dude from Atlanta.”


“The big head dude. You know who I’m talking about,” Wallace said.

Zaza Pachulia?

“Yeah, him. . . . There were about 15 or 16 guys down there,” he said.

I love it.  "The Big Head Dude."  I knew who he was talking about right away. 

Coming up, Page 2… Where Shelden Williams is making the rest of us guys look bad.

Associated Press Photo

“To Russia with love,’’ Rivers said.
“I wanted him to go. He’s got a wife in Russia. Go see her. I told him
most likely [you’ll] be late and miss practice. We’ll just take some
money from you, but I think that’s what you should do. It’s worth it.’’

spent almost half the time off traveling just to spend the other half
with his loved ones. Snow forced the Celtics to stay in New Orleans
after losing to the Hornets Feb. 10. Williams never made it back to
Boston. Instead, he said, “I just took what I had from New Orleans. I
bought another shirt and some jeans and some drawers and stuff and just
headed on out.’’
He flew
from New Orleans to Houston, then took a 14-hour flight to Moscow, and
from there hopped another 2 1/2-hour flight west to Ekaterinburg.

could only be out there for so long, but it was great seeing them,
spend time,’’ Williams said. “To actually see [his daughter]
face-to-face, see how much she’s changed in the two months since I’ve
seen her, that’s great to see.’’

Globe: Flights of fancy boost Williams

This is almost as romantic as what Chuck did for his wife:  He made a 2 1/2 minute trip to the freezer for some Stouffer's Pizza… then he unscrewed the box of wine… popped "Dream Girls" in his top-loading VCR from 1979… and fell asleep by 9:30.

Ok… Ok… Shelden's trek is a heartwarming story.  This one is for the ladies.  Enjoy the story of what love can make a man do.  He got fined for missing a practice… probably not much… which just adds to the sacrifice.  It's a really nice story.

And for the record I was kidding about Chuck.  There's no way he made it to 9:30.

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  • LMAO…too funny sheed
    And I like Sheed, and have all year even when he was stinking it up, I knew what we were getting with him, and saw no reason to whine and moan about a guy coming off the bench and playing exactly like has for a while now…people constantly want to change the guy, and he is what he is.. seems like celtics fans are finally coming around to put the criticizm where it really belongs, KG..why looked absolutely terrible last night, but par the course

  • NineSevenEight

    Um…how about Perk…who looked even worse. He’s quickly reverting back to his former self. Ball in the paint, bring the ball down, power dribble, bring the ball up…………….BLOCK! Complain for a foul. Over and over and over.
    What’s even worse is his box out. Just watch him gaze up at the ball as it comes off the rim. Doesn’t put a body on anyone, doesn’t get his hands up, doesn’t attempt to go for the ball.
    I’d love to know what’s gotten into him. I miss early-season Perk.

  • Isn’t it kind of selfish having his wife raising their daughter while he travel around the US playing basketball? Yeah, he’s dreamt of this since he was a kid. But what about her dreams? Is it being a lone mother in Jekaterinburg waiting for him to come around when it fits his schedule? I don’t really felt the warmth here.

  • Yup. I’ve noticed perks slumps, but im not gonna blame our lowest paid starter and the only non-all star in the lineup…. Our problems stem all from KG being a shell of himself…Perks actually lost confidence playing alongside a one legged KG

  • CFH

    I can’t figure out if you’re kidding or not, so I’ll reply seriously.
    He’s traveling around the US playing basketball following his dreams… she’s traveling around the world playing basketball following her dreams.
    One of them had to take the kid and one of them had to agree not to see the kid for a few months. It’s not perfect for any of them, but how is that not a warm story, other than taking place in Russia?

  • Yeah Mauritz… His wife is Candace Parker, she’s not some Russian mail order wife or something… not that I have anything against that…
    Then again, as CFH said, maybe you know all of this and choose to piss everyone off

  • KG’s shot use to be impossible to block, now he’s getting his shit stuffed By Omri Casspi
    is anyone gonna argue with me this guy is a shell of his former self and start blaming it on any and everyone but him? like to hear u make that point

  • Double P Reppin the B

    No way man it’s all rondos fault!!! Haha

  • Perry

    There’s no question KG still has problems moving laterally, but it looks to me like his stamina is back. He logged in 31 minutes last night, and I expect him to start approaching 35 starting tomorrow night. Nine boards is fine, but only 7 shot attempts is unacceptable. This team needs his offense.
    I’ve also noticed how Perk’s offense has slipped over the past few weeks.
    It appears the strategy is to sub him late for Sheed. Doc likes having 4 perimeter guys paired with Rondo. But I’m not comfortable with Sheed launching three’s with the game on the line. Keep him in the post. He’s devastating against second unit players, and still can maneuver around prime time 4’s and 5’s. Not sure how this effects Perk’s confidence, but this what Sheed was brought here for.
    Now you add Nate Robinson to the mix and you have 5 legt perimeter players in crunch time (Sheed, KG, Ray, PP). Nate takes some questionable shots, but he can create his own and for others. That’s something House could never do.

  • michael

    Speaking of “big head dudes”, Shelden has quite the noggin himself. Not to be overlooked is his financial sacrifice considering he doesn’t really make enough to comfortably afford first class international tickets, and no way he fits in coach.
    I said last week, we can’t get rid of Sheed because he’s our insurance when Perk is sucking. We need ’em both because they’re both gonna suck sometimes and if one is on then we’re good.
    I didn’t watch last night, but looks like everyone was off except Sheed and House. Sounds like the D is back, and TO’s are down, so I’m glad for that. I’ll take 7stl, 7blk, and 13 TO’s anyday.

  • Rav

    He made much more than he earned as a 5th lottery pick. He would have got like 3 mill when playing like a minimum-contract star. He seems like a smart guy though. If he invested that money well, he should be fine.
    Quisy was okay. Lot of TOs but these were fast break pass attmepts, and the kings reciprocated by failing and giving the ball right back to us.

  • It sounds like you’re not aware who his wife is, which is fine.
    Yes, his wife is playing pro ball in Russia. She’s got their daughter with her since the schedule there isn’t as difficult as the schedule here.
    I probably should have made it clearer in the post… but if you follow the link you’ll get the whole story.

  • AMP

    Um…no. It is incredibly romantic. I am sure they chose the most stable situation for the child.
    Maybe you are trying to piss us all off…


    If we do will u not mention it every game?
    KG shot 4-7 – 7 shots for him is not enough. U can carry on about getting his ‘shit stuffed’ if u like but he shot 4-7 which compared to the lines all the other starters put up (check them out TTR – How’d Rondo do?)
    Rondo – 1-6
    Perk 2-7
    PP 5-15
    Ray 5-15
    KG 4-7 – who had the shit game??
    There’s no doubt KG is slower and all that – But how about a balanced approach here. Your bedroom buddy shot 1-6 but u go after KG any chance u get.
    Here it is – KG is a shell of his former self……
    Now try a balanced approach hater…

  • Rondo had a bad game for his standards last night, ill be the first to admit it, but who cares, it was just an isolated case, this is actually what KG is now, and once again i couldnt care less how many points KG scores or his field goal percentage, his defense, ability to beat everyone up the floor and rebounding are what made him a great player, his offense has always sucked, and thats the only thing hes got left, and even thats not what it use to be
    Perk, rondo, ray, pierce were terrible last night, happens
    They arent shells of there former selves

  • Shawn-cvd

    I get what TTR is saying but you just owned him!!! The whole starting unit last night was awful.
    The win was good b/c Doc (hopefully) will have confidence in our ever improving bench and he’ll have the luxury of playing our Big Old Three LESS minutes per game. Rest will do wonders for KG/Truth/Ray and the increased playing time for Sheed will get him into better shape.
    Patience people we’re sharpening our knives for the fight in April-June.

  • Shawn-cvd

    KG’s offense never “sucked”. Your description of his skill set suggests he was in the mold of Dennis Rodman or Ben Wallace. That’s simply m\not the case.

  • Yeah, didn’t know who she was. Still pretty typical that she takes the daughter, but not really the scenario I was critizising. Note to next time: read the links before commenting on them…