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Robinson is a Celtic (or maybe not)

According to Newsday's Alan Hahn

Nate Robinson trade with #Celticsdone, I'm told. Getting details now…..

Stay tuned for more.

Woj says not so fast.

Knicks and Celtics still talking on Nate Robinson-Eddie House, three sources say, but may not be a deal until tomorrow.


"D'Antoni wants House, and (Boston) really wants Nate, so everyone is motivated here," one source told Y! Sports.

Nate for Eddie? 


From A. Sherrod Blakely

 Nate Robinson deal close to being completed. Has yet to get approved by the league's attorneys. Should be completed sometime today

 Nate's BYC status complicates this trade. House makes about $200K too much for straight-up trade.

 That's why this deal may not get done until the 11th hour, if at all.

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  • G4L

    I’m not sure what this does for the C’s… but at least a change is being made

  • DRJ

    I like the move. Even if we give up Eddie. Fills the one spot we needed filled, backup PG, and gives us a huge potential scoring punch, which this team desperately needs sometimes. (A lot lately.)
    Attitude will be no problem, I am sure. If Marbury turned out good in that area, Nate surely will. And Nate’s not rusty, at all… kid’s in his prime.

  • Joseph

    Nate’s a defensive liability. Have fun with him, HAHAHAHAHA

  • DRJ

    The net change in D, if Nate replaces Eddie, will be very small.

  • PAO

    Yea because House is great on defense

  • Double P Reppin the B

    And house isn’t? It’s an upgrade absolutely

  • Danno

    And Eddie’s Not?
    Eddie is a defensive and ball handling liability. Dude gets his pocket picked just bringing the ball up the floor more often than a blind tourist in Amsterdam’s red light district.
    He’s a shooter, and nothing else. and his shooting has been poor lately. Going to a lesser/draft lottery team isn’t going to help that.

  • Danno

    So was the “selfish” one in Rondo’s comments Eddie and his 3pt shooting contest bid?
    seems like it could be.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I think this is a no brainer. You get a backup PG who can handle the ball and score in bunches, and all you give up is Eddie? If it was Eddie and Tony Allen then I second guess. Tony is going to be important down the stretch (I can’t belive I just wrote that) and now Nate, Tony, Marquis, BBD, and Sheed is a very capable bench.
    Now if only the starters start playing well. or KG miraculous gets a bionic knee..

  • NineSevenEight

    If it goes down the way it sounds like it will, I’ll take it. Eddie just lost his touch this year. Very inconsistent. And when Eddie’s off — he’s OFF altogether. At least Nate can create his own shot and won’t mess up a wide open layup as badly as we’ve seen House do this season. Hate to say that, but facts are facts.

  • johnny

    LMAO!!!!!! Must be desperate huh?

  • CelticsFan 4 20 years

    I don’t like this deal. Eddie’s shooting has saved us more then a couple times in the playoffs…and I don’t think Robinson is any better of a defender

  • michael

    alright, alright. I guess I can get over the fact that we won’t have a real 3 point threat on the 2nd unit. Unless you count Sheed, which I’m not ready to do.
    Is it me? isn’t 38% percent from 3 actually pretty good? Eddie is right on par with his career average in 3pt%. He hasn’t lost his touch, but he seems to be misplacing his feet inside the arc a bit

  • NoNate in Boston

    Why do we keep going after Knick rejects? The Knicks are a terrible team and an organization as a whole. First Starbury and now Might Mouse Nate. There is a reason a TERRIBLE team doesn’t want them, so why would we make this trade?
    Also, Nate is not a back up point guard. He cannot defend. He’s a scorer, period. We have enough of those. Trade Uno Uno for DJ Augustin

  • NoNate in Boston

    This way Sheldon Williams can get some deserved minutes off the bench and have a TRUE back up point guard.
    Also trade Scal for a bag of Skittles and we are making out in the deal

  • Double P Reppin the B

    the way baby played last night I’m not sure I give him up for DJ Augustin, who remember is also out of favor on his team with his coach, which is also a pretty bad team. So I think I’d prefer keeping BBD and getting Nate

  • zauer

    no bariner for me, get this guy. He can give this team u pump like KG did before. And now we will have 4 of 5 best trashtalkers in the game!

  • JD

    The more I think about this deal, the more I like it. I’m just gonna miss Eddie, great guy and amazing streak shooter. I guess thats the problem with being a fan, you get attached to players, even if a trade is for the good of the team.
    But Nate is a definite upgrade over Eddie: slightly worse shooter, WAY better scorer and ball handler, and he will be a better defender simply through the virtue of his increased athleticism. Plus, it will be REALLY fun watching him play next to Rondo occassionally. I say go for it, as long is doesnt put the team in any sort of financial bind.

  • aaron

    funniest sh*t on here in a while… and CORRECT!

  • Orb

    It’s going to be sad to watch the episode of “My Dad’s A Pro” when Li’l House has to move to a new school in NYC.

  • NoNate in Boston

    Everyone is forgetting how Eddie House fits this system. His presence alone spreads the floor and he can catch and shoot. He thrives off of players who can drive to the basket and kick it, or big man who can dish. Our team is stacked with players like that
    Eddie House does not need to have the ball in his hands to create offense, he is there as a safety net when the other “creators” can’t score
    He is cold blooded from beyond the arch too and not ata ll afraid to take the big shot
    Nate Robinson on the other hand needs the ball in his hands to be offective. He needs to drive to the basket like a Pierce. He is not a complementary player, he needs to be the main point in the attack to be effective. Thus making FOR THIS TEAM Eddie House a more valuable commodity
    Is Nate better than Tony Allen on D?
    Or a better ball handler than Marquis Daniels?
    Everything that he is an upgrade over House on (and Nate Robinson is NO lock down defender) we have players who can fill that role when needed. We will miss Eddie’s shot more than anything punk Nate can bring to this team

  • G4L


  • G4L

    I agree with you 100%… but all we can do now is hope this works out for the best

  • G4L

    Who knows the C’s might just trade nate with Allen for some other pieces… just a thought.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    What are you talking about? Nate is just as good a 3pt shooter as Eddie House. Just watch you’ll see this kid scores in a hurry.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Eddie has shot 167 3s @ 38.3% this season
    Nate has shot 145 3s @ 37.5% this season
    (and Nate was benched for the entire month of December)

  • DRJ

    …plus a whole lot more driving and slashing, and soon-to-come, distributing too.

  • NoNate in Boston

    Nate has never shot over 40% from 3 in his career. So exactly, you are getting a player who is not as good of a shooter, clearly has chemistry issues, cannot sub in for Ray Allen so will almost all the time need to take time from Rondo, and could not earn time on the Knicks. Rather than a proven commodity on a winning team
    Also Eddie House is only averaging 6.4 shots a game and Nate is 11.2. So clearly Nate is going to be taking the ball away from the rest of the team. Bottom line is even IF he is happy and willing to take a dminished role on this team, he still won’t be able to be counted on to hit shots when he is in there. Its much easier to score in rhythm of the game then coming in cold off the bench

  • Shawn-cvd

    I’m playing with the Trade machine and cannot figure out how to match up the salaries. Not w/ only our/their EC’s and not without a third team. I’ll leave it to the professionals…

  • G4L

    I know what you’re saying but I really don’t think other teams will respect him as much as they respect House.
    I could be wrong on that assumption but I think House spreads the floor more because of his reputation as a deadly 3pt shooter. Since Nate can really drive the ball I think Teams will play off him a little more.. which may or may not (I think it’ll hurt it a little) hurt the C’s spacing issues. But then again it might create some other issues for the opposing team.

  • G4L

    I just really don’t think this will do much to be honest.. but we’ll see how it plays out.

  • Shawn-cvd

    He is a very potent scorer and when he “takes” time from Rondo Quis/Allen will fill in at Shooting guard. We’re a team guy!
    I can see benefits of going either way. House because he fits in our system. Nate because he’s more talented, athletic and fills our back up PG need. I do feel a small change will be beneficial over keeping the old guard (pun intended).

  • Shawn-cvd

    We must give other teams different looks. Nate penetrating, dishing, scoring and drawing fouls in the second unit is a change. That change will be either for the better or for change’s sake. I’m comfortable with change.
    House is a great complimentary player but when the players he’s complimenting aren’t getting it done that LESSENS Eddie’s value to us.

  • The stats may show they shoot similar, (though Eddie is having an off year), look what he did last night, 3 in a row in the 4th?
    The point is that teams will spread to cover Eddie on the perimeter. I don’t think they will spread to cover Nate.

  • SydneyCeltic

    Aw man. I don’t wanna see Eddie House on another team. I love that guy.
    I don’t think trading Eddie is going to fix our defensive issues at all. The team needs to get back on track, needs to get hungry again. But hey, I’m just a fan on the other side of the world, I don’t get to make decisions. 🙂

  • right on.. teams will play off of Nate and spread to cover Eddie. It simple. If Nate drives and doesn’t have a shot, he throws it out to.. who? Oh yeah, Eddie is gone.
    I also agree I don’t think it’s going to shake it up that much, but it’s a change.

  • Lakerhater

    Good point, but there’s always upside too. I like the trade (unless you can send giddens instead).
    Suit em up friday in portland Danny, I have seen that little midget since he was a UW Husky.

  • KingJamesMVP

    Im so glad u guys r making this trade. Its jut a trade for change. Sure Nate is WAY better than House but for this team it really doesnt make that big of a difference. We all kno if KG isnt healthy Nate isnt gonnt step up and bring u guys a ship…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Defense is not our only problem. Defensive lapses are and yet we are best in the league in points allowed. Unanswered points, momentum shifts, not winning a quarter here and there, rebounding and turnovers are other issues we have. Nate will score and protect the rock WAY more House. And in scoring he could stop these horrid double digit to nothing runs we’ve been suffering lately. Also he has the tools and expressed a distinct interest to be here. That means he’ll play with purpose.

  • Shawn-cvd

    We all know that the Cavs are setting themselves up for another collapse if they don’t make a significant trade. Or if you don’t know it than at least a Mr Danny Ferry knows it. There is no foregone conclusions this year…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    It’s gonna be a blood bath in the Eastern Conference fighting for the crown I’ll give you that. and KGs health is the biggest concern facing this team, but with this trade it fills a few holes. If the starters can get the ship right our bench is the most talented in the league so it all depends on the starters getting their game together and we can still win it all.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I donno about y’all but I’m excited as hell about gettin this kid. He’s gonna bring a lot of excitement to that arena and that really drives our team at home. I think he’s going to be more of a difference maker than people think, breathe some life into this team

  • SydneyCeltic

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I just don’t think our failures are all Eddie’s fault and I don’t think Nate Robinson is some magical player who’s going to turn it all around for us. It has to be a cohesive team change, not just one player. As for wanting to be here? Eddie wants to be here, he’s said that numerous times. But he has no choice in the matter. If the C’s want to trade him, they will. Whatever happens, I’ll still be backing the C’s. I don’t think it’s time for panic stations, but I know I’m in the minority there.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I agree.

  • Lakerhater

    I’m in. Mini-me can’t hurt at this point. And its funny how the Laker trolls ignore that kupchak was after him too.


    I was against this originally – Nate sat for a reason in NY – No D and shot happy…then they started playing better, then they brought him back and he’s played ok.
    I’ll buy into the – ‘if Marbury can be tamed then Nate can be tamed’ lockerroom thoughts. He is a better slasher, not as good a shooter but ok…and gets busy.
    He can be an energiser bunny – here’s hoping he IS!!! Not a ballhog….

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Kupchak may have been interested, but no one else here really was. I, for one, don’t think Nate would be a fit here.
    And there’s that other factor… know, a team that’s working? Yeah, that one.
    You want funny? Watch tomorrow night!