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Eddie House: “this is a business.”

Via Gary Washburn of the Globe:

House practiced with the Celtics tonight in Los Angeles and told reporters he expects to be traded.

"There's a strong possibility I will be traded to New York
tomorrow," said House. "At the end of the day this is a business, and
the Celtics feel they will be a better team with the guys they are
trying to get."

House said his agent called him this morning to alert him to the
possibility of a trade. He said he is comfortable in the Knicks'
system, having played for Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni in Phoenix.

"Going to New York, I have two months to play some real strong basketball and get some wins with those guys," he said.

I feel bad for Eddie. He's played some good ball and hit some big shots for the Celtics the past few seasons.

As for the deal, Marc Spears says J.R. Giddens is the final piece. That doesn't make sense (it also doesn't work in the RealGM trade checker).

Eddie's salary ($2.8 million) is already higher than Nate's number ($2.02 million). Don't the Knicks have to unload another player for this to work and not the Celtics?

Mark Murphy of the Herald reports the trade is a done deal. There is no mention of other player's in his article.

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  • william

    sad to see eddie go, would have preferred to trade big cry baby for dj Augustine

  • DRJ

    Ideally, Scal would go. But… can’t always get what you want.
    I’m thinking JR might be involved because there’s a 2nd player coming from the Knicks, and they had to match up the totals….? Just a guess… we’ll know tomorrow.

  • C

    maybe we are gettin salmons as well in a 3 team deal.

  • Sad to see Edward go too.. He loved this team.. and it is a true team.
    Nate upgrades our atheleticsm.. which is definitly needed.

  • Nick

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally Danny sees what I saw all along that Eddie was kept here wayy to long. I like how he plays hard but he had 2 go. Bring on the Great. BUH BYE!!!!!! Now if SCAL GOES MY DREAM WILL COME TRUE

  • DRJ

    Nah, Salmon => Bucks.

  • DRJ
  • there is no trade in which the celtics can match up eddie and JR with only 2 players from the knicks, so thats odd
    and ill be the first to say, if this is all we do, we’re fucked… we’re fucked, we’re fucked, we’re fucked….completly fucked….. fuck
    sorry about the language but im in full blown panic mode now

  • Mick

    Not sure this is such a good trade we will have to wait and see but I really liked what Eddie House brought to the team on and off the court hopefully the locker room won’t be disrupted too much with Nate Robinson.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I think Danny is making a huge mistake and he’s treating House like crap.
    I can’t think of one good thing to say about Nate, other than he has a future with the Globetrotters. He adds NOTHING that the C’s need. House is s proven top shooter and he hustles. He’s not the problem and I would have hoped he stayed in Boston long term.
    Also, can someone tell me why we’re helping the Knicks? Supposedly, this is a “book-keeping” deal for the Knicks, it lowers thier # for next year so they can potentionally sign 2 max-contract free agents. So why in the “F” is Danny helping them?
    Danny has a great trade chip in Ray Allen, and we’re getting Nate …..it makes no sense.
    Nate will only be there afew months (hopefully). Keeping Ray will screw them for years.

  • DRJ

    Keeping Ray screws them for years? How’s that? His deal expires this summer. Then they get all that salary relief, ahead of what is sure to be a contentious and difficult 2010, leading up to an all-but-certain lockout in 2011, plus much lower salary caps and limits, and all kinds of changes going forward.
    And… Eddie’s going to be a FA this summer. It’s possible for the Cs to get him right back again.
    And Nate brings: energy, scoring, and ball handling to the 2nd unit. All in all, a pretty good deal for the Cs. Not a franchise-changer of course. But a good solid 2nd-level move.
    And the rest… is up to the starters. If they don’t get their act together, nothing’s gonna help this team anyway.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Baby is playing his ass off of late. Now if he could only literally play it off it might add an inch or two to his vertical…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Don’t hit the panic button until first week of march. If our second unit can bail out our starters enough Doc will trust them to play more. The benefit would be our Big Old Three get the rest they need and Sheed/Daniels/Baby/Nate get into Celtic’s game-shape (which I know sounds like an oxymoron)…

  • Shawn-cvd

    This trade allows Doc to lean on our bench more (due to an upgrade you’ve mentioned Dr J) while the Big Old Three get some much needed rest.

  • DRJ

    This IS (almost certainly) all the Cs are going to do. The bench is solid now, with Quis back and Nate in. It’s all up to the starters now. KG, Paul, Perk, Ray. If those guys get it together, the team has a legitimate shot. If they don’t, there’s no way the Cs win regardless of HOW strong the bench gets.
    It was always going to end this way. Ahead of the CBA debacles to come, Danny and Wyc were not going to do major surgery on this team, and take on god-knows-how-many huge salaries we invented for them. In the end, we are going to live or die by our starters. And that’s the way it should be.
    I’m not ready to say they can’t pull it together. Anything can happen now. Our hand is good, and with hard work and a little luck, it could be the winner.

  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    I know you’ll think that as a Laker fan I must be “trolling” here (what’s with that dorky internet nerd term anyway?), but I like this trade. I think Nate could add a spark to the C’s and maybe get ’em back on the upswing on a consistent basis. Which is what I want to see. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed watching the sinking ship as much as the next Celtic hater. But I’d rather see them get healthy and put together a string of GOOD wins, and be a contender again.
    I’m not into the wounded kitten thing they have going right now.

  • SydneyCeltic

    So sad to see Eddie go, I’ve loved watching him play. Would’ve rather Scal was the trade, but hey, can’t win ’em all. He loved this team and he loved being in Boston. I sure hope Robinson is worth it.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Can we play the “what if” game, since this season is done? What if…we got the 2nd round pick in 2007? (we shoul’ve jad 1st or 2nd anyway) There would have been no trade for Ray and the KG trade would never have happend. Our current lineup would be Rondo, Pierce, Al Jefferson, Kevin Durant and Perk. Four young all-stars and a superstar veteran, and probably two or three rings?
    I’m glad KG and Ray came, they gave us a ring by humiliating our greatet foe and I would never trade that, but that would have been a dream team.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Well put DRJ

  • Shawn-cvd

    I too will miss him. I said elsewhere that he’s an ideal complimentary player here. Unfortunately with the players he’s complimenting not getting it done House has become LESS valuable to us. Nate and his handles, athleticism, passing, scoring and energy is more helpful with our current dynamic.

  • Shawn-cvd

    You’ve been upgraded from a troll to ants-at-a-picnic :). Very thoughtful commentary for an AAAP

  • Shawn-cvd

    Young talent doesn’t win titles. Durant is only now starting to become a proficient scorer. Big Al got injured over and over. And the best thing about getting KG and Jesus is we gave Truth (the most beloved Celtic of this generation) a championship.

  • Shawn-cvd

    We also as a franchise won our 17th…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Two or Three Rings??
    Like shawn said Durant is just this season becoming a consistently great scorer. Al Jefferson has been consistently injured (even while he was here it was the same thing) and we would have traded Pierce away and built around Durant. So we would have no championship and be a young team with a lot of upside and potential but not a contender

  • Lee in Oregon

    They dont get salary relief from Rays expiring deal cause they’re still gonna be over the cap. If they keep Ray now- all they can hope for is a sign/trade or keep him and try for a “hometown discount”. I love Ray but his best days are behind him. As a trading chip, he’ll never be worth more than he is right now. He’ll be happy/lucky to get mid-level money next year.
    I agree Nate can score but he’s no ballhandler. He’s a 5’8″ shooting guard.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Not 2 or 3 rings already, over this decade. Durant is a scoring machine and a tough matchup and will win a few scoring titles. Al hurt his knee in Sota, but he played all 82 the year we traded him and more than 50 games the last 2 seasons, but he’ll be a 20-10+ guy his whole career. We know what Rondo and Perk are capable of (even if Perk is pissing me off lately, JUST DUNK THE DAMN BALL) and Pierce may have left, but I’d like to think he would remain a Celtic for his career. Could’ve kept Gomes too.
    Im the biggest Lakerhater there is, so making them cry, putting up the biggest comeback in NBA finals history in there building and making them look silly like the Harlem Globetrotter the last 9 minutes of game 6 was priceless. But if we could keep that and trade our current team for this one, I think most Celtic fans would do it right about now.
    It was just a “what if” anyway.

  • DRJ

    I didn’t say “cap relief”… I said “salary relief”. Having 19 million come off your payroll is huge for anybody. The way things are heading in the NBA, any team that gets too far ahead of the (downward heading) cap is going to be in a heap of trouble.
    Think of it this way… the same motivation that applies to other teams looking for expiring contracts also applies to the Cs. And it looks like they’ve decided to USE that relief themselves, rather than trade it away. Trading would have meant taking on more and more salary obligations at a time when that could be suicidal. I think their decision is a wise one.
    They’re going into battle with the soldiers they have. They have a legitimate shot at winning the war… if the starters get it together. And the truth is: no matter WHAT they might have done, it would probably have always come down to that anyway.

  • DRJ


  • it-is-what-it -is

    why eddie house, i would rather trade tony allen and scal. we going to miss eddie’s three point shooting in the playoffs. hes a good bench player to have on your roster.

  • Sev

    Clearly Eddie house is a better shooter, however how often do you see him take shots inside the 3 point arc. This is mainly due to him not being able to create his own shot like Nate can. Eddie comes off screens and spots up for open 3s. Everybody knows he’s an outside shooter so the defenders play up on him and yet he still struggles to put the ball on the floor and go by them. My point is that despite Eddie being a better shooter, nate is a much better all around scorer, which makes it much more difficult for the defense as they recognize that he can drive to the hoop just as easily as shooting a jumper.(keeps defense honest and off balance. We now have another all around scorer that provides a lot of energy and can bring the ball up. He is an intense player and that energy could be very contagious, as we all know the celtics can seem unmotivated at times(3rd quarter). Rondo and Nates speed on the fast break could help quite a bit. Not only do we get younger, but we get more athletic and a better basketball player all around. I can picture him taking pride on his defense as he will want to prove to his teammates and fans that he can fit into thibodeau’s defense, and he is well aware the celtics put defense first. Taller shooting guards could just as easily post up eddie as they could nate despite him being smaller because he is much stronger and obviously can jump out of the building. He played college football on the defensive side. His big time dunks and quick scoring when the starters are struggling will def amp up this team. At the end of the day you take the better player and even at only 24/25 he is already better than house. We still have outside shooters in ray, and paul and wallace, who at-least provides the outside threat. Not a huge 100% turn your team around trade, but I think he will help quite a bit more than everybody seems to think. Always good to have players that can take it to the whole. Second unit-Nate, Tony, marquis, glen, and wallace is a very talented second unit, so we’ll see, but I expect big things. P.S. he’s another guy that didn’t win in 2008, which just brings hunger that the vets will feed off. And the lakers don’t get him.

  • CFH

    Like Eddie. Sad to see him go.
    Don’t think the Celtics really done him wrong, though it sucks for any player to be traded from a good team where his family is settled to a bad team in another city (though not too far away in this case).
    The Celtics kept Eddie longer than any other team he’s played for and he did get a ring here. Now he’s going to play in Madison Square Garden for a coach who loves him for a few months. Sucks, but he’s hardly been abused.
    And while I’ll miss Eddie, I want to see Nate’s scoring ability and energy and youth in Boston. Was listening to the Knicks commentators for the Knicks/Bulls game last night and they thought it was likely Nate would be no problem for a stable, vet team. I agree with them.

  • Rav

    New rumour coming out of Philly. Iggy + Dalembert for Perk+Ray, possibly Phoenix might play in with Stoudemire.
    I hope this can be finished in the next three hours….