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Celtics, Lakers competing for Nate Robinson


Here’s the latest on the Nate Robinson sweepstakes:

Yahoo! Sports Marc Spears says both the Celtics and Lakers are discussing deals for Nate Robinson.

Comcast’s Sherrod Blakely says the only Celtic player that the C’s can trade
straight-up for Robinson, is Tony Allen who is in the final year of his
deal that pays $2.5 million this season.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard says the Celtics might have to include a 1st round pick in any deal.

Tom Ziller of NBA FanHouse doesn’t see much upside to adding Robinson:

All reports have placed Boston in the market for either an offensive capo to replace Ray Allen, or a defensive-minded back-up point guard to spell Rajon Rondo.
Nate is neither. He’s a scorer, plain and simple, but not a dude you
build anything (except perhaps a moat) around. He’s a brilliant spark
plug, one of the select few in the
NBA capable of 40 off the bench. But when he comes in for Rondo, that’s a serious defensive downgrade.

assuming House is indeed the piece going back to New York here, don’t
discount that loss. Robinson is far, far better going to the rim,
creating for others and rebounding in comparison with House. But a
spot-up shooter with amazing confidence is valuable, especially to a
team with a couple top-flight attention-getters. House has never in his
career averaged 20 minutes a game. But those 10, 15 minutes he does
give you are typically filled with made threes. (He’s shot 39 percent
for his career, and 38 percent this season. He shot an incredible 49
percent from three in last season’s playoff run for Boston.)

Are you willing to move Eddie House for Nate Robinson?

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    Basically no – Now Quis is back bringing the ball up and running the bench players well U don’t need Nate – no D and not particularly bright….
    He does bring enthusiasm – maybe we need that???

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Sorry but Nate is an upgrade over House. How can you argue that he isn’t? Younger, faster, more athletic, and just as hot and cold. The guy can score 40+ off the bench. Eddie has some hot games too I know but Nate is a better spark plug IMO

  • michael

    yeah, i see your point, but we need Eddie’s shooting. If we can get Nate for TA or Scal, then I’m all for it. I don’t think giving up a shooter like House is a good move, even if Nate is better all around. I’d also be concerned about what Nate does for a possibly already shaky team chemistry (as if I could really know the current internal state of team chemistry). I don’t think it’s as bad as some make it out to be, but adding Nate in place of House seems too much risk vs. reward.

  • nick

    Bottom line is that unless u have a weak infastructure, you go TALENT over anything else!! If the retards who voted for House to stay over getting Nate Robinson think House is better, than I feel sorry for you. NATE is not only a better shooter but he creates his own shot, he can finish at the rim. He d’s up better. C’mon guys eddie did his part for us and helped us get a ring. But he ain’t done shit this year. But i 4got this is the same site where everyone wants to trade Rasheed Walace so we can have Scal battle Gasol and Bynum this June. U guys are getting worse and worse in your talent evaluations.

  • michael

    well nick, I only fit one of your retard categories… I am a Sheed advocate even if he’s pissed me off a lot so far this year.
    I still think we’re better off with House in the mix. There is a lot I like about Nate, but we will miss Eddie’s shooting. Nate’s ball handling and creation ability might make up for it. I hope his personality gels. I like his personality, but I’m not KG, Perk, or Ray (and ain’t that a shame)
    So, what site do you propose has a more intelligent approach to Celtic’s banter? Yes, serious question.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Your right on on this one. You move -ANY- expiring contract for the sake of shaking things up. What a bonus that we can get a potent scorer like kryptoNATE. If Robinson comes here he’ll bail us out of a dozen scoring drought’s this year and win us at least two games.
    Furthermore Doc needs confidence in our bench so we can REST the Big Old Three. Scoring potency will keep Paul/KG/Ray on the bench and keep Baby/Sheed/Quis ON THE FLOOR so they can get back into game shape.