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A graphtacular look at the Eastern Conference


We here at Red's Army are not into statistical analysis.  That's because Chuck and I are both graduates of "Jim's College of Lawnmower Engine Repair."  Which, if I may brag, is like the Ivy League of lawnmower engine repair schools. 

But that leaves us at a disadvantage when it comes to things like repairing snowblower engines (totally different thing… and I don't feel like going for my masters right now)… and statistical analysis of the NBA. 

Luckily, people like Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm (and Fanhouse… and NBC's Pro Basketball Talk… and….) exist to take all the numbers that exist in the NBA and churn them into something that might shed some light on things that my eyes can't see. 

In this analysis, there's some stuff that will make C's fans feel better… there's some that won't.  Bottom line in all of this… The C's tend to shoot well, rebound poorly, turn the ball over a little too much, and play decent defense.  But its interesting to see where the rest of the teams line up against the C's.

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