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Your Morning Dump… Where C’s might not be SO desperate after all

Danny Ainge (by Dominic)

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Chicago’s Kirk Hinrich, who’s due to make an average of $9 million
per year through the 2011-12 season, and Charlotte’s D.J. Augustin, who
has one year left on his rookie contract (with a team option for
2011-12), remain possibilities.

As Eddie House’s matador performance against New Orleans’ Darren
Collison illustrated last Wednesday, the C’s need a backup who can keep
an opposing point guard out of the paint.

The team also hopes the recent return of Marquis Daniels, combined
with Tony Allen’s emergence as one of the best defenders in the
rotation, will help solve the problem. Daniels’ presence also will
enable House to move off the ball and into the role that suits him best
– catching and shooting.

With that in mind, Ainge isn’t in a hurry to make a risky deal.

Herald – Celtics Point and Shoot

I've told everyone that would listen that I don't think the C's are making a deal.  All the rumors about Ray don't come out of nowhere… but the C's are pretty much just doing what they were doing before the season started: listening to offers for Ray's huge expiring contract.  Maybe they're throwing a few "too good to be true" offers out there to see if they can catch a team getting desperate… but that's a little different from the "they're desperate to make a move" stuff we've heard.

Remember:  Everyone is lying right now.  Danny says they're doing nothing… but the C's are clearly doing something.  Opposing "unnamed" GM's say Danny is desperate… but he's not going to blow a decent chance at a title to make a move.

I can see the need for a back up point that can defend because the C's rotations down low are slower now that KG is slower.  MAYBE the C's make a minor deal that brings in a back up point… but the C's also have, as is mentioned in the excerpt, two guys currently on the team that might fill that role.

Instead of looking at Marquis Daniels as coming back from an injury… think of him as a guy we just picked up before the deadline.  And we gave up nothing for him.  He's going to help.

Coming up, Page 2… Where Ray's job never changes

"Regardless of
where I am, my job never changes," he told on Monday night. "One thing I
learned when I first got to the league, there are so many things that
you're not going to be able to control, so don't worry about them.
That's how I lived my life."

we're lucky to be part of an organization that wants to win," Allen said.
"From that aspect, winning a championship is not guaranteed. That's why
we're all fortunate to be here. If that changes with me, I have to move
on and figure out the best way that I can help myself."

CSNNE:  Allen addresses trade rumors

Ray has been singing this same, admirable tune since the rumors started surfacing last summer.

But the fact is he's human… and humans are affected by things like this.

My guess is Ray goes nowhere, and having that stress pulled off his shoulders on Thursday night in Los Angeles will lead to a big shooting night. 

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  • I dont think they’re winning it all this year, so why not make a move? gotta look towards the future. I know we all want to be optimistic, but uhh…a trade that brings in kirk hinrich or DJ augustin does nothing for me, and doesnt do a whole lot to change their chances this year.

  • aaron

    DECENT SHOT at the title?
    obviously you havent been watching any LA or Cavs games this year.
    a move needs to happen.
    they need to get SOMETHING for ray while he still has trade value.
    to those who think this year is a legitimate year for a title, you’re sorely mistaken. the celtics should be looking for any way possible to build around rondo and whatever youth they can get for allen

  • aaron

    its a minor tweak and wont impact them. there are GLARING weaknesses on the C’s.
    ZERO post presence. Perkins has TWO moves offensively, sheed refuses to play in the paint and garnett has never been the best post up scorer (he loves the turnaround J).
    the other glaring weakness is a backup PG which we all know about.
    lets cut the cord with Eddie House. He is a glorified good shooter, a la Walter McCarty. We all love guys like this however he is a liability.
    Glen Davis HAS NO UPSIDE. He is a fat kid. He isn’t gonna get better. Those that think so are drinking C’s koolaid mixed with vodka.
    Tony Allen is playing well enough to get rid of.
    I’d love to see a package involving maybe 3 teams, Davis, Allen, Scal (expiring contract…hello why isnt anyone talking about this) and Ray Allen….
    i’d take tyrus thomas, kirk hinrich and kevin martin for that bunch. in fact, time to go play w/ the trade machine

  • Lex

    1. Celtics need to start building some momentum for a run that begins on or about 3/1.
    2. A deal will be made, but it will be a minor deal.
    3. No long term contracts for players 30 or older will be taken on by Danny.

  • Lex

    C’s have talent, but that talent needs to be motivated and moving in the same direction.
    Enter Doc Rivers.

  • PutDJintheHall

    look it all the nay sayers. Things get tough and everyone jumps ship?
    As the great Adam Sandler once said

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I don’t think anyone is jumping ship, I haven’t jumped ship in 30 years (and that includes the 90’s). Losing Ray to free agency this off-season for nothing just doesn’t make any sense. This is the time to make the move, get some new blood on this team and hopefully give them a jump start. If it doesn’t work out, then atleast we are already in a rebuilding mode and we don’t keep the geezers longer than we should (remember the 90’s?)

  • Sal

    I’ve come around to the notion that Ray really should be traded. And here’s why: we knew that there was a very short window with this club when they picked up KG and Ray. And we’re watching both of them decline before our eyes. I’m pleasantly surprised that Ray managed to have a couple of very good seasons with the Celtics, but his falloff was inevitable. The developments with KG’s knee, to put it lightly, have been less than stellar. I think it’s realistic to say that this team’s chance of winning the title this year is slim to none.
    Of course, I’m no expert. I’d like to think Danny Ainge has a better grip on this team’s chances than I do. But if he agrees with my assessment, and he wants to remain competitive over the next few years, Ray has to go. His expiring deal means nothing to the Celtics, who (correct me if I’m wrong) won’t be under the cap even after it comes off the books. They certainly have no chance of being free agent players for a couple of years. The only way for them to stay competitive is to take on a good-to-great player with a not-so-great contract.
    Ultimately, it looks like it comes down to how much Wyc and his friends are willing to spend. From the superfan P.O.V., hell yes, I want them to be willing to commit money to an Andre Iguodala type who could help keep this team competitive with Rondo and Perk. But if they aren’t, then the Celtics clearly won’t be able to make the big deal I’m looking for. I’m definitely bracing for disappointment. And honestly, I don’t know how things progress with this team if Ray just walks away after this season.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Totally Agree. And for the people who think your jumping off the bandwagon when you want to build for the future you have no idea what your talking about. I’ve been with the team thru good and bad but in my opinion their chances at winning a title this year are getting far fetched with the way Orlando and the Cavs are playing. I think this is Lebron’s year. So letting Ray walk and losing in the second round to cleveland means we are looking at probably tony allen as our starting SG next year… With an ever older and worse off KG and an older Pierce, and older Sheed and no marquis daniels. wake up people the celtics are extremely desperate and if you think otherwise your looking through green colored glasses

  • I will only caution everyone (again) from making hard and fast determinations about this team’s potential just yet. I know the deadline is 2 days away… but don’t get nuts here and say “let’s blow it up” or even propose moving major pieces yet.
    And yes, the c’s have a “decent” chance at winning the title. Why wouldn’t you say it’s decent. I’m not going to say it’s a “great” chance right now… but they’ll still be a top 3 seed. Why wouldn’t a top 3 seed have a decent chance at winning the title?

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Absolutely right on both posts.

  • Sal

    As I said, I won’t pretend to know enough about the game to know how good this team’s chances are. But, assuming they’re chances are decent this year, I don’t see how they won’t get worse next year and the year after that. And I hope that’s weighing heavily on Danny’s mind.
    The Celtics could use Ray’s contract (I’m just calling it “Ray’s contract” from now because the thought of trading Ray makes me a sad panda), which isn’t of much value to them, to get something in return which would be very valuable to the Celtics but not a rebuilding team: a good, well-paid player.
    I suppose I’d be content with Danny letting this current team play it out over the next few years and starting over once Pierce, Ray, and KG are all gone, but it looks to me like there’s a window here for keeping the Celtics in contention this year (kinda) and for the next few years. The last time Danny had a chance to make a bold move, he did it, and it brought Boston a title. I’d like to see him stay aggressive if possible.

  • rav

    Glen Davis IS good, we saw his 15 and 7 last year with our own eyes. KG used to be good in the post, but he cannot play there with regularity due to a lack of bulk. Players like Rasheed can back people down, which will always work. KG’s post-up game consisted of fakes and spins, but you can only get a defender to fall for a fake so many times.

  • rav

    Currently constituted, we won’t win. But I don’t think we need to trade Ray. Just two backups: a PG who can defend adequately and shoot adequately, preferably with SG size (Hinrich, Antonio Daniels) as well as an SF who can either defend and hit the three (like Quinton Ross, James Posey), or create his own shot (Corey Maggete, Travis Outlaw)

  • rav

    Why should it be surprising that Ray was good for two seasons. He was actually coming off his best scoring season ever (26.4 PPG) when he came to Boston. Just last year, he had his best shooting season (in terms of percentages) as well.
    The surprising thing is that he has fallen so fast (i.e. in the space of 4 months), not that he was good for a while before.
    Could it be an extended slump or injuries, or is it permanent? We’ll find out if we find out on Thursday.

  • Sal

    There was a lot of risk inherent in trading for a 33-year-old SG coming off ankle surgery. I remember Bill Simmons going into great depth about it in his draft diary that year. Ray’s had some bad slumps, but I’ve been very surprised by his overall effectiveness, especially defensive ability I never knew he had.

  • Daniel

    Is Red the best coach of all time, better than Phil Jackson even though Phil has more titles? Why or why not?