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Rumor: Celts close to a deal for Nate Robinson

Via Mark Murphy of the Herald:

According to multiple sources, the Celtics and Knicks are close to a deal that would bring guard Nate Robinson to the Celts, possibly in exchange for Eddie House.

A league source, as well as a Knicks source, said today that both
sides still have interest in the deal that has been discussed in the
last month. Two sources in Sacramento, where the Celts played the Kings
last night, verified the interest from both sides.

While I welcome the addition of Nate Robinson, I'd hate to see the Celtics give up Eddie or TA. Guess that leaves you Scal.

As for Kevin Martin and Kirk Hinrich:

A league source said any interest the Celtics had in Sacramento forward
Kevin Martin expired. A second source said while the C’s have continued
interest in Chicago’s Kirk Hinrich, a deal isn’t close.

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  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    I know people like Robinson and he is a great athlete but is he much of an upgrade over Eddie? Can he play D? We know Eddie has good chemistry and already has a ring with our core group of guys. I think we would be better off picking up a Cassell type backup. That’s all we needed 2 years ago.

  • ball don’t lie

    i don’t know if nate dog can play defense, but i know he can’t play worse defense than eddie house. either way, the trade isn’t a difference maker. if the celts want to make a huge deal, unfortunately they’ll have to part w/ perkins.

  • gil

    they would do this trade cause Robinson can bring the ball up the court if pressured something House can’t do

  • Double P Reppin the B

    the kid can score in bunches. If i had to choose of course you go with robinson but its not a major upgrade. But could be a big spark off the bench, something eddie hasn’t been

  • Lee in Oregon

    I cant stand that little midget….or his “game”…which is very selfish. House is a much better shooter…and Nate isnt a better ballhandler.
    Either way, neither guy is under contract after this year.

  • Idiotic move that does nothing to change our chances

  • He’s not my favorite. I think we can get a decent ball handler without parting with House. We just need a distributor with the 2nd unit with Wallace and ‘Quis. As Tommy said last night, “you can never have too many scorers” but in this case I would add to House, not remove him. Put a ball handler in there and you got ‘Sheed, BBD, Quis, House and back-up, no need for Robinson in that rotation.

  • michael

    no freakin’ way is all I have to say about this. I actually like Nate, but no freakin’ way.

  • Rav

    Sadly, 2 years ago, PP, RA and KG were legit all-stars. The improvement of Rondo and Perk hasn’t made up for our vets’ decline.
    We don’t need to trade Ray. But we need to trade some of our small expirings for a shot in the arm – a solid backup PG or SF. If we can get both, all the better – I just want them to defend and hit the 3.

  • Rav

    Nate is a better ball handler. He is selfish, but Eddie’s passes don’t create offense (House isn’t selfish, it’s just that he’s not actually GOOD at the skill of passing).
    Our defense has been fine – the problem is that our offense is stagnating. Someone who creates their own shot, or looks to get his (e.g. Nate, Corey Maggete) is just the kind of player we need.

  • paul

    Think Danny think