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Red’s Army does All Star Weekend – Presented by T-Mobile – The Videos

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TMobile has sponsored this report from All Star weekend, so that means we are being
paid to report from the weekend by TMobile.  Legally, I'm supposed to
disclose all that up front.

Jam Session  and All Star Saturday were both great… but there was really one reason for all of us to get to Dallas this past weekend: 

The All Star game at Cowboys Stadium.

I took a ton of pictures… but for this post, I wanted to try to bring you a sense of what you'd see if you were there.  So I busted out my new myTouch 3G and started taking some video.

Cowboys Stadium is about 20 minutes away from Downtown Dallas.  After fighting through the kind of traffic you'd expect when more than 100,000 people show up for the same event, the shuttle bus dropped us off at one end of the stadium.  The problem was, the gate I needed was at the other end of the stadium. 

Thankfully, we found a guy with one of those suped up golf carts who could drive us. 

Nothing like a little open-air driving in 30 degree weather.

Inside, we made our way down to the temporary seating on the floor of the stadium, which gave us a GREAT view of everything.

And the beauty of it all was you were pretty free to move around.  Walking down the stairs to the end of my section put me right on the floor.  The only access I couldn't get was to the VIP seating… no matter how many "do you know who I am" attempts I made.  Here's how the game looked from there (notice I managed to catch a KG basket):

And here's why the "do you know who I am" didn't work… because actual people, like Charles Oakley, could pull that off and people would actually know who he was.

At halftime, Shakira and Alicia Keys performed.  I was only a few hundred feet away, almost directly under that famous big screen.  

After the game, I made my way over to where the players left the floor.  Here, LeBron James comes off first… followed a couple players later by Paul Pierce.

And why not cap the night by swinging by the TNT set with Kevin McHale, Jet, Barkley and EJ?

It was an awesome experience.  I can't imagine the rush of playing ball with about 110,000 people watching you.  I don't know how you could stand on that floor and not just look around at everything the whole time.  Hell, I was standing there and looking up and around everything in complete awe.

Say what you will about the All Star game itself.  That spectacle was worth everything.  I was part of a Guinness world record crowd in a venue that was only just unveiled to the world a few months ago.  

TMobile is the official wireless partner of the Boston Celtics and The NBA

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